Club News, April 14, 2003

Washington Running Club News
April 14, 2003

New Faces, At the Races, Hitting Rock Bottom, Sunday Distance Run, Boston Marathon

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New Faces

The WRC welcomes new member Erica Morton. Erica is 26 years old and just moved back to Virginia from New York. Says Erica, “I’m looking forward to meeting some other runners in the area…  I also just dipped my big toe into the triathlon waters last summer so I’m also looking for people to ride with.”

We also extend a hearty welcome to new member Morgan Eash. Morgan tells us that she runs to “celebrate my life and to share strength and courage with others.”

Interesting combination of initials with these two new members, don’t you think? What a coinkydink. We hope we have it right for it’s a huge faux pas to err on names in print. If we accidently transposed them and they’re actually Erica Eash and Morgan Morton, alas, let the flogging begin. Seriously, we do have their names correct and we’re sincerely pleased that Erica and Morgan have joined the WRC!

At the Races

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler

Our WRC Women’s Racing A team took FIRST in the Running Club Open Female division, edging the Pacers New Balance A and the MCRRC Wonder Women teams. Our WRC Women’s Racing B team also did very well taking fifth. And that was out of 21 open female women’s teams. Excellent job for yourselves and the WRC, ladies!

Scoring for Team A were Casey Smith, Sharon Donovan and Liz Parks. Scoring for team B were Lisa Thomas, Marie Sandrock, and Beth Miller.

Here are member individual places and chip times in minutes:

Ladies (3,525 finishers)
13th Casey Smith 23  58:58
15th Patty Fulton 37  59:41
20th Sharon Donovan 28  61:24
27th Lisa Thomas 27  62:59
29th Liz Parks 29  63:14
42nd Maria Kozloski 38  64:55
52nd Marie Sandrock 31  66:46
60th Beth Miller 33  67:27
99th Heidi Reester 28  70:18
120th Sarah Buckheit 42  72:24
334th Katherine Turner 23  78:18
1894th Lisa Mueller 33  97:14

Guys (3,924 finishers)
22nd Chris Hartshorn 31  51:17
25th Michael Wardian 28  51:57
72nd Brian Yourish  58:16
93d Henry Grossmann 31 59:41
127th Tony DeCrappeo 50  61:56
159th Steve Tappan 35  63:12
165th Prasad Gerard 44  63:12
220th Roberto Rodriguez 47  65:10
243d Jay Wind 53  65:53
330th Paul Durbin 38 67:38
378th Dale Learn 33  68:39
577th Lance Crist 37  71:36
829th Steve Baker 42  75:11
1386th Bob Platt 51  78:26

Thanks also to the corps of WRCers out there watching and cheering on the racers. Those noticed among the clapping included: Nate Reilly, Lory Gray, Britton Stackhouse, Adina Wadsworth, Tris Kruger, Gerry Ives, Jim Wadsworth, Ed Doheny, and former WRC president Kevin Kolakowski.

Some pics during the race:

Michael Wardian opening it up.
Maria bright and cruizing.
Lisa (white cap) running in her WRC racing top.
Sharon striding on.
Boston Bill Rodgers still going strong.
Casey running the line.

Plaza American 5K

While it was the WRC’s intent to field a team, technical difficulties goofed it up. But the club still had some stellar performances!

6th  Sharon Donovan 28  18:49 (first age group)
18th  Adina Wadsworth 35  22:09
19th  Sarah Buckheit 42  22:15

8th   Todd Martin 33  16:51 (first age group)
12th   David Young  26  17:28
13th   Jim Wadsworth 46  17:45 (first age group)
30th   Gregory Gleason 45  19:09 (visiting from Mahopac, NY)
42nd  Jay Wind 53  20:06

David Young (in orange) at the Plaza 5K running em down.

Bull Run 50 Miler – hats off to the long run gang!

5th Aaron Schwartzbard 25  7:18:09
19th Michael Campbell 53  8:09:03
28th Gerard Presad 44  8:28:56

Hitting Rock Bottom

On Friday, April 11, members of the WRC gathered at the Rock Bottom Brewery in the Ballston Mall for a much-needed happy hour. Our spies report that in attendance were Jim and Adina Wadsworth, David Keating, Sarah Buckheit, David Young, Mike Rae, Casey Smith, Sharon Donovan, Henry Grossmann, Yancy Hall (get out!!!). Also present were guests of Sarah, Sharon, and Casey. Oh yeah, almost forgot…Homer was there too…at least in spirit.

Sunday Distance Run

As this Sunday is the Easter holiday, the Sunday Distance Run might be a sparse crowd. But if you want to come out for it, please do! A few of us die-hards plan to be there for distances ranging from 10 to 18 miles.We meet at the 3300 block of M Street in Georgetown (in front of the Staples store with the red awning) at 8:00 a.m. Parking is plentiful on M Street.

After running we regroup at Dean and DeLuca for refreshments (if the weather is chilly, we reserve the right to go to Firehook instead).

Some members enjoying a sunny day at Dean and Delucca’s after a nice soothing run.

Boston Marathon

Monday, April 21, is the 107th running of the Boston Marathon. We wish WRCers Patrick Dudley, Erica Morton, and Jose Gana (of Chile) the best of luck (and endurance) in this worthwhile endeavour. Run fast and have fun! We’re rooting for you!

Outside WRC News: Supreme Running By Radcliffe

Great Britain’s Paula Radcliffe set the running world afire last weekend with a blistering world record in the London Marathon. Paula won in 2:15:25, a 5:10 per mile pace! Wow! That exclamation was heard round the world. It was also said again and again at the Sunday distance run coffee regathering at Firehook. It set in motion many wonderings among WRCers such as: “Is fellow brit WRC man John Aston of any relation? Whether yes or no, can he get us autographs? Would knee socks help our running? If we also bobble our heads will we run that fast?” Unless we get some member recruits to do some research, we can only speculate as to the answers. Anybody? Perhaps Yancy Hall with the socks? Perhaps David Keating bobbling his head?

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