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The WRC attempts to capture all the member race results it possibly can and report them in the weekly member email updates and on the online news pages. We do this to the best of our ability to follow all, sometimes we err, but certainly do not do so on purpose. If you like your name in print for friends and foes to see, as well as yourself, be sure to check the online news pages and read the weekly email updates sent to members. Cheers!
Form to report your race results – use this when you are a new member or running an out of town race that we don’t know about.

Highlights of Recent WRC Team Racing Results

Race / Year Result
Sallie Mae 10k / 2001 2nd place – men
Boston Marathon / 2001 9th place – women, 20th – men
Cherry Blossom 10-Miler / 2001 7th place open men; 12th open women
Rockville Twilighter / 2001 7th & 8th places – mixed
Fairlakes 8k / 2001 1st place – mixed
Philidelphia 1/2 Marathon / 2001 5th place – women; 3d men’s masters
Chicago Marathon / 2001 3d place – women
JFK 50-Miler / 2001 2nd place – men
Washington Birthday Marathon Relay / 2002 2nd place – women
Rockville Twilighter / 2002 3d place – A team mixed; 10th – B team mixed
Chicago Marathon / 2002 3d place – open mixed
JFK 50-miler / 2002 4th place – open
SallieMae10k / 2003 2nd place – women’s open
Capitol Hill Classic 10k / 2003 1st place – mixed open
Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 Marathon) / 2003 3d place – open mixed; 4th place men’s masters
Veteran’s Day 10k / 2003 1st place – open mixed
Washington Birthday Marathon Relay/ 2004 4th place WRC Speedy Senoritas; 5th place WRC DC Dames, both in women’s open
Cherry Blossom 10-Miler/ 2004 3 teams: 4th & 7th in women’s open; 11th in men’s open
Chicago Marathon/2004 15th place WRC DREAM Team – mixed open
Marine Corps Marathon/ 2004 3d Place WRC – men’s masters
Veteran’s Day 10k/2004 1st Place WRC – mixed open
JFK 50-Miler/ 2004 3d Place WRC
Cherry Blossom 10-Miler/2005 2 WRC teams- 3d place – women’s open & 4th place men’s open
Capitol Hill Classic 10k/2005 1st place – mixed open
JFK Marathon Relay/2006 5th place – mixed open
Cherry Blossom 10-Miler/2006 5th place – men’s open
Capital Hill Classic 10k/2006 1st place – mixed open
Nation’s Triathlon/2006 1st and 3d place
Chicago Marathon/2006 13th place – mixed open
Veteran’s Day 10k/2006 4th place – mixed open
JFK 50-Miler/2006 6th place

WRC Team Racing Information & Policy
1. The WRC sometimes fields a team (or even multiple teams) in racing events that offer team competition to add to the comaraderie and fun of the event beyond simple individual racing.

2. The club often helps out financially with entry fees for the team(s), either taking care of the extra team entry fee if there is one, or helping out (i.e., subsidizing a portion of) with the individual entry fees for the event. The decision whether to provide financial help and the amount of such help is contingent on the number of club teams to be entered, the number of members on each team, and the importance of the event. When there are events for which teams are to be formed, club officers discuss the situation, and then decide on the amount of financial help to be offered, though the ultimate authority and decision as to the degree of financial help always remains with the WRC President.

3. We have no set schedule of events where we will or may field teams. But we would like to see many teams organized where possible, within financial reason. In the past we have fielded teams at the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 marathon), Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, St. Paddy’s Day 10k, Lawyers Have Heart 10k, Rockville Twilighter 8k, Fair Lakes 8k, among various other races and relays. Putting a team together always depends on member interest, which leads to the point number 4.

4. The WRC welcomes ALL members to take initiative in setting up (or getting on) a WRC club racing team if they are interested in doing so for a race they may be running. You don’t have to wait to be asked to develop or get on a team. If you think a number of members may be running an event, and the event has team competition available, simply communicate with club officers the wish for putting a team together. The club will then help you to find out if there is enough interest to generate a team and will follow up with what is needed to make it happen, including possible financial help.

5. The only stipulation we try to abide by, is that all team members on a WRC team be up-to-date paid members of the WRC. If you have any other questions about the team racing policy, please feel free to ask Steve, our president, or any of the officers. And by all means, if you are interested in a race that has team competition and you would like to see other WRC members involved in that along with you, please speak up!

Good Information Sites for Races in the DC Area.
RacePacket.com – home of RacePacket, an electronic guide to running and racing in the DC area

Runwashington.com – home of the Washington Running Report, another electronic resource in the DC area.

WRC Training Info
To run races well, runners need to train. Due to the individuality of the sport and personal schedules and whatnot, most runners train on their own much of the time. However, it’s always fun, as well as productive, to run with others when possible. The WRC has two weekly club training opportunities – the Tuesday evening track workout, and the Sunday distance run. Of course, members are free to find training partners and run together on their own volition and a number of members do just that.

WRC Track Workout Information

WRC Sunday Distance Run Information

WRC Volunteering
This humble, yet premier, running club known as the WRC is not one that puts on many races of its own. Rather, it’s one where members train together, run races, team race together, sip coffee together, guzzle beers together, eat together, swim together, sweat together, cheer together, among other club-like things and such. One such such, is volunteering to help bring in some extra income for the club. Doing so is not a mandatory member activity by any means. However, it is one which greatly helps the club…and we also have fun doing it.

Our member volunteer activities consist of three events. We help with the packet pick-up at the St. Paddy’s Day 10k in March, finish line duties of the Lawyers Have Heart 10k in June, and the Veteran’s Day 10k in November. If you help out in one or more of these events, the WRC really appreciates it. As race times approach, WRC officers solicit help…and if you can, if you want to, that’s the time to say ok!

The WRC is very grateful and thankful to the members who have been so generous with their time for the club’s volunteer duties in the past. We are also thankful to the Capital Running Company for these club-help opportunities.

Race On Members. Do it for you!

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