What’s Quorum Got To Do, Got To Do With It?

Lured by the promise of an f-heavy offering (fresh fruit, farmer’s market frittata, and French press coffee), WRC’s Board of Directors convened this morning in Arlington at Masterson Manor, for their second quarterly meeting. All serving members were in attendance, and a lot of ground was covered. In a nutshell, the state of the club is very strong, and we’re making lots of progress on all fronts.

While the official minutes will be reported in the upcoming May edition of the WRC Newsletter (please subscribe here or here), there are a couple of line-items that bear immediate reporting:

  • The next Grand Prix race, the Capitol Hill Classic 10K, is coming up on May 19th, and GP coordinator David Pittman encourages everyone racing there to remember to register their WRC affiliation for team scoring through the race.
  • President Kirk Masterson will be hosting a WRC Happy Hour on Thursday, May 23rd, at Circa in Foggy Bottom, between 6-8 pm. Calendar. Map.
  • The board collectively decided to adjust the Sunday Distance Run‘s starting time to its Summer schedule of 7:00 AM, beginning Sunday June 2nd. This is the first Sunday after Memorial Day weekend, and right about when the perfect storm of heat, humidity, and cicadas should enrobe our fair city. An early start will help us to deal with that thrilling prospect.

Also, the next Quarterly Board Meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, August 17th, time and location both TBD. Please check the WRC Events Calendar, where we will keep all of these important details up-to-date.

Like I said, there’s a whole lot of other material that will be covered in the official club minutes. But for right now, this is the stuff that’s at close range and makes the pulse react.