Club News, March 19, 2000

Club News

Fallon 6th Woman at Shamrock 8K; Prasad Gerard 6th at B&A Half Marathon; Robin Oswald Joins Club; Neimeyer’s Workouts Gain Steam; Census Questions Answered

“If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet”

Beatles, Tax Man

Yes, tax season is upon us again. WRC reminds club members that we can not claim each other as deductions. Even though certain members spend many hours sprawled on our couch, they are not dependents. Rather these people are “mooches”. Legal Counsel informs us that “mooches” enjoy no legal standing vis-a-vis the IRS.

Race Results

Barb Fallon posted a 30:04 for 6th overall woman (second American) at the Shamrock 8K in Virginia Beach. Writes Dan Wallace

“It was an inspired performance. The conditions were kinda windy for the 1st two miles, very windy for the next 2 miles and finally relief for the last mile. Barb’s time was sub 30 by her clock.”

Vis a vis his own performance of 29:10, Dan comments

“I could hear boos from some of my fans who were disgusted with another slow time. I intentionally went out slow, but I guess it was too slow because it took me 11:50 to run the first two miles and last year I ran the first two miles in 10:20.”

Kudos to our own Nancy Fortenbury, 31, of Arlington, who posted a 3:37:43 at Shamrock Marathon the same day.

And Jerry Lawson fans will be happy to know that Jerry won the Shamrock Marathon (which was run contemporaneous with the 8K), qualifying for the Olympic trials in a time of 2:19:30. It remains to be seen whether Jerry can recover by the time the Olympic trials are run in May. Jerry has been quoted as saying he believes he is capable of breaking 2:08.

And a belated recognition to Prasad Gerard, who grabbed 6th at the B&A Half Marathon on March 12th in 3:01. This is Prasad’s second marathon in two months

New Members

Robin Oswald, 24 of Washington DC. A native of Ohio, Robin is a full fledged triathlete, like Dave DeSchryver and Prez Steve Tappan. Back in November, Robin posted a 3:08 at the Richmond Marathon to place fifth among women. Robin will be running on our Cherry Blossom Team, being captained by Donna Moore

News of the Club

Track Workouts Get the Big Mo
Captain Neimeyer’s track workouts seem to be gaining steam. To put this matter delicately, these workouts are bracing for the soul. Yancy and Todd have been burning up the track, while new hires Jeff Stratton and Erik Anderson demonstrated valiance while trying to stay up with Kevin Ryan and Paul Neimeyer. One of our favorite quotes from the year comes from Todd Martin,

Okay Paul, do we now rest for six minutes, or try to rest while going six minute pace?”

Regrettably, a couple of folks did not finish last Tuesday’s workout. We will mention their names as soon as they are identified by their next of kin.

Happy Hour – March 24

We are happy to announce the first imperial edict of Prez Steve Tappan’s reign, Steve has announced we will be doing happy hour, Friday, 6:30 at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Ballston. This is at the corner of Glebe Road and Wilson Blvd. Off the Ballston stop on the Orange Line (for those of you who are metro mavens). A chance to bond, carbo load and discuss upcoming races.Lawyers Have Heart Sheldon Karlin Trophy

Steve Ward and David Keating are involved organizing the Lawyers Have Heart 10K. This race will occur in Georgetown June 17th. This is race that benefits the American Heart Association, and is organized by a consortium of downtown lawyers.

Dave and Steve have persuade the race committee to name the club cup ( awarded to the winning club) the Sheldon Karlin Cup, in the memory of Sheldon Karlin, one of WRC’s founders who died this past January of a heart attack.

Life Of Reilly – Capitol Hill Run

Vice Prez Nate Reilly has suggested that the club sponsor a moderate Wednesday night run out of Capitol Hill. Having a weekday distance run is a very good idea. We used to do one out of Old town, between 1981 and 1995, and have been in need of one ever since. Kudos to Nate for taking the initiative. Futher information will be posted as it becomes available.

Census Questionaire Answered
Now is the time that we, as Patriotic Americans, fill out census forms. As a service to club members, we provide the following responses which should make filling it out easier. If you do not fill it out, it is likely that Jeff Stratton will track you down and ask you in person
Race (“Generally, the Spring and Fall”)

Income (“and I also got a very interesting coffee mug from winning Lawyers Have Heart”)

Sex (“My, aren’t we prurient?”)