Club News, November 8th, 2004

The Washington Running Club
Club News
November 8th, 2004

All the news that fits, we print…or lest we try…

Items of interest: new members, birthdays, WRC takes 1st at Veterans Day 10k!…Marine Corps is one hot potato!…piles of other member race results, WRC spectators at MCM are da bomb, volunteer thanks, club track and distance runs, WRC Prez graces cover, time approaching for renewing membership, MCM hall of fame inductees, carbo loading tip… WRC People News

New Members:
Daniel Simonds, 37, VA
Bart Forsyth, 27,VA
Jean-Christophe Arcaz, 43, MD (Jean-Christophe has been a fixture in races competing hard in the masters division where he has run some fine times.)

We welcome Dan, Bart, and Jean-Christophe into the WRC! 

Gobs of November Birthdays!

We wish a Happy November Birthday to the following members: Anthony D, Ron M, Johnny O’D, Elizabeth O, Adam R, Steve T, Derik T, Prez Barb, Dan W, Billy W, Pascal B, and Barry C. 

WRC Member Racing
(From 10/17 through 11/07)
Veterans Day 10k, DC, 11/ 07

Yancey Hall returns to competition and leads the WRC team to a 1st place win on a crispy morn! Also, lots of individual awards captured by members!

7th Yancey Hall* 35  33:40 (top 10 awardee)
12th Pascal Brazey* 35  34:23 (1st in age group)
14th Jean-Christophe Arcaz* 43  34:41 (1st age group)
15th Albert Han 31  34:47 (1st age group)
25th Eric Sherman* 21  36:32 (1st age group)
76th Daniel Simonds 37  40:59
100th Bob Trost 58  42:52 (3d age group)
104th Jay Wind 54 43:01
106th Bruce Reynolds* 54  43:07
174th James Scarborough 46  46:52

6th Genevieve Kiley* 30  38:19 (top 10 awardee)
13th Marie Sandrock*  32  41:12 (3d in age group)
30th Erica Morton* 28  45:00 (a PR for Erica!)
37th Kelly Ferraro* 23  45:58 (3d age group)
156th Amy Sullivan 33  54:41 (on the comback from dual stress fractures!)

* by name means part of the WRC team. Team WRC finished 1st among the 11 co-ed teams entered.

Marine Corps Marathon, VA/DC, 10/31

On a very hot and humid morning, where survival was the order of the day for many, a number of WRCers persevered! Also, a terrific crowd of WRC members were seen all over the course offering support and cheer!

Ladies first:
53 Laura Chipkin 24  3:30:00
2243 JulyWohlrab 35  4:46:04
2437 Lynn Huang 34  4:50:01

Then the men:
120 Jay Wind 54  3:05:30
209 Mark Drosky 44  3:15:05
287 Prasad Gerard 46  3:20:30
477 Dane Rauschenberg 28  3:31:00
680 Mike Campbell 54  3:39:03
906 Charles Manahan 37  3:45:05
1045 Dan Wallace 38  3:48:06
2353 Bob Platt 53  4:12:05

We’re still waiting for results on how our WRC masters team (with Jay Wind, Mark Drosky, & Prasad Gerard scoring) fared.

Some views during the MCM

Shirtless Jay shows that he indeed loves the heat as he winds his way to a 3:05… Dane hanging tough over the ever-so-long 14th St bridge…
Laura cruising strongly along… Charles (blue top) chugs toward the 11 mile mark…

Jim Wads taking a corner prior to his impending meltdown…

MCM 8k, VA, 10/31

Kim Robinson, once a WRC member who now lives in Florida was in town to run the MCM, but due to sickness, decided to run the 8k instead, which she won. New member Jacqueline Cooke took 2nd!

1st Kimberly Robinson 40  32:23
2nd Jacqueline Cooke 26  33:17

Chicago WRC DREAM Team Takes 15th Place at Chicago Marathon!

The team results are in from Chicago and we’re delighted to report that the WRC Dream Team captured 15th place out of 217 teams. Way to go to Emily Turner, Diana Johnson, Erica Morton, Challice Bonifant, and Captain Mike Proulx! 

Area club team finishes at Chicago Marathon (great to see all this club team activity):
5th MCRRC Windstorm
15th WRC Dream Team
20th Howard County Striders
31st MCRRC Spirit
35th Potomac Runners – Iwo Jima
45th DCRRC 3
55th MCRRC Blazers
60th MCRRC Greyhounds
63d MCRRC Flyers
74th Potomac Runners – Belle Haven
77th DCRRC 1
94th MCRRC Eagles
107th MCRRC Express
124th MCRRC Chica-Go’s
213th DCRRC 2

Pace 5k, DC, 10/30

Pascal leads the way for WRC capturing 2nd overall, new member Jean-Christophe takes 5th, good finishes all around for WRCers!

2nd Pascal Brazey 35  16:37
5th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 43  17:03 (2nd age group)
26th Bruce Reynolds 54  20:35 (3d age group)
28th Bob Trost 58  20:52 (2nd age group)

Potomac 5k, MD, 10/30

Member Tris Kruger directed this, his hometown race.

4th Sarah Buckheit 44  22:11
6th Diana Johnson 23  22:24

17th Will Ellison 38  20:34
47th James Scarborough 46  23:22

Army 10-Miler, DC, 10/24

Casey rolls to a big win in a strong time…others run fine times as well…great job!

Casey Smith 25  57:26 (1st female overall!)
Lisa Thomas 28  1:02:00 (4th age)
Sharon Donovan 30  1:02:01 (2nd age)
Maria Kozloski 39  1:04:47 (4th age)
Elizabeth Ottoway 40  1:17:47
Kelly Ferraro 23  1:18:14

Brian Tefft 23  58:38
Kyle Yost 33 1:02:36
Jay Wind 54 1:06:03
Lance Crist 39  1:09:03
Paul Durbin 39  1:10:01
Nic LeDuc 32  1:30:53
Nicholas Wright 32  1:33:14

Casey hammering at the Army 10
(Washington Running Report photo)


Ironman Hawaii, HI

Steve Tappan completed the Ironman in 11:43:51, even on a day when he was a bit under the weather and the winds were gusting very hard…way to go Steve!

This in from Degree Newsletter: Harsh Kona heat combined with unpredictable winds made a difficult race even more grueling. In spite of this challenging environment,1,579 athletes from around the world crossed the finish line at the 2004 Ironman Triathlon World Championship.

Inside-Out Classic 1/2 Marathon, Cary, NC, 10/24

Will traveled back to his home state to run a strong 1/2 marathon on a tough hilly course.

Will Ellison 38  1:37:24

We humbly apologize if we missed any places or races. Let us know if so. Great running all!

Club Running and Activities

MCM Cheering is Strong!

Throngs of WRC members were all about the MCM course on Sunday, October 31st offering their support and cheer to all the runners who were out there doing their best to stay on their pace in the heat and humidity. Spotted along the course in numerous spots were: Kyle Yost, Gerry Ives, Tris Kruger, Mike Proulx, Brian Yourish, Will Ellison, Al Han, Amy Sullivan, Erica Morton, Kelly Ferraro, Diana Johnson, Emily Turner, Yancy Hall, Ed Doheny, Pascal Brazey, Bruce Reynolds, Adina Wadsworth, among others. That’s super for we’re sure the runners appreciated you all being out there!

Mike and cheerleader Erica clap to the running beat… Emily (green sign), Diana (orange), Amy, and Kelly
proudly hoist WRC cheer signs and voice their support

Sunny support on the 14th Street Bridge! Mike giving instructions…

Thanks Volunteers!
President Barb extends a very special thanks to all the WRC volunteers who helped with the Army 10-Miler and Veteran’s Day 10k packet pick-up duties! The club really appreciates your efforts!

Army 10-Miler Help: V.P. Steve Baker, Pres Barb, Dan Wallace, Amy Sullivan, Erica Morton, Genevieve Kiley, & Kristin Richards.

Veterans 10k Help: V.P. Steve Baker, Ron McGraw, James Scarborough, Steve Amter, Adina Wadsworth & Jim Wadsworth.

Track Night Changed to Wednesday! 

Track night has been officially changed to Wednesday evenings to take advantage of the lights. 

The club now meets at the beginning of the bleachers on the side of the track opposite the entrance gate. Because the track is crowded on Wednesdays, please remember track etiquette – when not running an interval, move to the outside lanes to let those running fast to have the inside lanes.

New runners take note. Remember, track workouts for the core member group are sent weekly in the club’s member email update. If you’ve been to one or more of the WRC’s workouts (distance run and/or track) and wish to be a member of the club you simply need to join. If you want to continue to check out the club, send an email to get included on the weekly email update. We’ll then keep you on the update for a spell so you know what’s up. Of course, if you go ahead and officially join the WRC, you’ll be included in the email for perpetuity or as long as your membership lasts. We welcome all and would love to have you as a member!

Sunday Distance Runs are usually pounded out all along the Capital Crescent Trail, C&O Canal, or Rock Creek Park. However, due to the Marine Corps Marathon and Veternan’s Day 10k, the last couple of weekends, those showing to run on Sundays instead ran about the city to catch the races. The club now returns to its regular routine of a run and then the fun mud and foodstuffs at Dean & Deluca’s.

WRC President Graces Paper Cover Page!  Our esteemed president, Barb Fallon Wallace graces the cover of the latest addition of the Washington Running Report. For those members who haven’t met Barb, she is the one on the right in the green top. Always nice to see our leadership in full view!

Membership Renewal Reminder

While renewals and dues are not officially due until January, those wishing to renew early are encouraged to do so. Dues collected now will cover the entire 2005 year. Thanks in advance if you’re an early renewer.

Two options for renewals and new memberships. For renewing your membership and paying dues, you now have two options. The traditional mail-in way, or online through a secure server at If you’ve been tardy with your dues, please think of renewing now. Thanks! Online registration    Mail in registration

Of course, prospective members reading this are welcome to join by either method also. Joining now takes you all the way through December, 2005 (Dues: $15 individual; $25 family).

Thanks…the WRC appreciates your membership! 


MCM Hall of Fame, 2004 Inductees

Area running standout Darrell General of Mitchellville, MD, and Cynthia Lorenzoni of Charlottesville, VA (and sister to WRC member Jim Wadsworth), were inducted into the Marine Corps Marathon Hall of Fame on Friday, October 29th. At a fine reception and dinner at Maggiano’s restaurant in Chevy Chase, the two past two-time winners of the MCM were inducted after short speeches and trophe & plaque presentations from race director Rick Nealis. Darrell won the MCM in 1995 (2:16) & 1997 (2:18), while Cynthia won in 1981 (2:50) & 1982 (2:44).

Darrell spoke of his MCM wins and 5 olympic marathon trials performances and his wish to go for an unprecidented 6th trials race in 2008. Darrell has had some injuries of late, but isn’t close to retiring by any means. We’ll undoubtedly see him running hard and fast in future races.

Cynthia explained that she was ready to drop out of the 1982 MCM at 20 miles, until her husband and coach Mark, told her that Laura DeWald (a past WRC member) who had been leading the race, had already dropped out so had to finish as she was then in first place. Cynthia also ran in the 1984 olympic marathon trials and has a personal marathon best of 2:38.

Past winners of MCM are here.

A Tip on Carbo Loading

This kitty shows proper technique for filling up!

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