Club News, May 7, 2000

Club News

First Heat Wave of the Year Wilts Runners; Robin Oswald First at Jay’s Run; Members Run Well at USO Ten Miler; Preview of an Upcoming Movie

New Members

Debbie Drummond of Washington DC. Debbie, who is on the race committee of Lawyers Have Heart, will be doing her first marathon at Marine Corp in October. We welcome Debbie aboard.

Race Results

Well, it looks like summer is upon us with a vengeance. In a weekend that witnessed record breaking temperatures in Eastern cities, WRC runners were racing in DC and Philly. Hard to believe that but a month ago, we were cursing the wind and cold at Cherry Blossom.

USO Ten Miler, May 7th
At the USO Ten Miler on May 7th, Patty Fulton took fifth among women, in a time of 63:22. Congrats to young Fulton. And WRC also had four men running. Below is a listing of our member results.

Jay Wind 63:36
John Hayward 66:02
Jon Thoren 67:28
Steve Tappan 70:31

Said Steve about the race in absurdly warm conditions

“I resisted the great and grave urge to drop after mile 1.5 of Defenders. Men, old men and little girls were going right by me.”

Add Jon Thoren

“The heat was as tough as anything I remember.”

Jay’s Run 10K, May 7th
Out in Potomac on the same day, our own Robin Oswald won the Jays’ Run 10K in a time of 40:34. Congrats to our friend! Comments Robin

“It was a 3 H race: Hills, Heat, and Humidity. Definitely not the conditions for fast times, but it was good practice for running smart in hot weather.”

Broad Street Ten Miler, May 7th
And up in Philly the same day, Dave Keating and Marie Davis ran the Broad Street Ten Miler. Dave posted a 70:10, while Marie ran a 77:40. Comments Dave

“It was not much fun. The only shade came from the tall buildings when we passed thru Center City at mile six. The rest of the time, the sun was right on us. My only consolation was the thought, “Well at least I am not running the marathon in Pittsburgh’ “

News of the Club

President Tappan tells us that the next club meeting will be June 14th, at Tortilla Coast on Capital Hill.

Word from our old summer training partner Josh Adelman. Josh posted a 4:27 1500 this past spring while at Haverford College. Good job! Josh tells us that he will not be at Georgetown this summer, but instead will be studying at quantum physics at Princeton..

Kudos to Gary O’Donnell and Barb Fallon who are both finishing their academic year. We hope the summer promises them a respite from their labors, and a chance to enjoy themselves..

We all said good by to our friend Paul Neimeyer last week, with Happy Hours, dinners, runs, etc. Paul returned from the Wednesday distance run with shorts torn. He CLAIMS that he ripped them on a fence; but we suspect that some of his admirers were clawing at his clothes, so distraught were they by the thought of his departure.

Paul is now up in Philly, working at Temple University.

Our Summer Blockbuster Movie – BEOWULF

A dark, cold night. Wind is howling, rain is falling, and in the distance are flashing of lightening. As we draw closer, we see a monster outside the gates to a castle, slain men at its feet. Suddenly, a tall knight appears from the darkness, draws his sword, and shears off the arm of the monster named Grendel. With wailing and bellowing Grendel retreats in agony. Beowulf, the knight, stands alone leaning on his sword.

Reader “What is this? What’s going on? Who is Beowulf? Who is Grendel?”

ClubNews “This is a trailer for our upcoming summer movie. Beowulf is a prince who lived a thousand years ago in Denmark. Grendel was a monster who came out a night, breaking into castles and killing. It is from an ancient Anglo-Saxon story.”

ReaderHmm. Sounds interesting Who will play Beowulf?”

ClubNews “We are included to cast Nate Reilly as Beowulf. Not only is Nate tall – Nate also works as a buyer at a large DC clothing store. He knows hand-to-hand combat.”.

ReaderWhat roles will the other members play?”

ClubNewsThey will be the knights who volunteer to fight the dangerous dragon.”

ReaderMy gosh. You are saying that Denmark once had both monsters and dragons roaming the wasteland? It must have been a dangerous place to run distance!”

ClubNews. It was utterly lethal… Anyway, we were thinking of fielding a co-ed team of dragon slayers. Names being discussed include Darcee O’Donnell, Marie Sandrock, Todd Martin, Dan Wallace.”

ReaderCan’t go wrong with them. Will this story also have passion and romance?”

ClubNews “Absolutely.”

Reader “Excellent! Let’s hear it! Can’t wait!”

ClubNewsNot until you cool off”