Club News, April 15, 2001

Club News

Five Women Break 3:40 in Boston while Rockin’ Robin Oswald runs a 3:01; Four Runners Set Personal Bests at Cherry Blossom; WRC Places Two Women’s Teams in Top Half at Cherry Blossom; Nuptials for WRC’s First Couple; Christmas Party Picture

New Member
David Dietz, 27 of Washington DC. A graduate of Brandeis University in Massachusetts, Dave is a fair middle distance runner. In college, he posted a sub 3:55 1500. Having not really competed seriously in the past five years, Dave has returned to running, and is now attending Tuesday speed work. We welcome Dave into the club.

Race Results

Cherry Blossom, April 8th, Washington DC

The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler was run in almost perfect conditions April 8th. As opposed to the previous two years, where wind and rain (1999) and snow (2000) dominated, this year’s was characterized by a light wind and mist, with temperatures in the upper forties. The club had over 30 runners competing, which was a very impressive turnout.

Team Results

WRC’s Old Guard, led by Captain Jeff Aronis (Chris Galaty, Jon Thoren Dave Keating, members) took seventh out of 25 teams in the men’s open division.

WRC also had two women men’s team. The first Quick Feet, led by Captain Katherine Turner (Jennifer Kulynych, Kelley Mclean members) took 9th out of 24 teams. Quick to the Mark, led by Captain Julia Jacoby (Becky Orfinger, Carly Vynne members) took 12th in the women’s open division.

Individual Results
Below are individual Cherry Blossom results. The times given below are the chip time. The USATF (for reasons obscure), uses only uses the gun time whens scoring. Cockamamie, if you ask us – but then again, USATF CEO Craig Masback rarely does.


  1. Frank Sprtel 53:30
  2. Chris Galaty 56:56 (PR)
  3. Jon Gardner 58:22
  4. Ron McGraw 58:50 (PR)
  5. Jeff Aronis 59:19 (PR)
  6. R. Rodriquez 1:01:19
  7. Mark Drosky 1:01:43
  8. Jay Wind 1:02:17
  9. Jon Thoren 1:03:20
  10. Jeff Stratton 1:03:30
  11. Jon Dix 1:04:08
  12. Dave Keating 1:04:27
  13. Robert Trost 1:07:31
  14. Steve Tappan 1:07:47
  15. James Taylor 1:09:16
  16. Robert Platt 1:12:52


  1. Patty Fulton 59:51 (PR)
  2. Donna Moore 1:01:06
  3. Kim Robinson 1:03:56
  4. Julia Jacoby 1:09:19 (PR)
  5. Kate Hudson 1:10:50
  6. Marie Sandrock 1:12:04
  7. Kelley McLean 1:12:51
  8. Elizabeth Ottaway1:14:15
  9. Katherine Turner 1:14:22 (PR)
  10. Carly Vynne 1:15:16
  11. Jennifer Kulynych1:16:03
  12. Caitlin Adams 1:20:22
  13. Tara Greene 1:34:46
  14. Bernie Longboy 1:42:18 (PR)

One final note: Julia Jacoby, Jeff Aronis, and Chris Galaty and all set PRs following a full winter of speed work. Nate Reilly’s work with the women on Wednesday nights and Kirk Baird’s with the men on Tuesday is paying dividends. We urge all to attend.

Like Sebastian Coe used to warn about the perils of only running distance “Long slow distance makes long slow runners”

Boston Marathon, April 16, Boston, MA
The Boston Marathon, America’s premier marathon was run in rather decent conditions on April 16th. As of press time, we did not know team results. But we do have individual results for our club.


  1. Alden Hall 2:39:01
  2. Jay Wind 2:56:03
  3. Paul Neimeyer 2:58:58
  4. John Hayward 3:00:25
  5. Mike McGrath 3:00:43
  6. Erik Carpenter 3:07:02
  7. Dave Stoudt 3:10:18
  8. Bryon Powell 3:13:51
  9. Aaron Schwartzbard 3:19:36
  10. James Taylor 3:31:30
  11. Robert Platt 3:50:10


  1. Robin Oswald 3:01:29
  2. Liz Parks 3:23:22
  3. Marie Sandrock 3:33:27
  4. Kate Hudson 3:38:18
  5. Nancy Fortenberry 3:39:43

Per the race, the big news for us is that Robin Oswald came within ninety seconds of breaking three hours, placing 55th overall among women. This is a phenomenally good peformance, and her best time by five minutes. Says Robin

“Boston is AWESOME! Should be on any runner’s “to do” list. The crowds are unbelievable and the race organization is stellar. I’ll be back!”

Our friends Bryon and Paul went for broke. Paul went thru half at 1:22:30, while Bryon was two and a half minutes behind him. Neither could not quite hold this blazing pace, but we have great admiration for gutsy running. Like Neil Young says “Better to burn out than fade away”.
Our friend Marie Sandrock ran the whole thing with her wisdom teeth in pain. Says Marie

“at 17 –it was all over — but I’m still glad I did it, and now I am inspired for a race in the fall!”

Kudos to all these runners. That is no easy feat, qualifying and running Boston and we are proud of each of them!

News of the Club

Nuptials for Wadsworth/Siegel
The club would like to congratulate President Jim Wadsworth and Adina Siegel who were married April 14th in Charleston SC. We understand that Jim and Adina (alias El Prez and the Mrs. ) will be doing their honeymoon in Aruba.

Our best wishes for happiness to both Jim and Adina

Tappan/Sandrock Nuptials set for September
Speaking of wedding and presidents, we understand that ex WRC prez Steve Tappan and Maire Sandrock will be getting married in September here in DC.

Parting Shot
Taken at last December’s Christmas party in G’town hosted by Katherine Turner

From Left to Right: Jeff Aronis, Bryon Powell, Gordon Phillips, Katherine Turner, Ron McGraw
Proof that the key to making membership happy is cancelling the Sunday run, and providing free beer