Boston Marathon Runner Spotlight: Shinobu Kusakabe

Shinobu Kusakabe is another all-star on our Master’s team for the Boston Marathon. She’s represented our club at several races and we’re just as excited to have her proudly wear our jersey once more. Good luck to you, Shinobu!!

Here’s more about Shinobu:


Boston qualifier: heck yes!

Q. How many Boston Marathons have you run? Total number of marathons?
A. I’ve run Boston three times and full marathon nine times. I’ll be running my tenth marathon on Monday.

Q. What are your goals for the upcoming race? 
A. To keep calm and run on.

Q. Do you have any tips from your last training cycle? 
A. Avoid injury. I injured my knee at the end of last summer, missed all the races I entered in fall and winter and had to wait to resume my training. It wasn’t fun. A good side of that was I got to spectate and cheer for my friends.