Sunday Distance Run – 8/31

The forecast for this Sunday morning wouldn’t be that bad if you were planning to go out for a nice stroll through the park.  Unfortunately, most of us are looking to run somewhere between 10 to 20 miles!  The planned route for this Sunday will include the Hains Point loop.  It is around 3-4 mile jog over to Hains Point (HP) from the SDR starting location, the loop is around 3 miles, and it is around 3-4 mile jog back to SDR start.  If you are only running 1 loop around HP, then the mileage is around 10.5.  Some will be running multiple loops with a portion of these miles at marathon pace/effort (for total mileage between 17 to 20).

You can drop off a water bottle at the start of the loop to have every ~3 miles.  Some of the water fountains along the route work and some don’t, so bringing your own fluid is definitely recommended!

The regular SDR start remains 0700.  There will be a pack running in the range of 17 to 20 miles that will be starting at 0630 to beat the heat.  Please email for coordination if you are planning to start at 0630.  For both start times, the start location is in front of CB2 in Georgetown (33rd and M street)!