Spring 2010 Track Workouts

Washington Running Club
Spring 2010 Track Workouts March 2010

Hello WRC Members!

Thank you to all that responded to the track workout survey. The Cardozo High School track won with a small margin over American University track. Thus, the official WRC track workout will be at Cardozo High School on Tuesday mornings at 6:45 am. Cardozo High School is located at 13th St NW and Florida St NW (link).

We encourage WRC members who expressed a strong interest in continuing track workouts at American University to take the lead in hosting an alternate track workout at American. We’ll be more than happy to help facilitate that process, and to put the alternate track information on the redesigned website.

We’ll be holding our first track workout at Cardozo on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. Until our new website gets up and running, we’ll send out the track workouts for the week via email. Please contact Amanda Hamilton (amandajanehamilton@gmail.com) to be put on the track workout email list, or if you have any questions about the Cardozo High School track.