Club News, April 23, 2000

Club News

WRC Men 16th of of 142 at Boston; Clydes 10K Results; Jay Wind Makes All Time Marathoner List; Mike Cobb Found; Marie Sandrock – Everything You Wanted to Know About Nanometals, But Were Afraid to Ask

Race News

Final team results from the Boston Marathon. WRC men took 16th of out 142 teams. We finished behind such luminous clubs as The Boston Athletic Association and The Bryn Mawr Running Club. However, we finished ahead of Central Park Track Club, and Warren Street, two powerhouses from New York City. Kudos to Captain Neimeyer and his merry band of revelers.

Clydes 10K
At the Clydes 10K in Columbia MD April 16th, Jim Wadsworth took 7th in a time of 34:1, while Ron McGRaw was 15th in 36:27 and Erik Rodkin 23rd in 37:12. Jim’s Fiancée Adina Siegel was 21st among women in a time of 45:00. Said Adina

“I think the weight of my rock might have had a negative effect (and i don’t mean splits) on my racing last weekend. Maybe I’ll slip the ring off for Sallie Mae?”

We have not seen the engagement ring yet, but knowing the generosity of our good friend Jim, the engagement ring is probably five pounds or so – large enough to be used as a brass knuckle in extreme circumstance.

News of the Club

Congrats to Jack Pozo-Olano for successfully directing the Gold’s Gym Clarnedon 5K on April 22nd. Jack tells us that 707 runners finished, making this one of the premier 5ks in Northern Virginia. We would also like to thank Dan Wallace, Henry Grossman and Ron McGraw for volunteering at this event.

Word from our old friend Mike Cobb. Mike, a 1981 Holy Cross graduate, ran with WRC in 1985-1986, after spending a few years in Kenya with the Peace Corps. Mike proceeded to post a 2:20 marathon in 1987 (after returning to Connecticut), qualifying him for the 1988 Olympic Trials.

Mike is now the proud dad of Sean (4) and Meghan (18 months) and is teaching math at the Griswold Middle School in Rocky Hill, CT . Says Mike

“I remember one hot summer night doing repeat miles over at Galludet with Mike Woolsey. It must have been 90 degrees! I am going to try to get down to D.C. some time this summer with the little ones.”

Marie Sandrock News

Congratulations are in order for Marie Sandrock whose Chemistry Dissertation at Georgetown University “Synthesis and Optical Properties of Complex Nanometal Composites” was accepted last week. This is all quite terrific. In a month, Marie will be Dr. Sandrock, working at the American Chemical Society on 16th Street.

For those of wondering,nanometal refers to micro metals. Micro metal is the exact opposite “Heavy Metal” ( Megadeth, Slayer etc),. Thus, nanometals don’t have big hair, don’t wear spandex, don’t destroy hotel rooms, etc.

Jay Wind Added to WRC Marathon List

Jay Wind writes us.

“In April 1980,I ran 2:27:25 at the Boston Marathon, which placed me 68th. A month later, I ran 2:32:52 to win Delaware Minuteman Marathon. I was even wearing a WRC jersey that day.”

Sounds like we have another runner for our all time marathoner list.

Social Notes

Club meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 at Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton. And on Friday, we are also hosting a Happy Hour @ 6:30 at the Rock Bottom Brewery, in Ballston VA. At the latter event, we will be feteing Paul Neimeyer who is leaving us. Rumors abound that Captain Neimeyer will be promoted to “Lt. Colonel Neimeyer“. Or, perhaps “Herr Neimeyer, Supreme Commander, Allied Forces“. But this will happen only if get carried away by the spirit of celebration.

Best of luck to our co-ed team at Sallie Mae next week. Be valiant, speed well, bring back some of the post race spread to David Keating/Steve Tappan. They are always ready and able to mooch snacks off club members.