Club News, October 30, 2001

Galaty first DC runner in Baltimore; Mark Drosky Breaks 3 hours at Marine Corps while Liz White Places Top Fifty; Todd Martin Grabs 7th in New Zealand Marathon; Word From WRC Alumnus in White House Press Corps

Race Results

Baltimore Marathon, October 20th 2001, Baltimore, MD

At the inaugural Baltimore Marathon on October 20th, Chris Galaty finished 34th overall (and was the first DC finisher) in a time of 2:52. Said Chris.

“The hills were a killer. The first half of the course was mostly up with a few downhill parts. I’d guess that we went through about 12-15 hills in the first 13 miles. It was tough for me to keep a good pace and I made it through the half at 1:23 or so which was slower than I wanted but I was happy with it. After mile 16 or so, the hills became fewer and the course started to go downhill more. I felt pretty good and was able to run that stretch well.”

And new hire Kristen Costenbader also did well in Baltimore, posting a 4:03. Comments Kristen

“It was a really tough course. My time wasn’t very good, but I didn’t train as well as I would have liked because of an ankle injury earlier this month. I’m okay now and I am glad I ran it…now I’m gearing up for Boston.

  • Chris Galaty 2:52:19
  • Erik Carpenter 2:56:22
  • Roberto Rodriquez 3:14:08
  • Steve Holden 3:37:07
  • Kristin Costenbader 4:03:41

Marine Corps Marathon, October 28th 2001, Arlington, VA
At the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th, a number of our runners put in terrific performances. Among the guys, Mark Drosky ran very well. Last year Mark had a “tough day at the office” This year things went much more swimmingly for Mark as he broke three hours. A passel of other runners were between 3:20 –3:32. Special recognition to Mike Campbell who extends his Marine Corps Marathon Streak to 14 consecutive races.


  • Mark Drosky 2:59:40
  • John Hayward 3:20:49
  • Mike Campbell 3:23:00
  • Bob Platt 3:26:59
  • Prasad Gerard 3:32:55

Our women also did quite well. Elizabeth White set a personal best, and finished top fifty in 3:21. Says Liz

“The marathon was great. It was especially amazing to see so much patriotism on display. When they sang the national anthem at the beginning many of the runners joined in. I felt great for the first 20 miles and just tried to hold on after that.”

Liz suffered a Nightmare on M Street, 3 dayss before Halloween. Around mile 8, she was knocked over by a wheelchair that proceeded to hit a second woman. The latter runner was so rattled that Liz had to help her to the side of the road. Says Liz

“It definitely threw me for a loop. I think it qualifies as the most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to me in a race.”

Becky Orfinger also set a PR, and qualified for Boston. Said our friend Becky

“I wasn’t fighting crowds at all. I had a couple of friends run with me and feed me along the way, which was great–I never hit the wall since I tried to run a very conservative race. My dad (a casual, twice a week runner) jumped in for the last 10K, too–he decided to at the last minute and he was so excited that it really helped me!”


  • Elizabeth White 3:21:39
  • Becky Orfinger 3:34:06
  • Katherine Hudson 3:50:47

Vanguard Foundation National Run For Recovery 5K, October 21st 2001, Washington, DC

Jim & Adina took a spell from their home improvement routine, and ran very well at this 5K. Kudos to Jim & Adina who recently celebrated 6 months of wedded bliss.

Jim Wadsworth, 17:11

Adina Wadsworth, 21:35 4/84

Goblin Gallop, 5K, October 28th 2001, Fairfax, VA
Kirk Baird 16:27
Chris Galaty 17:37

Aukland Marathon, October 28th 2001, Aukland, New Zealand
And last but not least, our friend Todd Martin placed seventh at the Auckland Marathon in 2:45:32 (Todd’s in-laws live in New Zealand – thus the reason he is 7,000 miles away. Todd is not simply trying to avoid us)

Todd (on left) duking it out with Victor Wong. Mr. Wong ran the half-marathon race, which started at the exact same time as the marathon. WRC vehemently believes that starting a marathon and half marathon simultaneously is totally Wong

News of the Club

Club to Participate in the United We Stand 10K
Many club members will be running/volunteering at the United We Stand 10K on November 10th in West Potomac Park. According to the flyer the intent is to“Raise funds for relief efforts. Defy terrorism by running past the national monuments.

Jim Wadsworth, WRC’s Enchilada Supreme is coordinating WRC volunteer efforts for the race. Please contact Wads at if you are interested.

JFK 50 Miler
Prasad Gerard and Mike Campbell will be running the JFK Fifty Miler on November 17th under our club’s banner again this year. Last year, the WRC team of Prasad, Keith Moore and Mike Campbell took 2nd. We wish them all the best this year.

Greg Pece Sighting
Greg Pece (captain USAF, and grizzled marathon veteran) recently attended a Sunday distance run. Greg, currently stationed in Japan, was in town for an interview at the Pentagon, with a possible stationing in the works. Greg said “I can tell what my job will be – but then I would have to kill you.” No problem, Greg, we prefer to live in blissful ignorance. 😉

Word from Richard Keil, Former WRC Member
Word from Dick Keil, Back in 1983, Dick graduated from the University of Rochester, where he took second in the NCAA Division III 1500 meters. Dick moved to DC in 1985, after a couple of years training in Oregon, and started working for The Associated Press. Dick posted a 1:09 half marathon at the Philly Distance Run back in 1986, before slowly moving out of competitive running.

Dick is now White House correspondent for Bloomberg News. On the morning of September 11th, he ran three miles with the President, and was in the elementary school in Florida, when word came of the attack. Dick says.

“When we left Florida on Air Force One, Secret Service were yelling at us to get on board ASAP. I was last one checked thru the checkpoint. Before I was even seated in my seat, the plane was moving. We were met in Louisiana by armed military. It was like nothing I’d ever seen” Dick now lives in NW DC near he G’town track, and is the father of 9 year old Reid.

Richmond and Philadelphia Marathons Next on Tap
Best of luck to all Robin Oswald who is running the Richmond Marathon November 10th and Mike McGrath and Mark Lacy who are running the Philadelphia Marathon November 18th. Be Valiant & Speed Well!

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