Club News, March 18, 2001

Club News

Club Turns out in Droves for St. Patty’s, Orfinger, Parker Excel; Scarborough, James Taylor & Scarborough run Shamrock Marathon, while Fallon runs Shamrock 8K; Grad School Update; Ron McGraw, Ironman Volunteer

New Members
Liz Parks, 27, of Arlington. A lawyer by trade, moved to Arlington from Texas last September. Liz has been a regular at both Nate’s speed workout, and on Sunday distance runs. A very strong marathoner (3:17 PR), Liz will be captain of our women’s team in Boston.

Anders Matzen, 31 of DC of Washington. An employee of the IMF, Anders posted a 3:45 last year at MCM.

We welcome both runners into the club.

Race Results

Shamrock 8K and Marathon, March 17 Virginia Beach, VA
Barb Fallon ran a fine 8K race in Virginia Beach, posting a 28:49, to take third in the 25-29 age category.

In the marathon, new hire James Taylor did very well, placing ninth our of 119 in the 50-54 age category in a time of 3:24:32. Treasurer James Scarborough was 15 minutes behind him, running a 3:39:37.

Caesar Rodney Half-Marathon, March 18th Wilmington, VA
Mike McGrath ran a 1:25:29 in windy conditions. Said Mr. McGrath

” A bit of a comedown from my 1999 race (1:16:39 for 12th place). It was VERY windy-after 4 miles (24:58) I felt beat from fighting the wind. I wanted to run in the 6:15-6:20/mile range, but I just could not or did not.”

St. Patrick’s 10K, March 17th, Washington, DC

Well, we had a full turnout for the St. Patrick’s day 10K. Per usual, Jim Hage was our male best runner. We understand Jim is still running over ninety miles a week to keep himself in shape. Quite impressive for a 43 year old. Kudos to Dave Stoudt, who set a PR

  • Jim Hage 32:18
  • Todd Martin 34:08
  • Ron McGraw 36:34
  • Aaron Schwartzbard 36:39
  • David Deschryver 36:48
  • Roberto Rodriguez 37:06
  • David Stoudt 38:41
  • Jon Thoren 39:08
  • David Keating 40:47

Our women did very well, with five in the top twenty. Special recognition to Rosalie Parker and Becky Orfinger who both set PRs.

  • Donna Moore 37:18
  • Robin Oswald 38:46
  • Rosalie Parker 39:15
  • Liz Parks 41:48
  • Darcee O’Donnell 42:08
  • Julia Jacoby 43:24
  • Becky Orfinger 43:42
  • Kelley Mclean 44:39
  • Katherine Turner 44:57
  • Caitlin Adams 53:49

Bot Platt Update
Bob Platt sends word

“Please amend the club news to include:
02/03 Tybee Island Marathon 3:21:00
02/24 Last Train to Boston Marathon 3:28:50
02/25 RRCA Challenge 10 Mile 79:04
03/03 Bellehaven 25K 2:01:42
03/10 Burke Lake 12K 57:12”

Plattmeister, your wish is our command. ClubNews is so amended.

News of the Club

Race Volunteers Turn out in Droves

The Club had 13 numbers of volunteers at packet pickup at the St. Patty’s 10k. Included in the honor roll are:

  • Jim Wadsworth
  • Adina Siegel
  • David Keating
  • Bryon Powell
  • Ron McGraw
  • Chris Galaty
  • Henry Grossman
  • Frank Sprtel
  • Rosalie Parker
  • Darcee O’Donnell
  • Aaron Schwartzbard
  • John O’Donnell
  • Jon Thoren

Special recognition to Ron McGraw who worked both Friday and Saturday, and then ran the race – very impressive. Also praise is due Henry Grossman, who shows up at these volunteer functions, each and every time.

All told, $310 were raised for the club, which can purchase 15 Cherry Blossom applications, 10 cases on Heineken, and two coffees at Dean and Deluca

Kirk Baird to Lead Tuesday Speed Workout

Kirk Baird will be leading the Tuesday speed workouts for the next few months. Per standard practice, the workouts will be posted on our homepage. This is the second season that Kirk has done this, and we thank him. Kirk wants all to show up at 6:30 (webmaster duly pays note), so that the fun and games can show occur ASAP. Regulars at the workout have been

  • David Stoudt
  • Kevin Ryan
  • David Keating
  • Bryon Powell
  • Chris Galaty
  • Jeff Aronis
  • Emile Magallanes

Speaking of speedwork, the women’s workout each Wednesday night is going strong under the direction of Nate Reilly. Regulars include

  • Liz Parks
  • Ali Lacika
  • Julia Jacoby

If you are not going to join the army, Nate and Kirk’s speed workout are the next best thing

Neimeyer’s Car Annihilated
We have word from Paul Neimeyer, former WRC Boston Marathon Captain now living in Philly.

“My neighbors decided 2 Fridays ago to score some PCP and drive around my apt. complex at 70 miles an hour. They did major damage to 9 cars and hit numerous bumpers. My car, along with a couple other cars, were totaled. The car was shaped like a boomerang! The roof was so bent the sun roof popped open and could not be closed. So to console myself I went out and bought a BMW 325i.”

Glad that Paul is okay. Honestly though, we did not think Paul actually drove. We just figured he got in his 100 mile weeks simply by running everywhere.

K. Turner Grad School Update

We understand that our friend Katherine Turner of G’town University has been accepted at Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford Law Schools. No idea where she will ultimately go – though we can safely rule out University of the District of Columbia. Kudos to KT.

Marie Davis NYU Medical School Update

Word from alum Marie Davis, currently at NYU medical school

“Things are going well – it is not too stressful – just a lot of material, but I think I worked a lot harder at Bryn Mawr! I’ve been injured with bad tendonitis in my knee since Nov, and I’ve just started running again this month. I want to start working out with Central Park Track Club again when I start getting back in shape.”

In Praise of St. Patty’s Race Volunteers

In conclusion, we’d like to thanks all who volunteered at St. Patty’s. As his President Jim Wadsworth’s forbear, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow would probably write:

“In the world’s broad field of battle,
There is more than strife and tears,
We are more than dumb, driven cattle
We are St. Patty’s Race Volunteers!!”

El Prez’s forbear Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, famous despite never having matched Jim’s 5K time