Boston Marathon Runner Spotlight: Kendall Tucker

She might hail from and live in Boston, but Kendall Tucker will always be a WRCer to us! Kendall first joined WRC a few summers ago just as her running career was taking off – it was probably the humidity that hooked her. In any case, she’s a great marathoner and we’re sure that her commitment to running will carry her through that coveted finish line!

Here’s more about Kendall:

Kendall Running May 2014-2

Kendall proudly wearing her WRC jersey!

Q. How many Boston Marathons have you run? Total number of marathons?
A. This will be my second marathon but my first Boston.

Q. What are your goals for the upcoming race? 
A. My goal for the race is to hit a 3:40 (10 minutes faster than my PR), but more importantly it’s to have fun, see friends along the route and celebrate a remarkable city. I never dreamed of running even a 5k two years ago, but this city has inspired a nation. I can’t wait to be part of the celebration.
Q. What are you looking forward to the most about being in Boston?  
A. I think the best part of the race (other than the beer afterwards) is going to be seeing the Citgo sign. The Citgo sign reminds me of home.
Q. Do you have any tips from your last training cycle? 
A. (1) Running in snow is a bummer (a huge, 3 foot deep bummer), but running with friends makes it fun. My advice is to take snowy runs slowly, be careful about your safety and bring friends along for commiseration. (2) Most people say training for marathons is cold, dark and lonely and I agree, these last few months have definitely been cold and dark, but they have never been lonely. I’m grateful to everyone who supported me along the way.