WRC News, April 2010

Washington Running Club 04/27/10

April & May WRC Updates
Run for FUN this Wednesday!

We had a great time dodging tourists on the Mall and admiring the cherry blossoms for our first monthly fun run and are excited to meet new potential WRC members for the April fun run onWednesday, April 28th at 7pm. Let’s meet up again in front of Lululemon Athletica in Logan Circle, on P St NW between 14th and 15th streets. Bring friends, coworkers, family, acquaintances — anyone who might be interested in our club!

Pacers Store Event

The Pacers Store in Clarendon has generously offered to have a WRC event on the evening of Thursday, May 6th. Mark your calendar for the night to come enjoy great discounts and WRC company as you shop for running gear!

Thanks for reading and, as always, let me know if you have any questions!

Tamma Carleton
Washington Running Club

Track Workouts on Hold

Since many of our track regulars are recovering from Spring marathons, we decided to put the track workouts on hold until the week of May 15th.  People interested in continuing track workouts are invited to join a training group out of Hains Point.  If you’re intersted in the Hains Point group, please email AmandaH@washrun.org

April 20th Track Workout

Warm-up (on your own), strides as a group (see below), main workout, and cool down)

Stride 100, Turn around, Stride 100 back, Turn around, Stride 100, Turn around, Stride 100 back

4×400 @ 5 KM (200 m recovery) – 1 mile @ 10 KM (400 m recovery) – 4×400 @ 5 KM (200 m recovery)

4×400 @ 5KM (200 m recovery) – 1 mile @ marathon pace (200 m recovery) – 4×400 @ 5 KM (200 m recovery) – 1 mile @ marathon pace.

Please feel free to tailor the workout to your racing schedule!

WRC Goes to the Boston Marathon

Good Luck to all WRC’ers running the Boston Marathon on Monday!  WRC members heading to Boston include Deborah Pressley, Elyse Braner, Brian Savitch, Madeline Harms, Naoko Ishibe, Dan Simmonds, Christine Hackman, Laura Jennings, Eric Jacob, etc.


My apologies to any WRC members that I did not mention.

New website for Washington Running Club!

Washington Running Club 04/13/2010

Hello WRC Members!

Thanks to great amounts of volunteer work, our running club now has a new website! Our new site is more dynamic, user-friendly and up-to-date, so please log on, create a user name and participate in forums to keep up communication with the rest of the club.

Visit us at: http://www.washrun.org/

April 13 Track Workout

Let’s warm up on our own, do strides as a group at 6:45 am, main work-out, and cool down.

*Strides: Stride 100, Turn around, Stride 100 back, Turn around, Stride 100,Turn around, Stride 100 back

Boston folks — those running a marathon this weekend could do something like 1 mile @ half-marathon pace – 400 jog recovery — 1 mile @ marathon pace.

Everyone else:

3 to 5 x 1 mile @ 5 KM pace for non-marathoners and @ 10 KM pace for marathoners with 400 m jog recovery in between.

If you raced Cherry Blossom, consider doing the track workout on Thursday.

Please feel free to tailor the workout to your needs!