Club News, September 1, 2004

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Club News
September 2004

All the news that fits, we print…or lest we try…

People News

New Members:
Jacqueline Cooke 26, Alexandria, VA
Christopher Maier, 28, Alexandria, VA
Charles Manahan, 37, Falls Church, VA
Erin Mark, 28, Alexandria, VA

We welcome Jacqueline, Christopher, Charles, and Erin into the WRC! Unofficially, that gives us 22 new members thus far in 04, 10 fine women and 12 fine men.

Member Birthdays in September:
Lance Christ, Mark Drosky, Ashley Etue, Prasad Gerard, Albert Han, Elizabeth McDermott, Charles Manahan, Erica Morton, Samantha Newbold, Joseph Pires, Jeff Stratton, and Brian Yourish

Happy Birthday all…enjoy your day! If we missed your September birthday it’s simply because we don’t have your birthdate in our records.

Member Racing 
(From 8/05 through 8/29)

Ironman Canada, British Columbia, 8/29
(2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run)
Secretary Marie Sandrock ventured to British Columbia to participate in the challenging Ironman triathlon swimming, biking, and running distances. Husband Steve Tappan (already qualified for Ironman Hawaii) went along to offer support and cheer. Marie finished well in 11:49:11, good for 607th overall (out of 2,066 finishers) and 20th out of 144 in her age group.

Annapolis 10-Miler, 8/29
On a hot hot day, a couple “been-running-a-long-time-around-here” members partook of a tough bridge and heat.

Jay Wind 54  68:29
Bob Platt 52  92:34 (not sure about this time..results were goofy)

DCRRC 1 Hour Track Run

1st Peter Tollefson 23  16,650 meters (about 10.4 miles)*
7th Brian Tefft 23  15,600 meters (about 9.75 miles)
13th Roberto Rodriguez 48  13,947 meters (about 8.7 miles)
20th Jay Wind 54  13,200 meters (about 8.25 miles)
22nd James Scarborough 46  12,866 meters (about 8 miles)

* very rough estimates…we’ll leave it up to you mathaholics to get it poifect.

WaWa Hartwood 10-Miler, Stafford, VA, 8/22
Iron Mike comes away with a win!

1st Mike Wardian 30  52:29

Paul Thurston 4.5 Mile, 8/17

Mark Drosky 43  29:59
Roberto Rodriguez 48  31:19
Bob Trost 58  32:36
Bob Platt 53  34:06

Mt. Gretna Off-Road Triathlon-Mt. Gretna, PA
(0.5 mile swim/15 mile Mtn Bike/5 mile run). 8/08
Mike travels to PA to show his versatility among 180 finishers.

28th Mike Wardian 30  Total Time: 2:49:25
Swim Time:  19:05  (13 place)
Bike Time: 1:58:00 (72 place) (Mountain biking this was)
Run Time:    32:20 (1st place)

Salem Distance Run-Salem, VA, 8/14
Mike was a guest speaker at this race and also won it!
1st Mike Wardian 30  33:06

Comus Cross Country 5k, Comus, MD, 8/15
On a tough x-country course, Bryon goes short after a mere 30k race last weekend.

7th Bryon Powell 26  19:35 (1st age group)

Of 109 finishers only one broke 18 minutes and a total of four broke 19 minutes. So a rough course for sure. Bryon indicated that “the course was beautiful – grass trails over rolling farmland – and was highly reminiscent of high school XC.”

Bethesda 5k, Bethesda, MD,  8/15
Anthony leads the WRC pack with a win!

1st Anthony Belber 31  17:26
Roberto Rodriguez 48  20:15
Mark Drosky 43  20:23
Jay Wind 54  20:26
Bob Platt 53  22:38
James Scarborough 46  23:21

Bon Air 5k, Arlington, VA, 8/05
Mark Drosky 43  18:55
Jay Wind 54  19:52
Bob Trost 58  21:24
Bob Platt 53  22:28
James Scarborough 46  23:06

Run for Sight 5k, Norfolk, VA, 8/07
President Barb, on her way back from injury, takes a 2nd place!
2nd Barb Fallon Wallace 30  18:55

Leesburg 10k, Leesburg, VA, 8/08
Lisa takes 3d on a tough course.

3d Lisa Thomas 28  36:51
15th Sarah Buckheit 44  45:14

Virgil Mountain Madness 30k, Virgil, NY 
7th Bryon Powell 25  2:52:02

Bryon reported:  “Got more lost more times on the way to this brutal trail race than during it. Started 15 minutes late, but managed 7th in a drawn out field in an unofficial time of 2:37:10. Having now run this race twice, I can confidently say that mile-for-mile this is the toughest race I’ve ever run. That said, it’s a beautiful course and a very fun, low-key event – how often do you have a guy in a tux serving champagne to you during a trail run?”

Bryon smiling…quite obvious he loves
the woodsy trails!

As for the champagne, here’s what Bryon was referring to:

Virgil Mtn. Madness Co-Director Dave Burbank stood by at the turn-around 
(11.6 miles into the 30K race) in formal attire offering French Champagne to runners.
Ironman USA Lake Placid, 7/24 
(2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run)
Kyle performs well in this big event!

360th Kyle Yost 33  11:14:46 (80th age group)

Words from Kyle. “It is now eight days after the race and I am recovered, both physically and mentally. My legs were sore the day after the race and then quickly recovered with the exception of my right calf which cramped in the swim. Amazingly, that still hurts like someone took to it with a sledgehammer although it is getting better by the day.”

An 8k Adventure In France
Pascal Brazey ran an 8k mountain race on a platueau in the Massif Central (central France) while on holiday in France for a month this summer. He reported that there were two killer hills, one of which he had to walk: “I had to walk in one, yeeeees, walk for like 100m. The last two miles were downhill with rocks and very narrow – lots of fun if you want to break a leg or fall feeling like a nascar driver…unfortunately my shoe came untied and I had to let the leaders go and needless to say I was p/o’d!”

Well, even with the rough terrain and unfortunate shoe problems, Pascal finished 3d in 30:54 close behind the 2nd guy in 30:43 and the 1st in 30:33. And he won cheese…a nice hybrid between swiss and roquefort cheeses). Way to go Pascal! Here are some pics of the race.

Pascal gets ready to run a tough mountain race in France (#211). Pascal coming down the trail at right.

We humbly apologize if we missed any places or races. Let us know. Great running all!

Club Running and Activities

Track and Sunday long runs! Numbers have been up of late at the track and Sunday distance runs out of Georgetown as members and associates prepare for fall marathons and other races. Track night has seen from 10-15 people in the main WRC group, while anywhere from 5 to 10 other WRCers have also been at the track on Tuesday nights doing other tailored workouts.

The Sunday distance runs have had upwards of 20 people lately as members pound the trails and roads going anywhere from 8 to 20 miles. Regulars include: Diana Johnson, Challice Bonifant, Erica Morton, Emily Turner, Adina Wadsworth, Genevieve Kiley, Amy Sullivan, Steve Baker, Gerry Ives, Jim Wadsworth, Tris Kruger, Mike Proulx, Pascal Brazey, Brian Tefft, John O’Donnell, Ryan Rodenberg. And many new faces lately as well: Laura, MJ, Neil, Charles, Kristin, Lynn, and others. Also spotted on the trails this past Sunday were some other WRCers who do their training together: Lisa Thomas, Sharon Donovan, Lindsay Goulet, Maria Kozloski, and Lance Crist. Our esteemed President Barb was also out on the trail kicking it up. Great to see all out and about!

WRC September 8k Race Almost Here!

On Saturday, September 18th, is the WRC Club Challenge 8k being held on the C&O Towpath (flat, fast, & scenic) in the Carderock Recreation Area. The race will begin at 9 a.m., with onsite-registration-only at 8 a.m. For members the cost will be a discounted $2 and for non-members, $5. Also, a co-ed team competition will take place with 3 needed to score (at least one female). Prizes will be awarded, refreshments will be served.

We welcome all members to run this race…and tell your running friends about it too. It’s a good way to see how your training is coming along. For more information and directions go to the race page.

Fall Marathon Madness

A bunch of members are running fall marathons. Here’s what we know so far. We wish all the best with their training and races!

Chicago Marathon 10/10
Emily Turner*
Diana Johnson*
Erica Morton*
Challice Bonifant*
Mike Proulx* (captain)
Frank Sprtel
Todd Martin
*WRC Dream Team
Marine Corps Marathon 10/31
Steve Baker
Jim Wadsworth
Dane Rauschenberg
Mark Drosky
Bob Platt
Jay Wind
Montreal Marathon, 9/12
Mike Wardian
Toronto Marathon 9/26
Mike Wardian
Baltimore Marathon, 10/16
Mike Wardian
Marathon in the Parks, 11/14
Mike Wardian (maybe)

Members, if you’re runnning a marathon and you’re not in this list, let us know and we’ll update it. Thanks!

Beyond the Dome – Other Running Stuff

Olympic Marathons. We give well deserved props to the two Olympic marathon medalists from the U.S., Deena Kastor who took the bronze medal in the women’s race in 2:27:20 using a great race strategy and fast finish, and Meb Keflezighi, who won the silver medal in the men’s marathon in 2:11:29, a personal best. That was one tough course with mega hills, heat, and humidity. It was especially tough for the women, who had it even hotter than the men, by about 20 degrees.

A blurb from “The 29-year-old Keflezighi, who emigrated from the African nation of Eritrea at age 10, is the first American to medal in the men’s marathon since Frank Shorter’s silver in 1976. Deena Kastor won the bronze in the women’s marathon a week ago, marking the first time the United States had won two medals in the 26.2-mile race at the same Olympics.”

In the odd but true category:
A man identified as former Irish priest Cornelius Horan tackles Vanderlei de Lima of Brazil.
Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images

“But I think that the Olympic spirit prevailed here once again. My determination prevailed. I was able to medal for myself and my country… It doesn’t really matter what the result of the appeal was. What happened was something that simply happened.” –Vanderlei de Lima, the bronze medallist in the marathon, after having his chance for Olympic gold ruined by a deranged spectator who attacked him as he lead the Olympic marathon near the 23 mile mark. de Lima was still ecstatic to get his Olympic bronze and also received the Pierre de Coubertin medal for his great sportsmanship. (source:

Indeed, this guy knows his sportsmanship and is to be commended. In our humble opinion he would likely have been caught anyway, as his lead of over 45 seconds had shrunk to 28 seconds at this point with Stefano Baldini of Italy (gold medalist) and Meb moving fast and gaining. Of course, it’s still very unfortunate that such a disgraceful exhibition of foolhardiness took place. We certainly salute Vanderlei for his ability to refocus at such a late stage in the race and carry on for the bronze medal.

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