Club News, June 15, 2002

Casey Smith 2nd At Race for the Cure; Women do Well at Cap Hill Classic, Chris Galaty Departs for Turkey while Julia Jacoby Returns from Exile; Calling Rockville Runners; Rosalie Parker Update

New Members

Mike Rae, 32 of Washington DC. Last October, Mike posted a 2:45 at Chicago. Mike has been a regular at Sunday morning runs the past month.

Heidi Reister, 27 of Arlington. A graduate of Cornell, Heidi did a bit of track while in college. Though currently injured, she is looking to return to form soon.

John Aston, 25 of Dupont Circle. A native of London, England, John recently moved to DC. John has been a regular at the Sunday runs as of late, and is currently training for the Marine Corps marathon in the fall.

We welcome them all into the club.

Race Results

Well, it has been a few weeks since we updated the website. Many apologies for the delay. We will try to catch up with what has been happening in races around DC.

Broad Street Run, May 5th, 2002, Philadelphia, PA

We are glad to see that our fiend Steve Tappan is once again racing.

  • Mike McGrath 61:54
  • Steve Tappan 69:59

Capitol Hill Classic, May 18th, 2002, Washington, DC

At the Capital Hill Classic, Maria Kozloski, Sara Buckheit & Adina Wadsworth all placed in the top twenty five among women Kudos to each of these runners.  Grrls rule

  • Jay Wind   37:12
  • David Keating   39:48
  • Maria Kozloski  40:22
  • Jeff Stratton   40:27
  • John Aston      41:56
  • Sara Buckheit   42:51
  • Adina Wadsworth 44:53

Sunrise 5K, May 18th, 2002, Herndon, VA

Todd Martin posted a 16:44 at Sunset 5K to win the race. Kuros to our favorite Martin.Apropos Todd and 5K races,   Todd also won the Herndon Community Festival 5K in 17:02 and theYoung Life Donut Run 5K on June 8th in a time of 15:51.  Todd is taking a trip overseas for  the next month,  where he might well win more races & oodles of donuts/assorted pastries

CapitalOne Toucan 10K, June 8th, 2002, Vienna, VA

New hire Megan Phillips took second in the Toucan 10K in a time of 40:58Race for the Cure 5K, June 1st, 2002, Washington, DC

At the Race for the Cure on June 1, our friend Casey Smith took 2nd in a time of 17:32.  We were also encouraged to see Barb Fallon & Carly Vynne back in the saddle again. Grrls again rule. Men (except for John “Big Unit” Dugan) were notable for their absence.

  • John Dugan          17:15
  • Casey Smith          17:32
  • Barb Fallon            19:07
  • Carly Vynne          19:36
  • Maria Kozoloski 19:37

Laurel Highlands Ultra 70 miler, June 8th, 2002, Ohiopyle, PA

We have not seen Bryon Powell of late. We have heard rumors of him running the streets of DC late at night, when he shares the city with insomiacs e  & Marion Barry. It seems that Bryon has been doing quite a bit of late night running. At the Laurel Highlands Ultra on June 8th (70 frigging miles) he took 5th in a time of 14:55Says Bryon (an an email aptly titled Abject Stupidity)

“I set of from Ohiopyle, PA on the Laurel Highlands trail in the aptly named Laurel Highlands Trail Race.  14 hours and 55 mintes later, just as the sunset, I crossed the finishline outside of Johnstown, PA.  Overall it was… an experience.  You should all try it sometime.”

Bryon, we will take your word for it. And good job!.

News of the Club

Chris Galaty Departs DC
We are sorry to see Chris Galaty set off for distant shores. At the end of this month, Chris departs for Turkey Chris has been an integral member of the club, and has posted some terrific times in the past two years.  Says Chris“Thanks again and, if the club ever decides to take a wild trip and run the Eurasian Marathon in Istanbul, let me know, I can help set things up!

Georgetown Class of 2001 Update

Clubnews has word from two of our G’town 2001 graduates, Katherine Turner & Julia Jacoby. Both of these women trained with us in 1999-2000, introducing some welcome youth and humor to the Sunday run. After finishing first year at Harvard Law School, Katherine will be spending the summer in Philadelphia, her ancestral stomping ground. Katherine tells us:

“I will be working at the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia.  The JLC protects the rights of children who have come under the purview of various state agencies (foster children, those involved in the juvenile justice system, children expelled from schools under zero tolerance policies, children entitled to certain substantive and procedural provisions under IDEA, etc).  The JLC does some trial advocacy, but mainly pursues appellate advocacy and attempts to effect policy changes.”

Katherine also hopes to do Chicago Marathon in OctoberAnd Julia is returning to DC after a year in Beantown join the Foreign Service. Julia tells us

“I start Foreign Service  training on July 1 in DC!  So I’ll be moving back to the area in the last week of June!  I’ve really missed being a part of a running club and training on a regular basis.  In fact, I haven’t done any racing or serious training since last year so I’m looking forward to getting back into it.”

We welcome Julia back.Going Back to Rockville

On July 20, the club will be entering a team for the Rockville Twilighter. This is always a great race with beer & food at the finish We have entered teams the past four years. If you are interested in running on our team, please contact Dave Keating at Have Heart Volunteers

Many thanks to those who volunteered at Lawyers Have Heart on June 15. Included in the honor role are Tris Kruger, Ed Doheny, John O’Donnell, Jim Wadsworth, Adina Wadswoth, Dave Keating and James Scarborough.Rosalie Parker on the Road

Our friend Rosalie Parker has embarked upon a long distance bicycle ride fundraiser from Seattle to DC This is to raise money for Waverly place a community rehab institution in Eastern Massachusetts. (So far, so good. If you wish to track Rosalie’s journal across the northern tier of the US, check out her website

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