Club News, June 10, 2001

Club News

Club Members do Well at Lawyers Have Heart; Tri-Dogs do Blackwater Half-Ironman in Maryland; Weekend Run Moves to Saturday; Other Sporting Interests of Club Members

Race Results

Laywers Have Heart, June 2nd, Washington DC
Club members ran well at the Lawyers Have Heart 10K on June 9th. WRC saw a number of its members ’s return to racing, including Russ Crandall, who is back from North Carolina for the summer, and Sunny Clark, who returned to a race she won a few years ago. Kudos to Russ, Frank, Chris and Bryon, who place top 25 among men and Kim and Donna, who were top 5 among women.

  • 3) Russ Crandall 32:22
  • 8) Frank Sprtel 34:26
  • 15) Chris Galaty 36:07
  • 24) Bryon Powell 37:04
  • 27) Donna Moore 37:14
  • 53) Kim Robinson 39:17
  • 66) Sonny Clark 39:42
  • 91) John Dix 41:39

BlackWater EagleMan Triathlon, June 3, Cambridge, Maryland
In preparation for Ironman USA in Lake Placid in late July, our tri-dogs are training and racing relentlessly. Their level of fitness was shown at the Eagleman in Cambridge MD, where they all finished within half an hour of each other.

  • David DeSchryver 4:44:58 (83 out of 939 men
  • Jeff Aronis 4:49:42 (110 out of 939 men)
  • Robin Oswald 5:04:34 (34th out of 345 women)
  • Jascha Field 4:59:35 (187 out of 939 men)
  • Tomas Valasek 5:13:24 (291 out of 939 men

Commented Robin Oswald

“The swim course was long and everyone’s times were slower. A stiff wind on the bike also made the course a bit tougher.”

Adds Tomas


I was happy, though; improved my PR by over 20 minutes; feel that I can definitely break 5 hours this year. The race was in Cambridge, MD; it was packed (1,300 participants), one of the largest races on the East Coast and one of the few qualifiers for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii

Rock and Roll Marathon, May 27th, San Diego, CA
The last time Todd Martin ran a sub 2:40 marathon, it was at Disney in January 1999. At that time, Todd posted a 2:32 which proved fast enough to decisively defeat Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This past May 27th, Todd posted 2:39 at Rock and Roll Marathon. Interestingly, Todd was once again faced with the task of clobbering yet other comic strip character. Explains Todd.

“The marathon was pretty interesting with cheerleaders every mile and rock bands a half mile or so from each cheerleading squad. There were also some interesting characters dressed up in costumes. For example, Superman ran ahead of me (with some of the lead women) until he reached one of the few hills around mile 5. He then started walking (guess he got over-exposed to kryptonite, which coincidentally was being played by one of the bands around mile 3.5).”

Superman may be faster than a speeding bullet, but he is still slower than Todd.

News of the Club

Club Meeting on June 1
At the club meeting, on June 1, the following decisions were reached.

We resolve to try a Saturday workout. Explains Jim Wadsworth


“This idea is aimed at trying to increase the numbers of runners on our long runs and because we periodically hear from runners that they like to get their long runs out of the way early on on the weekends (opens up Saturday night and all that). An 8:30 am start will make parking trickier, but many think it’ll bring out more runners. We thought we would at least give it a try for a while. We’ll start this new schedule on Saturday June 16th at 8:30 am (from M Street in Georgetown as always) and see how it goes. Some stalwarts such as Gerry Ives will continue to run on Sundays at 7:30.”

We also resolve to increase our membership. Again to the Videotape and Jim Wadsworth

“We will work to increase membership numbers up to the vicinity of 200. This was an average critical mass of past glory years, but it has fallen off some. Right now we have about 135 members in the club. In 2001 so far we have had 18 new members…and a nice mix of ages and talents at that. WRC is known as a club of talented runners, but also one of various abilities as well as one that does not exclude people that want to improve their running and or fitness. So, we shall continue in that tradition. “

We resolve to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Knowing that charity begins at home, we will continue to stage happy hours, and coffee after weekend runs. In addition, Dave Keating and Yancy Hall are working to get new uniforms, as well order more of our internationally famous green caps.

Rosalie Parker – Student of the Sweet Science

Last we saw Rosalie, she was running the St. Patty’s 10K. Since then, she has done a brief stint in North Africa and then from there, to New York City. Not as an investment banker, like her job last year. Rosalie is currently training as a nationally ranked amateur boxer. Says Rosalie.

“I hope to maintain my number one ranking in the amateur boxing flyweight category (112 pounds, or 51 k) at the national level tournaments in August and September and, if I succeed in that, make a bid for a world championship this fall. I am currently training at Gleason’s in Brooklyn. Running, unfortunately will have to move over to make room for more boxing this summer, but I am comforted that it will still be there, waiting for me, at the end of this particular adventure.

I miss Washington and the WRC and the long runs. Give my best to everyone there, Be sure to hydrate, and stay cool. “

Good luck Rosalie. Knock ‘em dead. But if you don’t manage this, at least get a TKO.

Rosalie on right. No idea who the hapless shlemeil on the left might be

David Dietz reports from Iceland

David Dietz recently returned from Iceland. He tells us

Iceland was actually pretty cool, although they (the Navy) gave me all of 24 hours notice. I was there for almost 4 weeks, and actually got in a road race (a blistering 1604 5k). I stayed in Rejakvik, and it is a very European city, very pretty, although I don’t think they like Americans too much. Beautiful women though. I averaged about 40 miles a week, and probably lost everything I gained on the track. Definitely worth it though, as I’ll probably never have that opportunity again. The weather isn’t as cold as people make it out to be, even during the winter, as Iceland is subject to some weird air streams that make the temp. (except they get a lot, lot, lot of snow) comparable to that of this region, during winter. While I was there, it stayed consistently in the mid-50’s, great running weather. I highly recommend spending a few days in Rejakvik, it’s a lot of fun and airfare is very inexpensive.

Chris Galaty Rides the Entire C&O Road

And a bit closer to home, our friend Chris Galaty rode his bike to Cumberland and back on the C&O canal all by himself in April, when his students were on Spring break. By way of explanation, Chris tells us:

“Yes, in April I had the foolish idea to ride my bike from Georgetown to Cumberland, MD on the C&O Canal towpath and then turn around and bike back. I carried all of my camping gear with me and camped out along the way. I ended up biking about 375 miles over the course of 3 1/2 days

Chris in Cumberland, faced with the horrifying realization that he is only halfway done

David DeSchryver, Pro Soccer Player

And finally, speaking of extra-circular sports, we recently learned that David DeSchryver GW law student, was a professional soccer player in England, in a prior existence. Explains David.

I played for the Worksop tigers from October until late February 1995-1996. It was a good time but my roommate ended up getting drafted in the A-League in the US and I had to choose between staying or heading home. I returned.

Triathlons, bike rides, boxing, soccer. Some of these dudes just have way too much energy.