Club News, April 30, 2000

Club News

WRC wins Sallie Mae Co-ed Team Competition; Fulton, Moore take 2nd and 3rd at Pikes Peek; Club Votes to Join RRCA; Club Gains Another Kiwi; WRC Book Recommendations; May Day Observed

Yes, it is May 1st once again. The day of traditional May Day protests by Marxists. Worldwide protestors gather in the streets, vowing to overthrow capitalism, liberate the proletariat and wage a war against the “decadent bourgeoisie“. This is definitely not a holiday most of us are in the habit of celebrating. The club encourages those members who are both decadent and bourgeois (i.e. Keating, Kruger and Tappan) to keep a low profile for the next 24 hours.

May Day Protesters in London Assault McDonalds, Aggrieved by the Absence of Shepherd’s Pie

New Members

Chris Hartshorn, 28, of Alexandria, VA. A native of New Zealand, Chris posted a 2:42 marathon at Boston two weeks ago and is looking to join the Tuesday night speed workout. We welcome Mr. Hartshorn aboard, and look forward to running with him

Race Results

Sallie Mae 10K, April 30th
Lead by the relentless Connecticut Yankee Jim Wadsworth, the WRC team of Jeff Stratton, Ron McGraw, Adina Siegel and Caitlin Adams took first in the co-ed team competition at the Sallie Mae 10K on April 30th. This is great – congrats to all runners. Perhaps most encouraging is the fact that virtually every member of the team joined WRC in the past year.

The race was packed with beaucoup numbers of good runners from across the country, attracted by the excellent prize money. Below is a listing of performances by WRC Runners.

19) Jim Hage 32:05
36) Jim Wadsworth 33:57
46) Kevin Ryan 35:00
51) Jeff Stratton 35:23
57) Ron McGraw 36:11
263) James Scarborough 44:48

209) Adina Siegel 43:36
321) Caitlin Adams 46:04

Said Jim Wadsworth:

“I’ll take what I can get these days…which was $35 for a big juicy Outback steak dinner, another plaque and flowers…ooooh my.
Fast course and a nice day for running, but just a bit windy on the way back from Hains Point.”

Jeff Stratton volunteered

“After rounding Hains Pt., we had a slight headwind coming back. One of the lead women tucked in right behind me for about two miles. After that, she cast me aside. I was quite impressed.
I was pretty happy with it. I thought I’d be a bit faster than St. Patrick’s, as the weather was way better this time. Still I’m happy with the 16 second improvement.”

We would like to thank our friend Barb Fallon for assembling this team.

Pikes Peek 10K, April 30th
The redoubtable duo of Donna Moore and Patty Fulton took second and third at the Pikes Peek 10K on April 30th in Rockville, MD. Winner Desiree Ficker (35:47) was 39 seconds ahead of Patty, and 49 seconds ahead of Donna. Kudos to both Donna and Patty.

News of the Club

At the club meeting at the Royal Mile Pub April 26 hosted by President Steve Tappan, the club voted to join the Road Running Club of America. Joining RRCA would allow us to participate in RRCA Maryland State Championships.

The club also decided to assist our friends in Montgomery County Road Runners, with their Marathon in the Parks on November 5th. We will be working a water station along the Capital Crescent trail near the DC line. This will be around mile 23 of the race. Any and all volunteers will be welcome.

Interestingly, two days after WRC held its bi-monthly meeting at the Royal Mile Pub, the Weekend Section of the Washington Post did a profile of the same establishment. The relation between Royal Mile and the The Washington Running Club is that Ray Morrison founded both. According to the Post, Wheaton is becoming a cool place to go. We are glad to see this is benefiting Ray and the RMP.

Excellent turnout at the Sunday run. The O’Donnells were of course there, along with Marcy Chong, Alden Hall, Paul Neimeyer, Becky Orfinder and Nate Reily (among others). We were also graced by the presence of Sarah Ford and Debbie Drummond. We hope to see these women again sometime soon.

Book Recommendations
A good time was had by all at the happy hour on April 28th at Rock Bottom Brewery in Ballston. Among the other things that occurred is a discussion of books. Club members recommend the following books

The Winds of War by Hermann Wouk. An epic story of an American family during World War II.

A Walk in the Woods – Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson. A humorous story of a hike gone awry. A good book, told in a breezy, self–effacing style

Guns Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond. Upshot of the book: If one is shot, infected, and then clobbered by a nine iron, your weekend plans are utterly ruined.