Club News, May 14, 2000

Club News

Barb Fallon Posts 5k in McLean; Steve Ward Runs Another 5K in Reston; Anthony Belber’s GDS Track Team Takes 4th in Conference Championship; Sunday Run Sees New Members; Prasad Gerard Prepares for the Western States 100 Miler

New Members
Jascha Fields, 23, of Potomac, Md. A friend of Robin Oswald, Jascha is also a tri-athlete. Jascha secured a 34:15 (14th) at the Jingle Bells 10K (DC) back in December. We welcome Jascha aboard.

Race Results

Barbara Fallon ran an 18:21 at the Fleet Feet Festival Elite 5K in McLean on May 14th. Firaya Sultanova Zhdanova of Rockville won the entire enchilada in 16:43. Barb finished within a minute of such stalwarts as of Alisha Harvey and Joan Benoit Samuelson. This is a very good performance.

And Steve Ward posted a 5K time of 17:10 at Kids for Carolina 5K at daughter Erin’s school. Glad to see Steve returning so strong from his injury. Erin posted a sub 22 in the same race. Recounts Steven about Erin’s race

“Anyway as she crests the final hill, the woman trailing Erin runs the tangent by cutting up onto the sidewalk, a la Dominque ? from the 1996 Marine Corps. At which point, I become the ultimate little league parent and yell, “Erin, you gotta go now!” Erin responds by running like a bat out of hell, nearly passing a male ahead of her and securing first woman overall in 21:58.”

Pretty darn impressive. With apologies to Hemingway: Not only does the sun also rise – the daughter also runs.

News of the Club

Congrats to Terry Fry and his wife Valerie Baruch. Valerie gave birth to Joshua Henry in late April, a boy who will be brother to three year old daughter Abigal. We are happy to report all are doing well, and we extend to both Valerie and Terry all the best.

Terry has been rather busy, between being a dad, and a scientist of pediatric oncology at NIH. We hope we can see him again at our Sunday run soon.

Marie Davis will be starting at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY starting July 5th. We will miss Marie, and wish her all the best in her medical training.

Kudos to Anthony Belber whose Track Team at Georgetown Day School took 4th in the Independent School League, in his first season of coaching. Anthony, who himself was coached by widely respected Haverford College Track Coach Tom Donnelly, seems to have learned some of Coach Donnelly’s winning ways.

We were happy to see some new faces at the Sunday runs. Some of the new folks gracing the workout have been Robin Oswald, Jennifer Kulynych Chris Hartshorn, Adina Siegel and Jim Wadsworth. And folks who showed, that we have not seen for a while include Steve Tappan, John O’Donnell, Anthony Belber, Henry Grossman, Jodie Pozo-Olano and Marie Sandrock. We are happy to report that Marie has recovered from her ITB injury, and is back in the saddle again.

Remember, afterwards we meet at Dean and Deluca coffee and conversation. All welcome as we do workout post mortems, and discuss the pressing issues of the day.

Todd Martin has volunteered to be team captain for Lawyers Have Heart 10K on June 17th. This will be where we try to win the Sheldon Karlin Trophy. Many thanks Captain Martin for assuming this responsibility. Todd will be sending out information to club members via the club listserv

Prasad Gerard Prepares for Western States 100 Miler
On June 24th, Prasad Gerard will be running the Western States 100 Miler. This is a race that runs from Squaw Valley, California to Auburn, California, crossing an eight thousand foot pass in the process. Of course, a natural question we have is “how does one train for such a race?”

Well, we posed this question to Prasad, and he responded as follows.

“I have been running about 100 miles a week, with most of the running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last week I ran 10 on Friday, 15 on Saturday and then the Pittsburgh marathon on Sunday. I have been running trails as much as I can… On the 20th Keith Moore and I will be running the Capon Valley 50K, in WV with some friends and on Sunday running 20 or more miles. I lift weights 2-3 times a week to keep my upper body from atrophying. I try to run every day at 5 AM for ten miles and some more in the evening. You should be aware that this of course is the ideal and that most days you will find me eating doughnuts, watching TV and making excuses why I am not running.

This is truly impressive. We wish Prasad all the best.