Club News, January 22, 2001

Club News

Women’s Speed Workouts to Commence this Week; Boston Teams Begins to Assume Shape; Chris Hartshorn to leave for Upstate New York; Return of the Prodigal Son George Malley

New Members

Brian Weightman, 22, of Woodbridge. A graduate of West Point, Brian posted a 2:53 marathon in New York back in 1999. We welcome Brian into the club, and look forward to running with him.

Race Results

Word back from our friend Jeff Aronis about his experience at the Disney Marathon earlier in the month, where he posted a 3:22

I caught a cold that had me down for about 2 weeks before the race. I missed out on my last long training run. So I think the combination of the sickness and lack of training hurt me. The conditions at the race weren’t the best (32 degrees at race time (6am)), and it was cold throughout the whole race. And with nothing to run in except shorts and a tshirt, let’s just say it took a while for my legs to warm up. So Boston will have to wait for another year. But I guess the experience has taught me the necessity of training, staying healthy, and being prepared for any weather

One of the Race Officials at the Disney Marathon

News of the Club
Women’s Speed Workout to Commence

Nate Reilly is starting a Wednesday night speed workout strictly for women. The group will meet at 7:00 p.m. at the south side of the Georgetown University track. Please be prompt. Nate is making a significant investment of time in this, and we should support him.

Workouts will be published on our home page.

Dan Wallace Joining Army Reserves

Dan Wallace has followed the lead of our friend Ron McGraw and entered the U.S. Army reserves. Writes Dan

As a result of too many deployments and junior officer dissatisfaction with their senior officer’s, many Army officers are resigning their active and reserve commissions. I was one of those officers in the inactive ready reserve, waiting to get assigned to a unit. Now spots are available in units and I received a call to deploy to Nashville, Tennessee in December for a two week annual training assignment. I was assigned to an operations section of a Reserve Support Command, where I did fairly mundane office work. However, I have new opportunities in the Reserves, where before none existed. My goal is to travel a little, have a few adventures, and make a little money on the side.

Chris Hartshorn to Depart for Albany
Unfortunate news. Our Kiwi friend Chris Hartshorn is leaving DC. Chris was one of the stand out performers on our Army Ten Miler team last fall, and at the Richmond Marathon in November. Chris tells us

I’ve taken a job up in Albany, known to some as the Miami of Canada, so won’t be available for the races around here that WRC runs in. Maybe I could lead a team at the NYC Marathon later in the year by which time I should be good to run a bit quicker again

We thank Chris for all his contributions to the WRC and wish him all the best in New York.

Boston Marathon Team Update

The Men’s Boston Marathon men’s team is in a bit of flux at present. Chris Hartshorn will not be able to run because of injury and Kevin Ryan will be observing Easter that weekend, with Yancy Hall still in recovery mode. Paul Neimeyer hopes to run, but he is not definite.

On the plus side of the ledger, we are hoping that Tony DeCrappeo, Chris Galaty and David DeSchryver will be running under our standard. If you are interested, please contact Dave Keating (

It appears that WRC’s women’s Boston Marathon team is shaping up. Thus far the team includes the following runners:

  • Robin Oswald
  • Kate Hudson
  • Liz Parks
  • Maria Kozloski (perhaps)

We hope to attract a few more. We are doing a 16 mile run this weekend. Alas, holidays are over, and the race is only 12 weeks away!

Sunday Run News

We are getting more folks showing up at the Sunday runs. Though this past Sunday there was snow on the ground and it was chilly 26 degrees, we had a decent showing. Kudos to Bryon Powell who turned in a tough twelve miles after a night of revelry in Adams Morgan and three hours sleep. The resiliency of youth never ceases to amaze.

Crime and Punishment in Boston
Steve Ward is currently in Boston, trying a tax case for USDOJ. His wife Cecilia tells us he is working 18 hour days. Steve is one of Justices top crackerjack prosecutors. We hope to have Steve back stateside by February, so we can start pounding some miles with him again. In the interim, Wardman we are keeping the home fires burning for ya.

And in Intenational News..

USAF Capt. Greg Pece stationed in Japan, who helped organize a race for his club. He sends us a picture with text.

Just a photo from the race our running club put on this weekend at the air force base here in Tokyo, Japan. We had 7800 Japanese runners show, and gave out 100,000 yen for first place (approx. 1000 dollars). Believe me, it is much much easier to run a race than put one on. We have been one stressed out group of people trying to organize this race over the past year, and luckily it was a huge success. The winning time for the half marathon was 1:07:48, not too bad.
This is a pic of the lead group…the winner is tucked into the second position at this point, and this is about 10 km into the race

Return of the Prodigal Son

Finally, we bring word that George Malley is coming east after 20 years in Oregon. George graduated from Du Val High School (PG County) back in 1973. While there, he posted a 9:03 two mile, a Maryland HS record which still stands today. He went to Penn State, and won the NCAA championship in the Steeplechase in 1977, and set the American Record. George went on the set the U.S. Half Marathon record in 1983 at Philadelphia, when he was a member of WRC.

George has moved to NYC and is working at the International Securities Exchange. We wish George all the best, and hope he makes it down here so we can catch up, drink some beer and play some darts.