Club News, March 12, 2000

Club News

Moore Takes 4th at St. Patty’s; 8 WRC Runners Achieve Ranking for 1999; Tappan and Reilly Elected to Lead Club; Jason Alexander Joins WRC; St. Patrick Day’s Wishes

“It comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel
is just the freight train coming your way”

Metallica -No Leaf Clover

Yes, it turns out that WRC has quite a number of freight trains in our ranks. Eight of our club’s runners were ranked in the Washington Running Report 1999 Runner rankings (see below). Lest anyone believe that our club is composed of only the fast runners, we have the Keating race report, to dispel that notion. See below for further details.

“Pay no mind to the distant thunder
Beauty will fill your mind with wonder”

Race Results
St. Patty’s 10K
In a very crowded field, Donna Moore again distinguished herself, grabbing fourth among women in a time of 38:12. Conditions were not the best. Remarked Adina Siegel “All I can say is that it was windy. I kept looking at my splits in disbelief. Dang!” . Caitlin Adams confirmed this, commenting “one yucky day to run a race!”


  • Donna Moore 38:12
  • Adina Siegel 45:17
  • Caitlin Adams 47:05
  • Susan Fangurg 49:38
  • Elizabeth Hosford 50:09


  • Jim Wadsworth 35:37
  • Kevin Ryan 36:11
  • Jeff Stratton 36:23
  • Ron McGraw 37:33
  • Dave DeDeSchryver 37:44
  • Jay Wind 38:03

A rather encouraging statistic is that eight of these eleven runners joined WRC in the past year. The youth revolution continues!

The last weekend in February , Bob Platt posted a healthy double. Bob finished 2nd in his age group at Last Plane to Boston Marathon on Saturday (3:23) and then ran for DCRRC in the RRCA Club Challenge 10 Miler on Sunday.

Bob would also be willing to run on a Boston Masters team if there are other interested WRC runners.

And David Keating posted a 1:36 at the B&A Half Marathon on March 12th. When called to account for this utterly dismal performance, a defensive Keating responded “you are not going to mention this on the website, are you?”

One of the Many Competitors who Defeated Keating at B&A Half Marathon

New Members
Jason Alexander, 24, of Arlington VA. A 1999 graduate of James Madison University, Jason posted a 29:40 10K in college, and came in 4th in the 1999 IC4A 10K championship. Last November, Jason ran a 2:29:03 at the Columbus Marathon. Jason will be running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler for us.

Apropos the fact that the actor who plays George Costanza on “Seinfeld‘ is also named Jason Alexander, Jason comments “I was one of the few people in America glad when Seinfeld went off the air.”

“Jerry, I ran 29:40 for 10K – and didn’t even break a sweat”

News of the Club
1999 Runner Rankings
We are pleased to announce eight of our runners were listed in the Washington Running Report list of the top local runners in the DC area. Members who were mentioned include

Men (Open Division)

  • 7) Russell Crandall
  • 11) Todd Martin
  • 18) Gary O’Donnelll

Men (Master)

  • 1) Jim Hage

Women (Open Divison)

  • 5) Patty Fulton
  • 7) Karen Ouderkerk
  • 12) Anita Freres


  • 1) Donna Moore

We are proud of all of them, and extend to them our congratulations.

WRC now has a new president and vice president. At the meeting on Friday, Steve Tappan became President, while Nate Reilly was elected vice president. Both gentlemen are to be congratulated. We intend to have Nate and Steve use this website as their forum.

Adina Siegel reported on her efforts to contact running shows, and secure a discount for WRC members. Reports Adina. “Pacers, Fleet Feet -VA, and Racquet & Jog-Bethesda are all giving us 10% discounts.” We thank Adina for her yeoman efforts on our behalf.

St. Patty’s Volunteers

  • Many thanks to the club members who volunteered at St. Paddy’s 10k Packet Pickup. The list includes
  • James Scarborough
  • Dave Keating
  • Janet Murray
  • John O’Donnell
  • Jeff Stratton
  • Ron McGraw
  • Henry Grossman
  • Jack Pozo-Olano
  • Jodie Pozo-Olano
  • Steve Ward
  • Steve Tappan
  • Marie Sandrock
  • Nate Reilly
  • Adina Siegel
  • James Wadsworth

$280 dollars was raised for the club, which will be used to defray the costs of race teams, the website and USATF membership. Many thanks to Jack and Jodie for taking time out of their very busy schedule to organize our efforts.

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler Teams
We have formalized our cherry blossom teams(except for the masters).

Men (WRC’s Old Guard )

  • Gary O’Donnell (co-captain)
  • Todd Martin (co-captain)
  • Anthony Belber
  • Yancy Hall
  • Jason Alexander.

Women (Quick on the Mark)

  • Donna Moore (captain)
  • Patty Fulton
  • Darcee O’Donnell
  • Marie Davis
  • Caitlin Adams

St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day is upon us,, which is when we celebrate things Irish. Of course our club has many runners of Irish extraction, with Scotch-Irish, Irish Catholics and Irish Coffeys being well represented in our ranks. We wish all our members of every a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day. And now, we leave all of you this modified Irish blessing

May the wind always be at your back
And the sun shine lightly on your face
Especially when you are at mile 22 of the marathon
Bonking in a major way
With your electrolytes exhausted
your calves totally shot
And your your disposition most foul