2007 Year-End Party News

2007 Year-End Party News
(party was held February 23, 2008)

Will Ellison and Elyse Braner runners of the year!
Mike Mills was our prolific runner and racer!
Laura Chipkin gets the high achievement award!
Numerous other members recognized! News Items from the Party!

On February 23, 2007, the Washington Running Club celebrated the end of the 2007 racing year at Sonoma Restaurant on Capitol Hill. Members and friends gathered to chat about their race victories over the past year, discuss 2008 races, and more. There were more than 45 members in attendance. A big thanks go to all who attended and a special thanks goes out to Tris Kruger, who bought a round of drinks for all! President Adina Wadsworth emceed the awards presentation. She began by introducing the board (V.P. Erica Grasmick,, Secretary Bart Forsyth, Treasurer James Scarborough, Director at-large Dan Simonds, and Information Officer Jim Wadsworth. All were present except for Bart so he shall receive 20 lashes with an unboiled noodle the next time we see him.

Award Ceremony Results

First, a special mini “FBI” pin was presented to Yancey Hall for his bravery for chasing down a laptop thief from his place of work one day last summer. Yancey told a humorous tale of his detective work and capture adventure and we would repeat it here except that it would take pages and pages of written word and no right minded person would take the time to read it.

Every year the WRC recognizes the outstanding performances of club members. We take many things into consideration such as excellent performances (relative), improvement, number of races, training effort, and loyalty to the club. Kudos to those winning 2007’s high recognition awards and recognition call outs.

 High Recognition 2007

Male Runner of the Year and Most Improved: Will Ellison (3:05 Columbus PR, 38 minute 10k PR, 1:24 half marathon PR)

Prolific Racer and Traveler: Mike Mills (many marathons this year all over the U.S. and including some special foreign spots such as Sweden and Antartica)

Female Runner of the Year: Elyse Braner (69:59 Army 10-Miler, 3:14 Marine Corps, 1:25 20k win)   High Achievement: Laura Chipkin (3:25 Boston, 3:22 New York Marathon, both PR’s)   Recognition Call Outs 2007 (alphabetical order)   Jean-Christophe Arcaz Lance Crist Courtney Fulton Erica Grasmick Kevin Grasmick Elizabeth Jones Maria Kozloski Max Lockwood Lucy Nottingham Tom O’Reilly Bob Platt Philippe Rolly Shirley Sameshima James Scarborough Dan Simonds Stephanie Tocco Michael Wardian Lindsay Goulet Wilkins Jay Wind All these names will be added to the WRC History and Member Recognition Page for all of eternity! Congratulations to all these members for their excellent performances! We know many other members had some great efforts last year also…congratulations to all of you who reached your goals and/or had performances that made you proud!

Club Election Results After the award ceremony was completed…the club held an invisible ballet and voting exercise. Here are the results. Adina Wadsworth and Erica Morton were reelected President and Vice President for another year. We thank them for their leadership during 2007 and look forward to their continued leadership for 2008.

Door Prizes Drawing Finally, a drawing was held for a number of door prizes, including a Pacers gift certificate, a night for two at a resort in Virginia, and some WRC shirts and hats.

Thanks much to Deborah for the photos!

Good luck in your training, running, and racing in 2008!

See you all next year!

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