Club News, April 1, 2001

Club News

Barb Fallon runs Raleigh Relays; Chris Galaty and Ron McGraw break sixy minutes at Reston; Club Votes Money for Boston Teams; Word from a Prodigal Son

Race Results

Reston 10 Miler, March 24 Reston, VA

At the Reston 10 Miler we had two of our fellows run personal bests. Chris Galaty took 5th, while Ron McGraw was 11th. Said Chris “It was a good race and I felt really good. I ran a 57:46

Adds Ron “I set a PR with 59:32. Chris kicked my butt.”

Kudos to both Chris and Ron.

DC Rape Crisis Center Challenge 5K, April 1, Hains Point
At the Rape Crisis Center Challenge 5K on April 1, Jim Hage took 3rd in 15:52, while Todd Martin was fifth in 16:23. Our buddy Todd had missed a few weeks of training because of a slight accident with an eye. We are happy that Todd is running again, and is no longer a Cyclops.

Raleigh Relays, March 30, Raleigh, NC
Barb Fallon posted a 17:20 at the Raleigh Relays on March 30th. Great race Barb! Barb has been having a heck of a year. This is terrific to see, especially in light of the injuries that Barb overcame to reach this point.

NYRRC FIVE MILER , March 31, New York City

Kirk Baird posted a 26:14 at the NYRRC Five Miler, to place ninth overall and first master. Good job, Kirk.

With Kirk, Kevin Ryan, Gary O’Donnell and Chris Galaty on the men’s Sallie Mae team April 29th, WRC will be primed to hunt possum.

News of the Club

Teams Posed for Cherry Blossom, Boston Marathon, Sallie Mae
This month WRC will field teams at Boston, Cherry Blossom and Sallie Mae. Best of luck to everyone. With our Boston team especially, we have a crop of new and strong runners including Kate Hudson, Liz Parks, Dave Stoudt, Tony DeCrappeo, Jim Taylor and Aaron Schwartzbard. They have been showing up at our workouts, and impressing the old-timers.

Some have been expressing anxiety about the upcoming races. The best advice to all: don’t get nervous – this is all for fun. Granted, there is also a component of needless suffering involved – but it is best to simply ignore that.

Defenders 10 Miler Team

Our friend Jascha Fields is working hard to assemble a men’s team for Defenders 10 Miler on May 6th. If anyone with an XY chromosomal configuration is interested, please contact Jascha at

New Thursday Workout
Georgetown Running Company has agreed to host a WRC run on Thursday evening at 6:30. Georgetown RC is located at the corner of 34th and M Street. By Metro, one can take the blue/orange line to Rosslyn, and walk across the Key Bridge to Georgetown. Come dressed to run – distances will be 8-10 miles.

Thus, the weekly regime of a faithful WRC runner is as follows:

  1. Sunday: Long Run
  2. Tuesday: Track workout for Men,
  3. Wednesday: Track Workout for Women
  4. Thursday: Tempo Run
  5. Friday: Georgetown University Hospital – Intensive Care Unit

Dinner in Boston April 14
News from Robert Platt

Please publicize our Boston dinner on the club news portion of the website. I have sent an email invitation to the WRC team members.

Skip Jack’s, 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 14

If interested, please contact Bob at

Word from Frank Sprtel
Frank Sprtel, brings us date on his life. Frank led WRC to second place in last years Army Ten Miler, and has been a regular at the Sunday run this spring. Frank tells us

“Upon completion of my J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law in May, 2000, I returned to Washington, DC to begin a full-time job with NOAA Office of the General Counsel.

Since I began working for NOAA, I have moved to Takoma Park, Maryland in order to take advantage of the neighborhood feel there while being close to my workplace. Takoma Park is the oldest suburb in Maryland that abuts the Washington DC area. It is a pleasant place to both live and run as Sligo Creek Parkway runs through the heart of Takoma Park and contains some nice running trails. I sometimes head west four miles, and run the trails of Rock Creek.

I am focusing my training on shorter distances for now (5k to 10 miles) and hope to break my longstanding PR in the 5k sometime soon. I know that running with WRC on Sunday mornings and during the week will help achieve my running goals. WRC is a great group of folks and I thoroughly their camaraderie and good humor!

Glad to have you back Frank & we enjoy running with you

Word from a Prodigal Son of Long Ago

Ira Pesserilo has reemerged. Ira, who edited our newsletter back 1983-84, and was an active member during this period, tells us he is now living in Ithaca New York “on hiatus from running”. Ira is good friends with Bruce Robinson, Laura DeWald, Will Albers, and other members of the club circa early 1980s. Gerry Ives recalls Ira thusly

“Ira is a club legend. Back in the late 70s or early 80s there was a race that went up to the National Cathedral. Ira was one of the course sentries up by the Cathedral on the Sunday of the race, and he got into an altercation with an elderly church lady who objected to her car being held up by Ira. Ira yelled at her, “God doesn’t love you anymore!”, which really irked her She complained to one of the senior church officials at the Cathedral, which almost resulted in WRC being excommunicated.”

Only in the WRC, kids.