WRC Member Recognition 2001-2008

Member Recognition 2008

For 2008, the year-end party was held at the Tonic Restaurant in NW DC. The club presented 4 outstanding runner awards as shown in table below. Also recognized were 12 members who had some excellent performances during the year.

Major Awards for 2008 Highlights Runners of the Year – Naoko Ishibe – Dan Simonds

Naoko: 5ks, 10 milers, trail races, ½ marathon, and Chicago marathon – some excellent performances, wins, places, and times (18:37 5k, 1:22 ½ marathon, and 3:00 marathon).

Dan: 5ks, 8ks, ½ marathons, trail races and Boston marathon – some great finishes including a couple of first places, age group placings, PR in 5k (17:37), solid performances in ½ marathon (1:22) and marathon (3:10). Both Dan and Naoko were very active in the WRC, helping with track workouts, tempo runs, long runs, and board activities.

High Recognition – Cristina Burbach – Lance Crist

Cristina: distances run – 5k, 4-miles, 10k, 10-miles. Out of 14 races run Cristina had 5 PRs and some excellent finish and age-group placings.

Lance: distances run – 5k, 8k, 10 miles, marathon, 50 mile. Lance ran two solid marathons, Boston and Chicago , and completed the JFK 50-Mile in 8:39!

Both Cristina and Lance were active in the WRC this year as well, Cristina running on race teams and helping at the WRC National Marathon water stop and Lance showing leadership for the Friday morning tempo runs, some long runs, and track workouts.

Shout Outs – Lindsay Wilkins – Barb Fallon Wallace – Elyse Braner – Maria Kozloski – Elizabeth Jones – Madeline Harms – Michael Wardian – Philippe Rolly – Jean-Christophe Arcaz – Roberto Rodriguez – Brian Savitch – Anthony DeCrappeo

Many WRC members had fantastic races last year and deserve shout outs, though we couldn’t mention everyone of course. Listed are a dozen notable shout-outs. Note that Michael Wardian and Michael Mills each ran 12 marathons in 2008, and Dane Rauchenberg ran 11.

Alfred tomFelde Award Adina Wadsworth For Adina’s two-year service and leadership as President of the WRC!

Member Recognition 2007

For 2007, the year-end party was held at Sonoma restaurant on Capitol Hill in DC. The club presented 4 outstanding runner awards as shown in the table below. Also recognized were 19 members who had quality performances.

Major Awards for 2007 Highlights

Male Runner of the Year and most improved – Will Ellison 3:05 Columbus PR, 38 minute 10k PR, 1:24 half marathon PR

Female Runner of the Year – Elyse Braner 69:59 Army 10-Miler, 3:14 Marine Corps, 1:25 20k win

Prolific Racer and Traveler – Michael Mills Michaels ran many marathons all over the United States and in a couple of foreign countries as well, such as Sweden and Antartica.

High Achievement – Laura Chipkin 3:25 Boston, 3:22 New York Marathon, both PR’s

Special Recognition Awards – Jean Christophe Arcaz – Lance Crist – Courtney Fulton – Erica Grasmick – Kevin Grasmick – Elizabeth Jones – Maria Kozloski – Max Lockwoood – Lucy Nottingham – Tom O’Reilly – Bob Platt – Philippe Rolly – Shirley Sameshima – James Scarborough – Dan Simonds – Stephanie Tocco – Michael Wardian – Lindsay Goulet Wilkens – Jay Wind

Many members had good years running and special performances throughout, from PRs, to many races run, to goal setting finishes. These special recognition call-outs are to honor their hard work and efforts. 2006 For 2006, the year-end party was held at the Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington. The club presented 5 outstanding runner awards as shown in the table below. Also recognized were 24 members who had quality performances. The club awarded the annual Alfred tomFelde trophy to outgoing club president, runner, and dedicated volunteer Steve Baker for all his work for the club.

Member Recognition 2006

Major Awards for 2006 Highlights

Male Runners of the Year – Dane Rauschenberg – Max Lockwood

Dane: 52 marathons in 52 weeks, average time of 3:21, best time 2:59:48.

Max: 2:33 at Boston Marathon, 4 10-milers in 56 minute range, other quality races.

Female Runners of the Year – Lindsay Goulet – Elizabeth Jones

Lindsay: 2:55 at Chicago Marathon, joined top-marathon list, other quality races.

Elizabeth: prolific racer, number of wins, many races run.

Master Runner of the Year – Jean-Christophe Arcaz Jean-Christophe: 1st master at Veteran’s Day 10k (35:40), many excellent times run including a 58:48 10 miler.

Alfred tomFelde Trophy – Steve Baker Club president, dedicated volunteer, and runner.

Special Recognition Awards – Marie Sandrock – Jessica Marquis – Lucy Nottingham – Michael Wardian – Dave O’Hara – Kevin Grasmick – Henry Grossmann – Frank Sprtel – Bryon Powell – Will Schaffer Marie: 3:09 – Philadelphia Jessica: 3:23 – Boston Lucy: 3:27 – Chicago Michael: 2:22 – Steamtown Dave: 55:17 – Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Kevin: 2:40 Chicago Henry: 2:54 Richmond Frank: 54:09 GW Parkway 10-Miler Bryon: 2:47 Potomac Marathon, two 100-milers Will: 2:08 Capitol 20-Miler (1st), 16:28 5k (1st)

Special Recognition Honorable Mentions Casey Smith, Juli Wohlrab, Laura Chipken, Challice Bonifant, Adina Wadsworth, Erica Morton, Lance Crist, Tom O’Reilly, Dan Simonds, Mike Mills, Will Ellison, Kyle Yost, Bart Forsyth, Mike Proulx

Member Recognition 2005

For 2005, the year-end party was held at the Boulevard Woodgrill in Arlington. The club presented 8 major awards as shown in the table below. Also recognized were 15 members who had quality performances throughout the year. The club awarded the annual Alfred tomFelde trophy to club treasurer, runner, and trustworthy volunteer James Scarborough.

Major Awards for 2005 Highlights

Male Runners of the Year – Michael Wardian – Philippe Rolly

Mike: 2:24 at Steamtown, 10 marathons run, 8 under 2:30.

Philippe: 2:36 at Twin Cities, Pikes Peek in 29:54,other quality races.

Female Runners of the Year – Genevieve Kiley – Erica Morton

Gen: 2:48 at Twin Cities, quality 10ks.

Erica: 3:24 pr at Chicago, track coordinator

Masters Runners of the Year – George Buckheit – Jean-Christophe Arcaz – Bruce Reynolds

George: lots of masters top finishes, 33:38 at Pikes Peek.

Jean-Christophe: Grand Prix placer, excellent places and times in numerous races.

Bruce: Grand Prix placer, ran lots of races in excellent times.

Alfred tomFelde Trophy – James Scarborough Club treasurer, selfless volunteer, dedicated runner and racer.

Special Recognition Awards -Laura Chipken – Juli Wohlrab – Amy Sullivan – Dan Simonds – Bryon Powell – Will Ellison – Steve Money – Yancey Hall Laura: 3:26 PR – Chicago Juli: 4:12 PR – MCM Amy: 4:12 PR – MCM Dan: 3:06 – Chicago Bryon: Western States 100 1st under 30 & 2:54 thon Will: 3:29 PR – Berlin Steve: 2:36 MCM, 15:58 Tsunami 5k Yancey: WRR rankings, good 10ks

Special Recognition Honorable Mentions Al Han, Frank Sprtel, Dane Rauschenberg, Barb Fallon Wallace, Casey Smith, Dave O’Hara, Max Lockwood

Member Recognition 2004

For 2004, the year-end party was again held at the Rhodeside Grill in Arlington.

The club went in a different direction and presented 13 member recognition awards. The club also thanked outgoing President Barb with a gift, awarded the Alfred tomFelde trophy to longtime dedicated member Norman Brand, presented Jay Wind with the WRC’s master’s men 3d place at Marine Corps Marathon plaque for his strong race effort, and honored WRC logo designer Danny Royer with a gift certificate.

Special Recognition Awards (2004)

Highlights Chicago Marathon Dream Team Members (Mike Proulx-captain, Erica Morton, Emily Turner, Challice Bonifant, Diana Johnson) Team was 15th in mixed open, all had breakthrough PR marathons Outstanding Marathon Effort (Michael Wardian, Casey Smith & Al Han) Mike ran the Olympic Marathon Trials, had numerous great efforts, is on the WRC all-time marathon list (under 2:30) ten times, and had a world record in the treadmill marathon. Casey ran 2:45 and Al ran 2:43 at the Philadelphia Marathon, both big pr’s! Race and Workout Leaders (Yancey Hall & Pascal Brazey) Led WRC team to a win at the Veteran’s Day 10k, ran excellent race times, and help lead with their workout efforts on regular basis. Long Distance Standout (Bryon Powell) Silver buckle at Western States 100, 3d in a marathon in 3:02, other excellent ultra times and places. Triathlon Excellence (Steve Tappan) Qualified for Ironman Hawaii and finished the prestigious event even while sick and in extremely hot and windy conditions. Writing and Dog-Run Excellence (Kyle Yost & dog Riley) Won the dog Pennsylvania Mile and wrote great story on his ironman experience.

Member Recognition 2003

For 2003, the year-end party returned to the Rhodeside Grill in Arlington. Mike Wardian took honors as the Outstanding Runner of the Year, Marie Sandrock captured the Most Improved Runner, Adina Wadsworth was recognized as Exceptional Volunteer, and Tris Kruger got the Special Recognition Award. Award (2003) Recipient Outstanding Runner of the Year Michael Wardian Most Improved Runner Marie Sandrock Exceptional Volunteer Adina Wadsworth Special Recognition Tristam Kruger

Member Recognition 2002

For the 2002 running year, the year-end party was held at the Capitol Lounge on Capitol Hill. The Alfred TomFelde trophy was awarded to Jim Wadsworth and runners of the year for men and women were recognized, as listed here. Award (2002 running year) Recipient Runner of the year – men Todd Martin Runner of the year – women Casey Smith Not only did Todd and Casey have a superb year with numerous races, big wins, and fast times, but they also led some WRC teams in races and showed extreme loyalty to the club. These attributes together led to their well-deserved awards.

Member Recognition 2001

In 2001, the WRC reconstituted a year-end party/banquet to socialize, graze, and to recognize achievements of members of the club. In 2001, the party was held at the Rhodeside Grill in Arlington. A number of awards were given to deserving members as well as the transfer of the Alfred tomFelde trophy from John O’Donnell to David Keating. Award (2001 running year) Recipient Runner of the year – men Kirk Baird Runner of the year – women Robin Oswald Exceptional volunteer efforts Ron McGraw & Barb Fallon Most valuable race team member – male Todd Martin Most valuable race team member – female Liz Parks Exceptional coaching Nate Reilly Exceptional treasurer duties James Scarborough Outstanding stalwart of the Sunday distance run Gerry Ives Long term support and dedication to the WRC Norman Brand The latter two individuals in this list need some explanation. Gerry Ives was instrumental in starting the Sunday run back in 1981, and has stuck with it ever since. Norman Brand was a charter member of the WRC in 1974, and was a member of WRC’s antecedent clubs, dating back to the 1950s. Norman has steadfastly represented the WRC on the Potomac Valley Chapter of USA Track & Field for years.