Club News, October 8, 2001

Seven Runners Post Personal Bests at Chicago Marathon; Fulton Wins Steamtown Marathon for Second Year Running; Belber & Hage Take 1-2 at Back to School 8K; Great Volunteer Turnout at Georgetown 8K

Race Results

Back to School 8K September 20th 2001, Chevy Chase, MD
At the back to school 8K, Jim Hage took first, while Anthony Belber took 2nd.

  • 1) Jim Hage 43 SEABROOK MD 26:39 2
  • 2) Anthony Belber 28 WASHINGTON DC 27:24

Good luck to Anthony this year, as the X-C coach at Georgetown Day School.

PVI Runfest 5K September 23, 2001, Fairfax City, VA

At the PIV Runfest, Masters Hage & Baird placed top 11. Doug McDonald posted a Personal Best of 18:44

  • Jim Hage, 43 Lanham MD 15:50
  • Kirk Baird, 41 Centreville VA 16:18
  • Doug McDonald, 34 Falls Church VA 18:44

DCRRC National Capital 20 Miler, September 23, 2001, Alexandria, VA
At the National Capital 20 Miler, WRC had a very good showing by its master’s men, led by Steve Ward.

  • Steven Ward 2:06:55
  • Mark Drosky 2:10:44
  • Roberto Rodriguez 2:15:13
  • Prasad Gerard 2:27:46
  • Robert P. Trost 2:46:45
  • James Scarborough 2:47 :37

Virginia Ten Miler, September 29, 2001, Lynchburg, VA
Our friend Henry Grossman is up to his old Trick. Henry posted a 57:48 placing 14th at the Virginia 10 Miler. The overall winner was Patrick Nthiwa in 49:36., followed by Daniel Kihara in 50:04 and Eluid Barnetuny in 50:09 Henry tells us: “It was a difficult course because of the rolling hills.”

Good going Henry!

Run For Cooperative Development 5K, October 6 2001, Arlington VA
Jim and Adina Wadsworth both ran very well at the Run for Cooperative Development 5K. Congrats to El Prez and the First Lady.

  • Jim Wadsworth 17:52
  • Adina Wadsworth 21:10

Remember, the couple that runs together suffers amino acid depletion together.

Georgetown Classic 10K, October 7 2001, Washington DC

On a new Georgetown 10K course a number of our boys posted very good times.

  • Jim Hage 32:26
  • Frank Sprtel 33:07
  • Yancy Hall 33:30
  • Ron McGraw 37:45
  • Bryon Powell 38:30
  • John Dix 40:04
  • Tony De Crappeo 40:39
  • Bob Trost 41:58

Said Bryon Powell apropos the race “Boy wasn’t the second half of that course fun? Uphill and into the wind…. I want to run it ever weekend!”

Bryon is being ironic, of course. What Bryon would like to run every weekend are epic relay teams (Bryon just got back from New Hampshire, where his Running Times Magazine team placed first on a 198 mile course)

Steamtown Marathon October 7th 2001, Scranton PA
Patty Fulton won the Steamtown Marathon for the second year in a row, in a time of 2:52:49. Our friend Patty had quite a struggle, as she recounts in this account:

“My biggest problem was my right foot. I started to experience pain between 6-8 miles. I knew then that I was in trouble. Shortly after, my right calf got very tightt. I started to relax a little bit between miles 13-17. My splits were even and they felt easy. But I was still concerned about what was going on with the right side of my body. I knew that within a few miles, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle much more.

I was toast by mile 19. The guys I had been running with bolted and I was all alone except for the guy on the bike who was leading me to the finish line. He kept telling me how far ahead I was of the 2nd place woman. Around 15, it was 45 seconds. A few miles later, 55. At 21 miles, 1:30. It was then that I was seriously considering dropping out. I was thinking, “You might win and get $2,000 but are you hurting yourself in the process?” I decided to reevaluate my condition at each mile mark. At 23 miles, one of my former b-ball teammates was there screaming at me. That helped.


And then I got to 24. Only 2 miles to go. And the darn police car was waiting for me again with the siren turned on. At 25, a biker came up and said that a woman had just taken over 2nd place and she was coming on strong. But the biker who had been with me the whole way kept looking back (I think he was more concerned than I) and he kept saying, “She didn’t come around the corner yet…You’re fine…You’ve got it.”

There’s a killer hill at 25.5. I struggled up that but I knew that the final .2 is a nice downhill. When I got to the top, I told myself that no matter how bad I felt, I was not going to LOOK as bad as I did last year. So I gave it all I had.

I had no idea that the 2nd place woman was that close. I think if I had known, it would have made it worse for me. Maybe I would have panicked and turned around and lost stride? Right after the race ended, my foot still hurt quite a bit. It’s hard to explain. It’s not intense pain and it’s not like I can’t walk. It felt like I had a huge blister on the ball of my foot.

Kudos to Patty. And we hope that foot feels better.

Steamtown Marathon Winner Patty Fulton

Chicago Marathon October 7th, 2001, Chicago IL
At the Chicago Marathon, there was a bevy of excellent performances by our runners. Liz Parks, Carly Vynne, Kate Hudson, Darcee O’Donnell & Susan Wonderly, Russ Crandall and David Stoudt all set personal bests.

Said Captain Liz Parks: “Everyone had an awesome race. The best news is that everyone felt good about it and no one got hurt. We all had a great time. Chicago is a great race. Just so darn fast.”

Added Carly Vynne (setting a PR in 3:13)

“The race went well for everyone. I was battling a mild flu so can’t say I felt great – but considering that I was really happy. The first half was fun anyway and the second half I was happy to finish. “

Commented Russ Crandall about his performance (setting a PR in 2:29)

“I felt extremely relaxed at the 5:40 something pace, almost as if I were running slower than a normal easy training run. Not the case, but that’s how I felt with the cool temperatures, light breeze, and excitement of the day. The miles seemed to keep bouncing around 5:36-5:46– just one after another. I was a little bit concerned as this was slightly below my intended pace of 5:45 and I knew that slightly can add up over 26 miles. In any case, I felt good so I keep going at that pace. Didn’t really feel any tightness until about mile 23– all in the legs– but my breathing was good and I knew that I could absorb the mild pain and continue on the same pace through the finish. “

Mentioned David Stoudt (who ran 3:00:29):

“I had David Keating in mind as I ran, remembering how he said it would take me many more marathons to obtain a sub 3. So as much as I tried to prove him wrong, I feel good that I came close”

When asked for response, David Keating said “Oops”

Women (number before name indicates place among women)

  • 73) Liz Parks 3:08.
  • 118) Carly Vynne 3:13.
  • 138) Kate Hudson 3:15.
  • 275) Darcee ODonnell 3:24
  • 293) Susan Wunderly 3:24
  • Alison Lacika 3:43

Men (number before name indicates place overall)

  • 46) Russ Crandall 2:29:18
  • David Stoudt 3:00:29

We have not yet learned how the WRC women did as a team. We should know within the next month. Our hearty congratulations to those who ran!

News of the Club
Club Raises over $500 at Georgetown 10K
WRC raised $510 dollars by having over 15 volunteers at the Georgetown 10K. This is the most we have ever raised from a single race. Here is the roll call of members who graciously gave of their time and effort Special Kudos to Ron McGraw, Jim Wadsworth, Tris Kruger, Adina Wadsworth and John O’Donnell who all worked multiple shifts.

  • James Scarborough – Sat
  • Tris Krugar – Sat & Sun
  • Dan Wallace – Sat
  • Barb Fallon – Sat
  • Gerry Ives – Sat
  • Ron McGraw – Sat & Sun
  • John O’Donnell – Sat & Sun
  • Adina Wadsworth – two shifts Sat
  • Jim Wadsworth – two shifts Sat
  • Frank Sprtel – Sat
  • Robin Oswald – Sat
  • Prasad Gerard – Sat
  • Kristin Costenbader – Sat
  • Bryon Powell – Sun
  • Chris Galaty – Sun
  • Pady Kumar – Sun
  • Ed Doheny – Sun
  • Ann Daugherty – Sun

Army 10 Miler Cancelled
The Army 10 Miler, scheduled for October 14th, has been cancelled. This is a result of the U.S. moving to a war time footing. There will be no refunds. The Marine Corps Marathon is still scheduled to go off as planned October 28th.

Club Response to Events of September 11
At the next club meeting October 21, we will be discussing how the club can best respond to the tragedy of September 11. Jim Wadsworth is entertaining ideas right now. If you would like to send him an email with a suggestion, please do so (

Baltimore Marathon Next on Tap
Steve Ward, Chris Galaty & Kristin Costenbader will all be running the inaugural Baltimore Marathon on October 20th. The race starts & finishes at PSI-Net stadium, and looks like a pretty tough course. Good luck folks. Be valiant, speed well & don’t forget to hydrate!

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