Club News, November 5, 2000

Club News

Prasad Gerard and Company Run Well at JFK 50 Miler; Four Qualify for Boston at Marathon in the Parks; Fallon and Belber Post Victories in Local Races; Jon Gardner Checks in with a Marathon Rant

New Members
Kelley McLean, 23, of Northwest DC. A 1999 graduate of Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA, Kelly now works at NIH within the National Cancer Institute. Ms. Mclean posted a 1:10:16 at Army Ten Miler last month. Kelley is hoping to run a marathon this winter, perhaps qualifying for Boston. We welcome Kelley into the club, and look forward to training with her this Winter and Spring.

Race Results

Marathon in the Parks, November 5th, Montgomery County, MD

The first annual Marathon in the Parks went on without problems November 5th (unless you were a motorist hoping to drive down Bethesda Avenue – in which case, you were totally hosed). MIRT proved to be a throwback to marathons twenty years ago, when such races were local affairs, characterized by enthusiastic volunteers, small fields and competitive runners.

Local talents Mark Hoon and Hilary Cairns won the race, in 2:34 and 3:00, respectively. WRC had four runners participating, each of whom qualified for Boston.

  • 11 Dave Deschryver 2:53:49
  • 28 Jeff Stratton 3:01:17
  • 58 Roberto Rodriquez 3:15:51
  • 27 Lynn Geisert 3:46:31

Said Jeff (the Spud) Stratton, about his first experience wresting with the beast.

At about 15 miles, I was thinking “Good god, WHAT am I doing?!!?” My calves started to tighten up, and my ankles hurt, as the footpath can a pretty constant slant to the right. Not an ideal surface to spend three hours on. Anyway, I hit 20 miles right on pace for a 2:55 or so, and then hit the proverbial wall. I was expecting maybe a three foot high cardboard wall, that I could run through and finish strong. Oh no, I ran into a 10 foot brick and mortar wall. I died badly over the final 6 miles, with a 10 minute final mile. I mentally lost it more than I normally do, which disappointed me…I wouldn’t say that I’m “Hooked” on marathoning, but I may be doing Boston.

Good job Jeff!

Roberto Rodriquez also ran well, qualifying for Boston. This marks the fourth decade in which Roberto has run a marathon while a member of WRC.

And Lynn Geisert, was first in her age group, posting the same time as she did at Boston back in April.

Many thanks to MCRRC for putting on this race. Truly, a remarkable club, MCRRC is the only one in the area that can has the resources to organize such a massive undertaking.

JFK 50 Miler, Cumberland Maryland, November 4th

WRC had three runners doing the JFK 50 Miler. For these guys, a marathon is simply halfway there. Below are a listing of their times, and pace per mile.

  • 27 Prasad Gerard 7:22:23 (8:51 pace)
  • 35 Keith Moore 7:35:27 (9:07 pace)
  • 43 Michael Campbell 7:45:20 (9:18 pace)

Reports Prasad:

“Michael, Keith and I ran well under good conditions. Michael Campbell finished 2nd in the 50 and over group. He and I ran together in the beginning. Michael finished in 7:45 for 43 place. Keith Moore ran a smart race starting out conservatively and then finishing strong. Keith finished in 7:35 for 35.”

Congrats to all three gentlemen. Team results should be posted by next week.

Columbus Marathon and New York City Marathon

In other marathoning news, we are happy to report that two of our Hoya members finished their first marathon. Farrell Malone posted a 3:24 at the Columbus Marathon on October 29th. And Matt Hochstleter ran a 3:20 at the New York City Marathon November 5th.

Matt’s is a terrific performance, as Matt injured himself at the Army Ten Miler, and essentially had not run for the four weeks prior to the race. His performance reminds us of Katherine Turner, fellow Hoya, who did not run for weeks before Marine Corps Marathon. It seems we have some fairly determined Jesuits in our midst.

Other Races of Interest
Anthony Belber won the Edgemoor Classic 5K in Bethesda on November 4 in a time of 16:34 while on on October 28, 2000 Barbara Fallon won the Racing to Save Lives 5K in 18:28.

News of the Club

Marathon in the Parks

Many thanks to the volunteers who worked WRC’s waterstop at mile 19.5 in Marathon in the Parks. Working Sunday morning were the following members

  • Vicky Cosgrove
  • Ed Doheny
  • Terry Fry
  • Chris Hartshorn
  • Liz Hosford
  • David Keating
  • Tris Kruger
  • Kelley McLean
  • Nate Reilly
  • Becky Orfinger
  • Gordon Phillips
  • James Scarborough
  • Adina Siegel

All went well – aside from Dave Keating yelling to a runner early in the race “Hey Lady, you are doing great, you are in third place” Turned out to be a guy. Responded Keating upon learning his mistake “Hey Dude, sorry about that”.

Said Trish McCarthy, volunteer coordinator “I really hope WRC comes back next year — and this time with a banner so all the runners know that WRC was out there rooting for them!!!!”

Potomac 5K

Kudos to the volunteers who organized our one club race – The Potomac 5K. Special recognition to

  • Gerry Ives
  • James Scarborough
  • Ed Doheny
  • Bob Platt
  • John O’Donnell
  • Tris Kruger

Jason Sparkowski Update

We have word from Jason Sparkowski. Jason, who has been running with us since the early nineties, recently moved back to his native Connecticut this past Spring. (Jason and Jim Wadsworth actually knew each other in high school in Connecticut 25 years ago. Small world). Jason tells us

“I’m working as a Research Scientist for Molecular Staging, Inc. in a newly furbished lab and office in downtown New Haven. While I’m familiar with the justified knocks this city takes, we are located right near Yale Med School. Our technology is also Yale-based. We are developing a system that allows us to detect minute levels of specific nucleic acids and proteins in a cell that will help in diagnostic analysis. Even though the company is only two years old, we have over 50 employees and funding is currently more than adequate. The company plans on going public in the next year. “

Bio-tech and IPO – Sparky is definitely on the cutting edge of the zeitgeist.

Club Meeting
Next club meeting will be Thursday, November 16th, 7:30 p.m. at Armands, 4300 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW. Among the items to be discussed will be race teams for the winter/spring, a holiday party, and upcoming elections. Please attend, if you wish to be nominated for our December elections. Among the folks who will be nominated are the following

WRC Officer Nominations for the Year 2001

  • Jim Wadsworth President
  • Nate Reilly Vice President
  • James Scarborough Treasurer
  • Barb Fallon Secretary
  • Gerry Ives Membership Database
  • Adina Siegel Membership Outreach
  • Dave Keating Website

Per usual, pizza and beer will be consumed.

Jon Gardner, Prodigal Son, Weighs In
Finally, we have word from prodigal son, Jon Gardner. Jon was a sub 2:40 marathoner before becoming (to our grief) a duathlete. Now, he is returning back to the fold to run again (glad to have you back Jon!). Anyway, Jon has sent in a rant about Marine Corps Marathon that is worth reading , even if you don’t agree with everything he says.

“How can 2:25 win the nation’s second-largest marathon? I know they don’t offer prize money or anything, but geez! Is it because they treat 6-hour marathoners BETTER than the 3-and-under crowd? Is it because they’re extorting runners who don’t register in the first 30 seconds into becoming relentless fundraisers, so that they spend more time getting pledges than training? Is it because it has stopped becoming a race and become a pedestrian fundraiser? I’m embarrassed for the sport.”

As a historical aside, back in 1977, when only 2000 runners did MCM, 150 broke 2:50, and 300 broke three hours. This year, 50 broke 2:50, and 125 broke three hours – despite the fact that over 20,0000 runners were participating.
Even if we look at New York City Marathon results from Sunday, elite American runners – especially men – are few and far between. Only seven Americans broke 2:30. For further discussion and rants about this phenomenon, check out Hage’s Running Ranting and Racing, on this website.