Club News, March 5, 2000

Club News

Erik Carpenter, Dave DeSchryver Join WRC; Kirk Baird Returns from Exile; Boston Marathon Team Finalized; Club Workouts to be Posted on Site; Sunny Clark Reports Back from Trials

New Members

Erik Carpenter, 25 of Washington, DC. Last year Erik posted a 2:50 at the Boston Marathon. At the GW birthday 10K in February, he ran a 35:50 to place 14th overall. Erik will be running on our Boston Marathon men’s open team.

Dave DeSchryver, 26, also of Washington DC. Dave is a 1995 graduate of Kenyon College, and an evening law student at George Washington University. Dave is currently training for Eagleman Triathlon and Ironman USA. Dave posted a 3:06 at Ocean State Marathon last fall. Like Erik Carpenter, Dave will also be running on our Boston Marathon men’s open team.

We welcome both these gentlemen to our club.

News of the Club

WRC held a happy hour Friday night in Ballston. We were very gratified to see folks absent for a while (Henry Grossman, Barb Fallon, Dan Wallace) and some of the newer members (Yancy Hall, Adnia Siegel, Jim Wadsworth among others).

Among items discussed (and yes, some business did transpire) was a suggestion by Adina that WRC issue membership cards. These cards would entitle members to discounts at area running stores. Adina volunteered to speak to stores on our behalf. Further information will be forthcoming.

Sunday’s Run – Our Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse Take it Easy

SRO at the Sunday run of March 5th. Most of the older folks ran Northwest, coming back along the C&O Canal. However, the Four Horsemen (AKA Gary O’Donnell, Todd Martin, Paul Neimeyer, and Jeff Stratton) went in another direction at moderate pace. We know they ran easy, as the rest of the club never heard the usual sonic boom. We encourage those boys to perhaps run a bit slower. Those booms are wreaking all sorts of havoc upon NW DC.

Resulting Destruction after Martin, Stratton et al caused a sonic boom during a training run.

Kirk Baird Returns

We were also pleasantly surprised by the reappearance of Kirk Baird for Sunday’s workout. Kirk is a long time member, who had been exiled to North Jersey the past couple of years. Last November, Kirk posted a 2:34 at the NYC Marathon. We welcome Kirk back into the fold, and are happy to report that he will be running on our Boston Marathon Team.

Incidentally, Kirk is a FBI agent. Much like Agents Scully and Mulder of the hit TV show “The X-Files” Though unlike Scully and Mulder, Kirk is modest, bright, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Agents Mulder and Scully, thinking about the best way to escape from a large paper bag

Marathon Trials, Continued

Word from our friend and fellow member Sunny Clark. Sunny tells us she dropped out at mile 21 of the Women’s trials. It seems that she suffered a broken foot last fall, and was not fully trained. She is resting now, and hopes to be back in the saddle by spring.

Speaking of the trials, we would like to note that Kristin Clark, the winner of the Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, is a native of Montana and graduated from Montana State University. Much like our own Gary and Darcee O’Donnell. Montana Bobcats rule.Boston Marathon Team

We have finalized composition of our Boston Marathon men’s open team. It will include

  • Paul Neimeyer, Captain
  • Kirk Baird
  • Erik Carpenter
  • Dave DeSchryver
  • Gerard Prasad
  • Kevin Ryan

By next week, we will have finalized team composition for our cherry blossom teams. If interested, please contact Dave Keating (703) 547-8698

Next Club Meeting

Members are reminded that we will be having a holding our Next Club Meeting Friday March 10th at 7:30. There will be pizza, liquid refreshments, and a vote on prez/vice prez positions. Steve Tappan and Nate Reilly have been nominated for those two positions, respectively. All are welcome.

St. Paddy’s 10K Volunteering
The club has volunteered its services for the St. Paddy’s Day 10K on Sunday, March 12th. Jack Pozo-Alono will be calling members to request their services. We greatly appreciate the efforts of every person who volunteers. Free t-shirts to all who participate.Track and Hill Workouts for this Week

Here are the workouts for this week, courtesy of Captain Neimeyer

  • Tuesday — 6:30 pm GU Track 5 x 1200m, 400m rest
  • Thursday — 6:45pm at the hill on Whitehaven Street. Whitehaven is off Massachusetts Avenue, just west of the Rock Creek Bridge, on the south side of the avenue. The hill in questions is a quarter mile long. There will be 11 repeats.

We would like to thank Paul for all the efforts he put into this. We intend to make Paul’s workouts a regular feature of ClubNews.

We are happy to report that both Anthony Belber and Gerry Ives are healthy once again. Anthony suffered from bronchitis this winter, but has recovered. And Gerry endured a back pull two weeks ago, which Ed Doheny insists is a consequence of Gerry swinging from living room chandeliers. We are unable to confirm the truth of this accusation.


Jim Hage ‘s Running, Ranting and Racing will be folding come December. We are sorry to hear this. Jim’s was a welcome voice within the running community. We would like to commend Jim for his seven plus years of work on that publication, and hope we continue to hear him in other venues.

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