Club News, May 1, 2003

WRC Club News
May 1, 2003

New members, oodles of member racing, team racing to come, distance run update, interesting other sports news, dietary no no, and things bullish.

New Members
MiSun Yi, 34, and Kiyong Yi, 37, both of Arlington.

Sunyi (MiSun) hopes to train with members of the club to get ready for the Chicago Marathon this Fall.

We welcome the Yi’s into the WRC!

Race Results
Boston Marathon, Monday April 21st, Boston, MA

On Patriots Day in Massachusetts, the 44th biggest State of the Union, the 107th Boston Marathon was run. The weather turned out to be hotter than expected though the late start didn’t help matters any. Under their state motto of Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem which translates to “by the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty,” race officials indeed took their annual liberty of starting the runners at noon. We can only surmise that the Patriots of which they speak were late risers or perhaps simply big breakfast eaters. While the heat created havoc of even the most conservative of runner’s goals, our WRCers nonetheless did us very proud.

Open men
Jose Gana 33 2:41:24 (our Chilean friend of WRC continues on his course of solid marathon consistency)
Frank Sprtel 33  2:47:13  (2nd local DC area guy)
Aaron Schwartzbard 25  2:47:24 (this dude just can’t get enough of the long stuff)
Albert Han 29  3:03:33 (way to go Al)
Patrick Dudley 24  3:14:57 (Sunday distance run stalwart gives a valiant effort despite being pretty darn sick the weeks preceding the race)

Master’s men
Michael McGrath 43  3:11:46 (we’re awaiting word on what he’s mastered to date)

Veteran men  (also known as the veteroondo division)
Anthony DeCrappeo 50  2:56:26 (7th veteran)
Jay Wind 53  3:05:13  (23d veteran)
Bob Platt 51  4:04:20 (are there now race packets all over the Boston area?)

Bob Platt of racePacket caught unabashadly chumming it up with Boston Billy

Open women
Courtney Fulton, 24  3:33:06  Courtney is in Des Moines, Iowa, but ran with our Sunday group earlier this year and she may move to the area for school later this year.

Erica Morton 24  3:42:50 (she also reports that she loved the Boston University guys cheering go Erica! as she tooled on by. Erica admitted that she had written her name on her running top. Hey, we all strive for attention and it should be strived for in all ways possible).

Erica proudly displayed her Boston Marathon 2003 jacket at this past Sunday’s WRC run. By pure coincidence, David Young was sporting his 2002 version. Both did some posing and the subsequent debate that took place hasn’t yet been settled as to who’s model is better. It’s likely the issue won’t be put to bed until a beer swilling contest–with jackets on– takes place among the two competitors. We’ll look forward to that…Cheers!

Great ‘thoning’ efforts ya’ll!

Pikes Peek 10K, Sunday April 27th, Rockville, MD

Up and down hill and dale was the order of the day at the Pikes Peek race in Rockville. Casey led the women with 4 in the top 10 and Todd Martin broke the top 10 for men with 9th. Oodles of great performances were had, including a number of pr’s by our women…smokin! Prize money went to the first 12 places, so those fast members were seen taking home some bacon as well as bagels and power bars they had stuffed in their loot bags.

4th Casey Smith 23  35:17
5th Patty Fulton 37  35:36
8th Sharon Donovan 28  36:47
9th Lisa Thomas 27  36:49
13th Maria Kozloski 38  38:37
22nd Marie Sandrock 31  40:10
57th Adina Wadsworth 35  45:04

Adina streaks toward the finish in WRC racing top
(photo courtesy of Washington Running Report,

9th Todd Martin 33  32:42

GW Parkway 5k, Sunday April 27th, Alexandria, VA
3d Lory Gray 23  18:15
8th Katie Durkin 26  21:13
12th Sarah Joyce 22  21:46

GW Parkway 10-Miler, Sunday April 27th, Alexandria, VA

Some very notable performances were had by WRCers. As they began at Mount Vernon, some thought they heard George’s ghost yelling something akin to “hey you kids, get the heck off my property!”

2nd Michael Wardian 29 52:19
As reported in the Washington Post: “I did all the work and [Mays] just sat there,” Wardian said with a laugh as he motioned behind him. “I went and got some water and he took advantage of me.”  Seems as though Michael needs a course in self defense so as not to be taken advantage of in the future. Great running though Michael!

11th Steven Ward 47  58:11
27th Robert Hansgen 31  64:13
46th Jay Wind 53  67:20

7th Morgan Eash 33  68:21 (new hire runs well)
25th Beth Klee 30  77:11

Suntrust Apple Blossom 10k, Saturday May 3d, Winchester, VA

WRC chap Steve Baker reports that his hometown’s annual race is now a “world class event” as evidenced by $3,800 in prize money, 734 finishers, and the added fact that a Russian won the woman’s division. Hmmm, perhaps those apple blossoms and pride of turf have gotten inside Steve’s head.

4th Michael Wardian 28   31:44
167th Steve Baker 42   46:30 (we trust that the hometown boy was cheered wildly at the end)

Mark’s Azalea 5K, Sunday May 4th, Bethesda, MD

6th Sarah Buckheit 42  22:40 (won age group)

Pittsburg Marathon, Sunday May 4th, Pittsburg, PA

Brian Yourish, 30, took off to Pittsburg this past weekend to run its marathon after the DC Marathon, of which he was entered and had so diligently trained for, got cancelled due to “It’s all Wet” Entertainment’s morally-void antics. Brian finished in 2:49:20 for 27th place, an excellent effort! Even making his performance more remarkable is the fact that Brian is fairly new to the game of running. Brian reported:

“I ran 2:49:20, which is six minutes faster than my first marathon a year and a half ago at Marathon in the Parks. The course is definitely hillier than the elevation chart makes it out to be, but I’d prepared to run 6:30 pace or so and I was able to stick with that regardless of the hills. It was a great time — the course runs through many different neighborhoods and the crowd support was very good.” 

Brian is obviously proud of his effort, and so are we!

Broad Street 10-Miler, Sunday May 4th, Philadelphia, PA

A couple of members ventured north to run…were they hearing this as they went? “I used to be a
rolling stone you know…if the cause was right…I’d leave…to find the answer on the road…”
(Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John). Yep, they answered loudly with solid racing:

4th Patty Fulton 37  58:47 (under 59 mins…super!)

28th Marie Sandrock 31  64:38 (chip time…er, next time elbow your way up front Marie…and a PR!)

Cassidy & Pinkard Brain Tumor Society 5K, Sunday May 4th, Washington, DC

WRC V.P. Casey Smith hammered out an impressive win in downtown DC followed in 2nd place by fellow club member Maria Kozloski. About 1,400 runners finished the race, including 769 women finishers. You go girls!

1st Casey Smith 23  17:57
2nd Maria Kozloski 38  19:14
12th Sarah Joyce 20  21:48

Racing Wrap Up

We humbly and sincerely apologize if we’ve forgotten any members in races, who would like to see their names in print. If so, send an email to and we’ll update the page.

In the future, if you run a race out of town and want to see your results posted, please send any info in. Interesting quotes or observations are welcome as well. Thanks!

The Sallie Mae 10k is this weekend…we wish all WRC members (and the race teams) the best of luck and speed. Be valiant and drink enough, eat enough, and most of all, enjoy the run!

Other News
WRC to Team Race at Sallie Mae and Capitol Hill Classic 10k’s

Mixed team for Sallie Mae
Adina Wadsworth, Sarah Buckheit, Heidi Reester, Paul Durbin, Jay Wind, Jim Wadsworth (now scratched), Morgan Eash, Katie Durkin, and Kate Hudson. We have room for another guy since Jim’s injury will keep him from running. If interested sign up on your own and put Washington Running Club down under the mixed division. And then let Jim know at

Women’s team set for Sallie Mae
Casey Smith, Lory Gray, Sharon Donovan, Carly Vynne, and Maria Kozloski.

The Capitol Hill Classic 10K  is to be held on May 18th at 8:30 a.m. A number of members plan on running and we welcome more. We’ll be putting a coed team together for this too and WRC will be the team name. If you wish to be on it, let Jim know at Registration is on your own:

The WRC mixed team thus far includes: David Keating, Raja Rao, Erica Morton, Adina Wadsworth, Jim Wadsworth, David Young, and Steve Baker.

Sunday Distance Run

Those making up the distance crew on May 4th helped pack down the towpath while being cheered by cute quacking Mallard ducklings and loud honking Canada geese. The towpath and crescent trail were things of beauty…ah nature! Distances of 10, 12, and 14 miles were covered by the group. Showing up to run were: Erica Morton, Dana Dubose, Adina Wadsworth, Beth Klee, Challice Bonifant, David Young, Jeff Stratton, Sir Gerry Ives, Dr. Tris Kruger, Steve Ampter, John O’Donnell, and Jim Wadsworth.

Since the weather was a bit cloudy and coolish, the refreshment regrouping took place at the Firehook Bakery where the WRC overtook the upstairs for giggling and the like. Fellow members of the retired and injured kind, namely Ed Doheny and Jon Aston, showed to voice their support and spout opinions.

Sunday distance run sets up with discussion of this and that.

Other Sports News – From The Wonderful World of Hockey

New Red Wings info minister tells it like he sees it. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks won the series 4 games to none. Quack quack.

Other Sports News – From The Wonderful World of Mr. Ed

Sunny Cide, a bit lighter than the other horses for two main reasons.

In racing of a different ilk, where a horse is a horse a horse of course, New York-bred gelding Funny Cide (above), with veteran jockey Jose Santos astride, won the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday. With muscles bulging, much like those of the WRCers scurrying about the nation’s capital, Funny Cide covered the mile and quarter distance in 2:01 flat. When asked if he (er, we mean “it,” for he’s a gelding which is a it of course for a horse) would be willing to join the WRC, Funny Cide responded “neighhhhhh.” So, we’ve been outright snubbed and thus won’t be rooting for IT in the upcoming Preakness or Belmont.

Diatary No No

Now, this in a strict NO NO in the annuals of postrace meals, or any other meals for that matter.
But, isn’t that “oh so cute!”

Things Bullish – A Curious Link Shows up in WRC Email Addy

At first thought to be spam of the untold kind, the following link showed up in the WRC email inbox. Turns out, it is not a joke, but rather a link to a legitimate business of the dairy farming kind.

Men, I think we can rightly assume that if you hope to profit at this site by being a vendor, any “entries” you try to provide will be immediately discarded, so don’t even try…and that’s no bull. Oh wait, yes it is.

Disclaimer: Club News is designed to inform, enlighten, and amuse. We make no guarantee that this stuff is completely accurate, or even bears a passing resemblance to reality. We also don’t guarantee that your sense of humor will be tickled. But alas, we try.

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