Club News, July 29, 2001

WRC Phoenix Flies at Twilighter; Oswald, DeSchryver, Schwartzbard and Aronis Complete IronUSA in Lake Placid; The Fast and the Feminine; WRC by the Numbers

New Members

Anne Daughtery of DC. Last year, Anne finished the Marine Corps Marathon. Anne originally hails from Oklahoma, and has been a recent runner at our Sunday run. We welcome her into the club!

Race Results
Rockville Twilighter, Rockville MD, July 21, 2001

The Rockville Twilighter was run on July 21st. Our teams took 7th and 8th. Host MCRRC won the entire enchilada, with Howard County, DC Road Runners also fielding strong teams.
Below is a listing of runners, and their times.


  • Jim Hage 25:44
  • Todd Martin 27:42
  • Henry Grossman 28:06
  • Kurt Kroemer 28:59
  • Jim Wadsworth 29:18
  • Mark Drosky 30:18
  • Jascha Fields 30:36
  • John Dix 31:11
  • Randy Lange 31:34
  • Jay Wind 32:05
  • David Keating 32:59
  • Farrell Malone 33:39
  • Bob Platt 34:51
  • James Scarborough 34:54


  • Patty Fulton 28:57
  • Bridget Niland 30:29
  • Darcee O’Donnell 32:21
  • Kate Hudson 32:42
  • Liz Parks 33:21
  • Liz White 34:01
  • Becky Orfinger 34:47
  • Adina Wadsworth 36:32
  • Marie Sandrock 36:55

What was perhaps most encouraging was the performance of our women. Under the coaching of Nate Reilly, they are developing into a strong, cohesive group of runners.

Ironman USA Triathlon Lake Placid, NY July 28, 2001

On the same day that our middle distance folks were doing Rockville, Dave Deschryver, Jeff Aronis, Robin Oswald and Aaron Schwartzbard were doing Ironman USA in Lake Placid. This involves a swim of 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and then running 26.2 miles – a competition that challenge even the fittest of athletes.

Perhaps the most impressive was “Rocking” Robin Oswald who took 16th, among all women (including Pros) in a time of 10:39. Robin nailed the marathon portion of the competition of 3:19. This is really impressive- it was the 4th fastest split among women, and just 17 minutes slower than world famous Heather Fuhr who won the race.
Our friends Dave Deschryver was a minute ahead of Robin in 10:38 (good for 18 out of 192 in his age group). Says Robin

“Dave passed me right at the end, as I was hurting on the last uphill. Went a bit fast at the halfway, a 1:34 and change”

Less than a hour behind Dave & Robin was Aaron Schwartbard posted a 11:30 (13/37 in 18-24 age category) and Jeff Aronis nailed a 11:40 (good for 131/318 in 30-34)

Congrats to all these tri-athletes. Hope you are enjoying a well-deserved rest! We intend to have fuller race reports in the next issue of ClubNews.

Hingham July 4th Road Race, Hingham, MA
We are glad to see our friend Steve Ward back in the saddle again. The last few months, Steve has been busy as a bee, in his job as a trial lawyer at the USDOJ. (Honestly, since Christmas, we’ve sighted Elvis a few more times than Steve). However, he has returned from exile. On July 4th, Steve ran the Hingham Five Miler in Massachusetts, where he posted a 5:25 pace for 4.7 miles.

Run For Research 5K, July 22nd, Washington DC

And speaking of Department of Justice employees who have resurfaced, FBI agent Kirk Baird placed 3rd at the Run for Research 5K in a time of 16:23. Kirk has also been coming to track on Tuesdays as of late.

News of the Club
The Fast and the Feminine

One of the success stories this year has been the development of a corps of young women who regularly train and race with WRC. This has largely occured because of the efforts of Nate Reilly, who took it upon himself to organize and train this group.

Ali Lacika, Kate Hudson, Liz Parks, Darcee O’Donnell, Liz White, Marie Sandrock and Carly Vynne are all regulars at the Wednesday Evening Track workout at Washington and Lee HS. As a team, these ladies took 9th in the women’s open division at Boston Marathon. They are now prepping to run as a team at the Chicago Marathon on October 7th.

Coach Reilly usually has them doing repeat intervals on Wednesdays, with a long run on weekends. We thank Nate for all his efforts, and wish these women success in training the next two months!

Clockwise, from upper left: Carly Vynne, Ali Lacika, Kate Hudson, Darcee O’Donnell, Coach Reilly, Liz Parks

WRC By the Numbers

One of the questions that we are often asked is the composition of our membership – what age range, what part of the DC region do they come from, etc. Well our trusty treasurer James Scarborough (a conservative Republican who prides himself on being part of the “vast right wing conspiracy”) took it upon himself to quantify this facts. The below graphs provide a good idea of who we are.

Two points stand out. First, is that we are still predominantly DC/Virginia based. Secondly, is that we are getting younger, with more and more runners in their twenties and early thirties. Thanks to all you new folks who have joined. And for all of who are thinking of joining please do! We are always looking for folks who enjoy training, racing and kibbitzing after workouts.

Chris Galaty Sends Word from Summer Vacation
Finally, we have word from Chris Galaty, who is in the Caribbean for the summer. Chris tells us.

“Things are going well here. It is REALLY hilly though so the running is hard. After running for only five minutes, I can look over the edge of the road and see the school where we live about 400 feet down, that’s what it is like.”

Makes one glad to be running on less challenging terrain!

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