Club News, January 8, 2001

Club News

Kirk Baird Takes 3rd in Leesburg; Club Second at JFK 50 Miler; The New Millenium finds Club Members in Various Levels of Disrepair; Club Gains Two New Members from the North Country

New Members
Chris Galaxy, 29, of Adams Morgan. Chris Grew up in Green Bay WI, and graduate from St. Olafs (Minnesota). A few years ago, Mr. Galaxy served in the Peace Corps in Kenya (where he tells us “it was rare to see someone actually running”). Chris is currently teaching at St. Johns College High School in NW DC. He is a pretty fair runner to boot, having posted a 2:51 at Marathon in the Parks back in November. Chris intends to run on our Boston Marathon Open men’s team.

Alison Lacika, 23, of DC. A native on Minnesota, and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Alison posted a 3:38 at Philly back in 1999. Currently injured, she hopes to be running with us shortly. Hope you get healthy soon Alison!

We welcome both Chris and Alison into the club, and look forward to training with them.

Race Results
Jeff Aronis posted a 3:22 at the Walt Disney Marathon on January 7th. No word back from the man himself about how it went.

JFK 50 Miler, November 4th, Cumberland, Maryland
Captain Prasad Gerard tells us that he and his boys took second in the team competition at the JFK 50 miler November 4th. The WRC team of Prasad, Mike Cambell and Keith Moore placed second behind the fearsomely named Montrail Monsters

Kudos to Mike, Keith and Prasad for this excellent achievement

Rotary Resolution 10K, January 1st, Leesburg, VA

Kirk Baird started the new millennium where he left off on the old one, with a 35:11, and a 3rd place finish. Kirk was only 30 seconds behind race winner George Probst of Blacksburg, who posted a 34:41.

News of the Club

Next Club Meeting, January 26

Our new president Jim Wadsworth has announced that our next club meeting will be Friday January 26th, at 7:00 p.m. at Whitlows on Wilson 2854 Wilson Blvd., Arlington VA. Included in the agenda are the following items.

  • Dues
  • Committees (social, races, etc.)
  • Race Teams – GW Birthday Relay and Boston Marathon
  • Race gatherings (night before and during race)
  • Club awards for completed 2001
  • Updating the listserv
  • Financial Report from James Scarborough

All are invited to intend

New Running Store in G’town

A new store has opened up in WRC’s ancient tribal hunting ground. The Georgetown Running Company is doing business at the corner of 34th and M Streets, NW. Andre Williams of Reebok Enclave fame is one of the managers of this outfit. Club secretary Barb Fallon has spoken to him and tells us that GRC might be interested in hosting a run from the store. This is an excellent idea, and one that we might kick around at the meeting on the 26th.

All are encouraged to drop by the Georgetown Running Company, and see what the new kid on the block has to offer.

The Clintons move to Mount Neimeyer
As most of you know, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton have purchased a new home on Whitehaven Street, for $2.85 million. What you may not know is that this is Whitehaven Street is where WRC (under the directions of Captain Paul Neimeyer) hosted Thursday evening hill workouts last year (okay, let’s do another one guys, and lets make this one really hurt). . We invite the Secret Service to join us doing hill repeats this Spring – if the tedium of sitting in a SUV with dark tinted windows ever becomes too much to bear

$2.85 million – and the Clintons still can’t buy seclusion from the WRC.

Winter of our Discontent
It has come to the attention of ClubNews that many of our runners are sick, injured, exhausted etc. Although we won’t draw up a casualty list, we wish all well in recovering from plantar, bronchitis, stress fractures, shin splints, torn calve muscles, anemia etc. Though some believe that what WRC needs is a clubhouse, it is patently obviously that WRC’s most pressing need is for a dedicated hospital wing.

Kroemer’s Running Streak – 25 years and Counting

Mention was made last summer of some of the folks in the club who have kept especially notable running streaks. Mark Droskey has not missed a day since 1989, while Jim Hage has not missed one since 1982. However, the granddaddy streak of them all in the club is held by Kurt Kroemer, of who has not missed a day running since November of 1975. Comments Kurt about the 25 anniversary:

“Yeah, it is now up to 26 years and over 70,000 miles (71,334 to be exact!). I was going to try and make the party but with the new little one it makes it difficult.

Kudos to Kurt. Perhaps what is more impressive is that he has averaged sixty miles a week while doing it.

Sunday Run
A number of newbies showed up for the Sunday run January 7th, where we went around the U.S. Capitol. Included in this number were Tony DeCrappeo, Chris Galaxy and Kate Hudson. Kate, proving herself to be very perceptive 22 year old, commented vis a vis Dave Keating after the first five minutes “You know, you have a real peculiar stride” Truth from the mouth of babes.

Jim Wadsworth took a nasty spill on the black ice while out running. Glad to see that he is okay. Commented Bob Platt “I’m sorry to hear that the incoming WRC President has adopted a Gerald Ford approach to his office.”

All are encouraged to attend the Sunday workout. Remember, you are going to have to do a long run anyway on the weekend. Best to do it early in the morning, before you are fully conscious of your suffering.

Tuesday Speedworkouts to Commence again
Speed workouts on the G’town track will commence next Tuesday at 6:30. We will be using this as a vehicle for getting ready for Boston, so the intervals we will be doing will consist of ladders and mile repeats, like we did last summer and fall. Workouts will be posted the Sunday before on our homepage.

Last Plain to Boston Marathon this Weekend
And finally, our friend Bob Platt sends us reminder that next Sunday the DC Road Runners will be sponsoring a race down at Hains Point Last Plain to Boston. This race circles Hains Point eight times – lots of fun, eh? Bob sends a comparison to RASACs Last Plane to Boston, in format so favored in these pages.


Name 21st annual Last Train to Boston Marathon 3rd annual Last Plain to Boston Marathon
Date Saturday, February 24, 2001, 9:30 am Sunday, January 14, 7 a.m.
Course Four loops around Aberdeen Proving Grounds – flat and fast Eight 1/2 loops around Hains Point – flat and fast
Awards $100 Award for open or master’s course record none.
Hazards Participants Should be Aware of The possibility of a mishap as you run past the national HQ of our Germ and Chemical Warfare efforts. Danger of severe wind exposure/water pollution/errant golf balls/a mental breakdown after loop seven.
Best Thing that Could Happen To Race Site Be Declared a Superfund site by the EPA, and never used again Become flooded by rising waters, and never seen again again