Club News, October 22, 2000

Club News

Marine Corps Marathon Results; Orfinger and Hosford Excel; Trost Extends MCM Streak into Third Decade; Todd Martin Goes Undercover to Post a 2:54

Race Results

Marine Corps Marathon, October 22nd
The Marine Corps marathon was run again this year in rather in rather warm conditions. WRC had thirteen individual runners, as well as a men’s team. At press time, it was still unknown how the team of Drosky, Ryan and Fields performed. Fortunately, we do have a listing of individual performances, along with some excellent race reports.

Below is a list of finish times, listed in order of finish. Kudos to each and runner who finished.

  • Kevin Ryan 2:53
  • Todd Martin 2:54
  • Jay Wind 2:58
  • Prasad Gerard 3:00
  • Mark Drosky 3:04
  • Jascha Fields 3:12
  • Bob Trost 3:27
  • Hannah Howe 3:35
  • Robert Platt 3:40
  • Becky Orfinger 3:42
  • John Dix 3:58
  • Liz Hosford 3:58
  • Katherine Turner 4:13

WRC Captain Kevin Ryan took it out hard – running an even six minute pace for the first 18 miles before hitting the proverbial wall. Though he slowed down a bit at the end, a 2:53 is still a great time, and qualifies Kevin for Boston.
The next two WRC runners used MCM as a training run. Todd Martin in training for Marathon in the Parks, posted a 2:54, while running under the pseudonym Todd Burns ( – which reminds us – if anyone sees Todd burning, please douse him immediately. Thanks much) Not far behind was Prasad Gerard – who in tune-up for the JFK 50 miler November 4th, did three hours even.

And then our friend Mark Drosky pulled into the station. Comments Mark.

“I had a rough day at the office, so to speak. However; even when I was sloshing thru the worst of it i thought of how thankful I was to be competing in such an overwhelming event and how lucky i am to be a runner!”

Perhaps most alarming is what happened to Jascha Fields. Jascha was looking to post a personal best, when things began to seriously unravel. Reports Jascha

“I was still on pace for a sub 3 marathon when I got to mile 20 in under 2:19, but I knew things were not going to hold up. My body was breaking down, and when your mind says –NO MORE– it is impossible to recover in a marathon… I have I to admit, I was hallucinating, probably around 22-25 … My father brought me into a medical tent, where I stayed for about two hours”

Glad to hear you are now better Jascha.

It is worth mentioning that Robert Trost has finsished every MCM since the early 1980s. No idea how he does it, but he has our admiration. Perhaps the two WRC performances that were most impressive were executed by women. Becky Orfinger has been struggling all summer and fall with Plantar Fasciitis. Becky nonetheless didn’t back off, continued training without complaint. On Sunday, Becky posted a 3:42, missing qualifying for Boston by two minutes. This is just great. Said Becky:

“i was extra cautious, though and drank a whole lot throughout– so much that I had to stop – and that may have cost me a Boston qualifing time. But my goal was to enjoy it, and I did!”

And Liz Hosford, in her first marathon ever, broke four hours. Liz ran a very disciplined race, keeping even splits throughout the first 24 miles. Said Liz “I felt like I was running in the desert for the last two miles. Tris Kruger was there at mile 25, cheering

Kudos to Liz, and to Montgomery County Road Runners, who did a terrific job training her.

Next races the club is running is Marathon in the Parks (where Jeff Stratton and Todd Martin will be competing) and JFK 50 Miler, also on November 5th (with Prasad Gerard, Keith Moore and Mike Campbell). Best of luck to all these boys!

News of the Club

Marathon in the Parks Volunteers Needed
We still need three volunteers for our waterstop at Marathon in the Park on November 5th. If you are able to volunteer for the morning, please contact David Keating at

Russ Crandall – Update from Dixie
Word from Russ Crandall, down in North Carolina teaching. Reports Russ

“Things go well here- loving the whole teaching thing and easy-going life. Foot from surgery is not great and knee is STILL a problem. Hope to get back into it at some point. Patience. Patience. Other than that I’ve been quite busy working on a book on US-Colombian relations that is supposed to go to press next summer. Exciting but a bear.”

Kudos to Dennis Jett, Dennis was part of the WRC team that won the won Two Bridges 36 mile Race in Scotland twenty years ago. Mr. Jett is now U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique. Dennis recently published an article in the Christian Science Monitor titled. Why UN can’t keep peace. Hmmm. A fast WRC runner, published in the Christian Science Monitor, international interests – the fellow obviously blazed the career path that Russ Crandall is now following.