Club News, June 24, 2001

Club News

Track Workouts Move to Washington And Lee HS for Summer; Race Captains chosen; Website to Add Bulletin Board; Club to Move Back to Sunday Distance Run

New Members
Bridget Niland Gwitt, 28 of Alexandria. Bridget hails from upstate NY and works at the Department of Justice. Last October, Bridget posted a 3:02 at Marine Corps last year to take sixth woman. This year, she will be on our team at the Chicago marathon. Interestingly, Bridget’s High School coach is the same as John O’Donnell’s. We welcome Bridget into the club, and look forward to running with her.

Race Results

Annapolis Striders Father’s Day 10K, Annapolis, MD, June 17
Jim Hage won the entire enchilada at the Father’s Day 10K in 33:18, finishing a minute ahead of second place. Kudos to Mr. Hage! Jim has been a controversial figure in DC running circles of late, with his screed in the Washington Post earlier in the month against charity marathoning.

Truth to tell, charity marathoners are starting to gain our sympathy. Poor folks – they raise thousands of dollars, are forced to run beaucoup miles in the summer heat, and then are criticized in the press. Whether or not the MCM should accord “good” runners special seeding, failure to do so can hardly be blamed on the charity marathoners. If you are a marathoner who wants to go for time, run a smaller marathon like Richmond, Marathon in the Parks, Baltimore, Philly, etc. There are numerous good, medium sized marathons around where runners can go for times, without dealing with crowds.
Can’t we all just get along? =;)

Okay, enough of this bleeding heart rantings. Back to the news.

40th Annual Hugh Jascourt 4 Miler June 21
We see that new hire Bridget Niland is getting into pretty good shape. She finished right behind our friend Mark Drosky at the Hugh Jascourt 4 miler last week

  • Roberto Rodriquez 24:01
  • Mark Drosky 24:59
  • Bridget Niland 25:02
  • Jay Wind 25:60
  • James Scarborough 28:10
  • Bob Platt 28:52

Tim Harmon 5K Saturday, June 16, 2001 Fairfax

  • Todd Martin 17:20
  • Bridget Niland 19:20
  • Bob Platt 21:30
  • James Scarborough 22:44

News of the Club

Club Moves Track Workouts to Washington & Lee

Like DC Roadrunners, WRC has moved its track workouts to Washington and Lee High School in Arlington until the rehabilitation of the Georgetown track is complete. Men’s will be on Tuesday, and Women’s on Wednesday.

Future Races for Summer and Fall

The club is prepping for the following races
Twilighter 8K, Rockville, MD July 21, Todd Martin ,Co-ed Captain

Philadelphia Distance Run (13.1 miles) September 16, Adina Siegel Women’s Captain, David Keating, Men’s Captain

Chicago Marathon, October 7, Liz Parks, Women’s Captain.

Army Ten Miler, October 14t Todd Martin, Men’s Captain

If intested, send the captain an email. All email addresses are found under Proprietary Club Documents

Saturday Run Nixed
As your probably know, WRC has been experimenting with doing a Saturday run. We have decided to nix it for a number of reasons.

  1. The parking in G’town on Saturday is bad
  2. Potomac Runners and DC Road Runners have Saturday runs,
  3. We are incorrigible creatures of habit.

Bulletin Board on Tap for Washrun
El Prez has asked ye ancient Webmangler to look into creating a bulletin board for this site. THis would be an excellent ways for folks to exchange information about this and that, make plans, exchange ideas and increase the amount of cohesion in the club. So moi is presently trying to figure out how to make this happen. Your membership dollars at work.

Weekly Updates by El Prez

As you might have noticed, our president and grand Pooh-Bah Jim Wadsworth is sending a weekly email update about the club. It provides important infor about workouts, races, social outings, and about Jim’s youth working on the family farm. If you are not getting this, send Wads an email at