Club News, April 2, 2000

Club News

Rodkin Third at Sligo Creek; Wadsworth Second Master at Run vs Row; Kim Robinson joins Club; Cherry Blossom Update; James Scarborough vs Alan Greenspan – The Tale of the Tape

New Members

Kim Robinson and her husband Neil have officially joined our merry band. This is good news. We hope that Kim is able to race with us this Spring and Summer. Kim seems to be recovered from the Olympic Marathon Trials, and was recently sighted at the Georgetown Track, doing speed.

Race Results

Run vs Row 10K, April 1st
In a race won by Gary Stolz, of Belmont CA, in a time of 30:04, Jim Wadsworth posted a 33:40. This made him second master, behind Brian Daughterty of Annapolis. Writes Jim

“All in all a pretty good race even though the food was below expectations…just bananas and muffins..”

And our good friend Adina Siegel also ran well, posting a personal best of 43:38. Kudos to young Siegel!

Paul Neimeyer, using it as tempo run two weeks before Boston, ran 34 minutes and change.

MCRRC Super Sligo 4 Miler April 1st

And up in Silver Spring the same day, our friend Eric Rodkin posted a 23:01 for four miles, to place third in the MCRRC Super Sligo 4 Miler. Barton Jennings of Laurel won the whole enchilada in a time of 22:19. We are glad to see Eric running races, after banging himself up at the Kiawah Island marathon last December. Ya just can’t keep a good man down.

DC Rape Crisis Center 5K April 2nd

Jim Hage placed second behind Sergey Sahlomeyev in a time of 15:55 for 5K at the DC Rape Crisis Center 5K in West Potomac Park. Jim showed up later at Dean and Deluca afterwards to shmooze with the folks from the Sunday run. Haven’t seen Jim for a while, so we were happy to catch up with him. We discovered it is much easier to catch up with Hage when he isn’t actually running…

News of the Club

WRC’s Cherry Blossom Men’s Team is down to three runners – Gary O’Donnell, Todd Martin and Anthony Belber. Injuries and scheduling conflicts have forced Yancy Hall and Jason Alexander to withdraw. Presently looking for replacements. Everyone running Cherry Blossom is reminded to pick up their race numbers on Friday or Saturday.

Boston Marathon Notes
Men running the Boston Marathon are reminded to contact Paul Neimeyer if you have not yet registered to be on our team. The Boston Athletic Association closes team entry on April 9th.

Sunday Run
Our Sunday run was graced with folks we had not seen for a while (Alden Hall, Terry Fry, Marie Davis) Not as many folks as usual, as some of our clan had difficulty adjusting to the time change.

Anyway, one of the newbies who showed was Jeff Stratton. A young fellow from Idaho, Jeff represents the best qualities of that particular state – modest, friendly, hard working, unassuming. And we would not be the least bit surprised if he had a bushel of potatoes stored somewhere in his Capitol Hill apartment

Anyway, we were rather alarmed to see Jeff after the workout in Dean and Deluca, looking exhausted. Seems that some of the quick boys had taken Jeff on a hard 14 miler over hill and dale – and then hills again. Jeff hung tough, but was definitely spent afterwards. The haunted look reminded us of HALEY JOEL OSMENT in The Sixth Sense.

“I see fast people – lots of fast people – all around me”

Now Let us Praise Famous Treasurers
James Scarborough is one of the members who keeps the club going. As treasurer, he is responsible for cutting checks, balancing our books, sending and receiving invoices, etc. Scarborough is the voice of reason, bringing us to earth, when we become especially taken with a wonderful notion (“Let’s compete in the London Marathon!!!” “On, a brilliant idea! And who is going to pay for this – Prince Charles, the Queen Mum or the tooth fairy?”)

He is much like Chairman Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve. Thus Robert Platt along with David Keating have created the following chart.

James Scarborough Vs Alan Greenspan – The Tale of the Tape

Alan Greenspan James Scarborough
Position Chairman, Federal Reserve Board Treasurer, Washington Running Club
Policy Emphasis Warns against irrational exuberance brought by rising stocks Warns against irrational exuberance brought by rising Endorphins
Periodical of Choice Federal Reserve Quarterly Maxim Magazine
Lasting Achievement Ultra marathon Economic Expansion Finishing JFK Ultramarathon
Public Speaking Style Takes Forty Minutes to Answer a Question Answers all questions “Sure we can afford that – and then we can declare bankruptcy and have a big party to celebrate”
Ivy League Affiliation Honorary Degree from Harvard Uses Harvard Graphics
Media Presence Once filmed a TV commercial for Macintosh computers Provides Voice Recording for WRC Phone Line
Dress Style Power Suits Sweaters and Khakis, circa 1972
Marital Status Married to NBC Correspondent Andrea Mitchell A Happening Bachelor

“What am I doing on this website, anyway?”