November/December 1998

The Washington Running Club November 1998 Newsletter

December Club Meeting

The DECEMBER MEETING of WRC will be held on DECEMBER 30 at 7:30 p.m. at Jack & Jodie Pozo-Olano’s residence located at 1423 North Nash Street, Apt. 11, Arlington, VA. The topics to be discussed include uniforms & club logo, winter party, spring race schedule. To add items to the agenda please call Dave Keating at (301) 587-4406 or send him an e-mail to Bring yourselves and a friend if you like!

Directions to the Pozo-Olano’s:

from Georgetown:

cross over the Key bridge and continue on Ft. Myer Drive, straight through the underpass and cross over Route 50 (you will be on N. Ft Meade). Make your first right onto Arlington Blvd (before the Iwo Jima Memorial which you will see on your left) and pull into the parking lot on your left. Front door is around the building, dial 911 to call up to the apartment.

From Roosevelt /Memorial Bridges:

take Route 50, exit at Rosslyn (River Place will be on your right). Make a left at the exit (it’s tricky, but legal!) and take the first right onto Arlington Blvd (before the Iwo Jima Memorial which you will see on your left) and pull into the parking lot on your left. Front door is around the building, dial 911 to call up to the apartment.




This issue of the WRC Newsletter is being sent to the extended WRC family. With the New Year right around the corner, we’d like to encourage everyone to please remember to send in your dues….it’s only a small donation of $12.00 and $15.00 for families. For those of you included in this special mailing, we invite you to complete the last page and send it in to Gerry. Just think of all the benefits…..comp’d race fees for races where your on a WRC team, free pizza & beer at least every other month and much more. (You’ll also receive a FREE subscription of the hard-hitting WRC News Letter!!)




by Secretary O’Donnell

The WRC meeting for October was held on October 22 at Armands Pizzeria, attended by President Keating, Treasurer Scarborough, Secretary O’Donnell, and members Liz Hosford, Henry Grossman and Jon Dix. Keating opened the meeting and noted the outstanding recent races of Scarborough (3:23 at Twin Cities), Dix (62:10 at Army) and Grossman (Army and Philly Distance Run). O’Donnell presented a check to the Treasurer for $580 from Capital Running for the Georgetown 10K and the treasurer presented his report. Thanks was again expressed to Capital Running and to all who helped at the race.

There was a discussion of whether the Club should continue to help out at two races a year. O’Donnell took responsibility for initiating WRC participation in the St. Patrick’s Day 10 K in addition to Georgetown. His thought was that it was about six months from the Georgetown race, so club members would not feel put upon to volunteer frequently. The obvious advantage is the additional revenue to the Club treasury. Keating pointed out that all assistance is appreciated, but no one is required to help twice a year. Those present voted unanimously to keep our commitment to help out at both races.

Henry Grossman presented prints of the new Club logo. Four designs were examined and one was selected for new club items. Henry thanked Dante Colfi for his design expertise in creating the work of art! There was discussion of what clothing items might be ordered.

At the conclusion of this discussion, Grossman volunteered to check with Jack Pozo-Olano to see what uniform items are currently in stock, and contact Mike Regan to check prices on various items that might be ordered: T-shirts, singlets, sweatshirts, etc. Grossman will report back at the next meeting.

President Keating

renewed his commitment to field a women’s team at a race or races by next Spring, noting that we currently have a good number of women members who are regularly racing very well. He will work with Jodie Pozo-Olano on this. Keating also reported our men’s team finished fourth in the Army Ten Mile.

At the next meeting, a pre-Christmas soiree, will have nominations for officers for 1999.



Dave Keating

The Holidays…..what a wonderful time to be in the Capital City. The National Christmas tree is aglow on the Ellipse; lampposts in Georgetown are decorated again; candles have been carefully placed in the windows of houses around the city. Indeed, Washington is so enamored of holiday lights that we export them….across seas. Presently, we are lighting up Baghdad like a Christmas tree.

Well, in our own little way, the WRC is also planning on adding some new light to the running world – a WRC Web site. Yes, our feisty club is fearlessly launching itself into cyberspace. (Once established, our Internet address will be The site will feature club news, feature upcoming races, club events and a membership application. Our Web site will also link to other running sites.

Mr. Norman Brand, the Club elder, has graciously agreed to write a history of the WRC for publication. Norm has a knowledge dating back to the ‘60’s and the Coolidge Administration, when some of today’s WRC members were not born.

Another feature to the site will be a description of run around WDC. This will enable visitors spending time in WDC to enjoy all the great trails we run on a weekly basis. Please pass your good running routes along so they can be posted. The proposed format would be as follows:


(from the U.S. Capitol):

    • from Capitol, run along the mall to the Lincoln memorial;
    • curl left around the memorial, and cross over the Memorial Bridge…etc.

So, those of you who have pounded out the miles from various points of interest are especially worth hearing from. You name will be credited to the route. Submit your routes to <> With that….Happy Holidays to and to all a good night!!



“Comments & Observations…”



by Jack Pozo-Olano

During the past 11 ½ months (and over 2,000 miles later), I have observed, listened to, and given my opinion on many interesting topics. The majority of these have come during runs with all of you in the WRC, or at races somewhere in the area. As the year comes to an end I can honestly say that the club seems to have had a successful year in recruiting new runners (you all know who you are… thanks for your dues!), but at the same time we have lost a bit of our “glitter” within the D.C. running community. At the risk of sounding whiny and nostalgic I will elaborate.

Jodie and I have flipped through thousands of pages of race results and read dozens of our local running publications during 1998, and I have observed a disturbing trend… an absence of WRC competitors at races! This is completely unacceptable given the WRC’s past reputation as the finest running (and racing) club in the area. According to one veteran road racer, the WRC once fielded – and beat – the Nike and Adidas racing teams at the Philadelphia Half Marathon. This past year we did not even register racing teams at several local races that historically have been our races to win.

In past years I have had the good fortune to participate on some of the WRC racing teams. I know that through 1997, the WRC had dominated the Washington’s Birthday Marathon Relay – having won 8 of the 9 races! In 1996, when I first participated in this ekkiden relay Mike Regan told me, “there’s no pressure here, relax and have fun, but remember that the WRC has never lost .” Later that year Jim, Mike, Jon, Kurt, Kevin, Tom, Anita, and myself went on to beat the Pacers Team, MCRRC, DCRRC, NOVA, etc. at local races such as Bethesda Chase 20K, Crystal City 10K, Lawyer’s Have Heart, and the Army 10-Miler. Regan’s words always rang in my ears whenever I “toed the line”. There always was that unseen presence driving us forward… pride! The idea that other runners from the area were going to beat us was unthinkable. In 1998, the WRC failed to field teams at the Marathon Relay, Sallie Mae, and Lawyer’s Have Heart. As Team Coordinator, I will take the blame since it is my responsibility to put together racing teams.

Perhaps it was a combination of injuries suffered at the Boston Marathon, my August wedding , or impending fatherhood; but somewhere I lost that focus from past racing seasons. To make matters worse our Men’s racing team has been decimated by the retirement of Jon G., the move to California by Mike R., law school studies for Kevin B., and injuries to Kurt K., Tom Mc., and Dave K. I began to notice that our Sunday runs were not as “feisty” and our Wednesday night track workouts not as well attended. A certain malaise has been setting in, and there was no excitement by the men or women to lace-up the flats in 1998.

I have several New Year’s resolutions; first and foremost, is to be a good husband and father. In addition, I am challenging myself to train harder and smarter so that I might be able to run at a higher level in 1999. I would like to see the WRC regain its stature in the DC area. Therefore, I am challenging each person to think about the Washington’s Birthday Marathon Relay (February) and Cherry Blossom (April). Let’s enter an Open Men’s, Open Women’s, and a Masters Team at each of these races. I hope that everybody will enjoy the holiday season and have a healthy New Year!



November 26, 1998


On an unusually warm, Thanksgiving Day, more than 1,600 runners lined up to burn-off some pre-turkey feast calories. Reebok’s Ray Pugsley was the first to finish in 24:08. Matt Thull out-kicked Chris Katon for 2nd place with a time of 24:15 (Katon held-on for 3rd in 24:16.) WRC’s Jim Hage cruised in to win the Master’s race (and 6th place overall) in 25:16. Following close behind for 10th & 11th places were WRCers Dan Wallace (26:38) and Henry Grossman (26:56). Other WRCers burning the calories that day were Roberto Rodriguez (29:03), Jay Wind (29:37), and Bob Trost (31:13). An injured Jack Pozo-Olano – out for a tempo run finished in 31:21.

For the women, Naoko Ishibe held-off Cathy Stanmeyer for the win in 29:04. (Stanmeyer finished 2nd in 29:07). WRC’s Jacqueline Concaugh edged-out Patti Shull for 3rd place in 29:17. Shull won the Master’s race (and captured 4th overall) with her time of 29:18. Capturing 8th place was WRC’s Jackie McDonald in 30:41. And, WRC’s Bernadette Flynn finished in 32:15 and 2nd in the Master’s division. Rounding out the Club (both literally and physically) was Jodie Pozo-Olano who maintained a steady 7:40 pace at 7+ months into motherhood for a 38:22 finish.



November 21, 1998

On a perfect fall morning with a slight wind, some 140 runners headed down to Hains Point to start their diets early. Winning the 5K, was Brian Cunningham with 15:35. For the women, 16 year-old Erin Swain finished in 18:19 for the win. WRC’s Bernadette Flynn took 3rd in 20:01 and Jodie Pozo-Olano finished in 23:33.

In the 10K, WRC’s Henry Grossman took 3rd in 35:22. First place went to Russell Crandall with a time of 32:34. WRC’s James Scarborough finished in 43:41. The women’s race was won by Cheryl Sakiestewa in 43:41.



November 14, 1998


by James Scarborough

Fall colored leaves, mild temperatures, fields and hills were the ingredients for this race. The 20K, with four splits and water stops, was won by a fictitious Diego Costas in 1:12:41. Second and third places were taken by veteran NOVA poohbahs, Eldon Mack in 1:18:46, and Mike Hart (1st masters) in 1:19:54. The next NOVA partner in crime was Andy Smythe, sixth, who finished in 1:27:47. Fiona Branton was the first woman in 1:28:47. Second, and first masters, was Betsy Burke who covered the course in 1:49:30. In the “fresh legs” division (the relay teams), was taken by Jerry and Cathy Merkel. Jerry ran the first 10K, with Cathy finishing up for a total time of 1:24:15.



November 8, 1998


Good weather and good prizes was all it took to draw a good field of runners. George Probst traveled up from Blacksburg, VA to win the race in a time of 30:26. Second place went to Philippe Rolly (31:17) and third to Rob Lotwis (31:44). WRC’s Dan Wallace captured 7th (and 2nd in his age division) with a PR of 32:17 and Kurt Kroemer took 11th (and 2nd in his age division)in 32:59 (way to sneak under 33 Kurt!) WRC’s Jay Wind took 2nd place in the 45-50 age division with a time of 37:20, while Gerry Ives handily won his age division in 37:29. And, rounding out the WRC men was James Scarborough who covered the course in 42:17.

For the women, it was WRC’s newest member, Barb Fallon who out-kicked Martha Mertz for the win in 36:57. Mertz crossed the line in 37:01. Linda Wack won the Women’s masters division and took 3rd overall in 37:32. WRC’s Jackie McDonald captured 6th place with her 39:17 finish and Bernadette Flynn finished in 41:21 – good for 2nd place in the Master’s division.





November 7, 1998


Just a passing mention of this race….the men’s race was won by Kevin Jermyn in 31:22. (editors note: No WRC men were entered that I could find.) The WRC women made an appearance – and a fine one at that – with Anita Freres capturing the win in 38:17.



November 1, 1998

by George Banker

The race held along a tree lined course which was out and back along MacArthur Blvd with the cool morning temperatures luring about 150 runners and walkers out of their beds. The proceeds from the race benefited the WDC, Christmas in April fund. About a half mile into the race, the lead pack of three were Keith Hensley, Anthony Belber and Ted Poulos. In the women’s race, Mercedes Castro and Joann Bellavance, both from Canada were controlling the pace at what appeared to be a relaxed pace.

In the closing mile, Belber, three time winner of the race, was not going to willingly give up the title to Hensley as he pushed the pace up the last hill in hopes of catching Hensley. Hence the speed was not in there and Hensley continued on for the win in 16:00 with Belber about half a minute behind in 16:36. Poulos held on for 3rd in 16:49. WRCers Jay Wind and Gerry Ives captured 11th & 12th, respectively in 18:21 & 18:40.

In the women’s race, Castro proved to be the dominant runner with the leg speed and going into the second mile, dropped Bellavance. Castro won the race in 20:11; Bellavance took 2nd in 20:32.



October 25, 1998

OK – you’ve all read the results from our City’s marathon, but I’d be a really bad editor if I didn’t at least mention the top 5 winners again….so here they are:



  • Weldon Johnson, 2:25:31
  • Mark Croasdale, 2:31:33
  • Gary Gerrard, 2:32:43
  • Yancey Hall, 2:33:28 (when are we getting him to join the club, Hage?)
  • Curt Rogers, 2:33:31






  • Kimberly Markland, 2:49:07
  • Patti Shull, 2:55:18
  • Kelly Keller, 2:55:34
  • Amy Meavs, 2:59:09
  • Patricia Bouvatte, 2:59:29




October 18, 1998

Another passing note on the fine performance by the WRC women – the men were absent, sorry. Anita Freres again carried the WRC women with her winning time of 37:59 and Bernadette Flynn captured 4th in 41:14. The Men’s race was won by Mark Hoon in 33:24.



October 17, 1998


On the streets of WDC, a few runners showed up to help fight worldwide hunger. The race was handily won by Reebok’s Steven Myers – who has also graced the WRC with a run here and there – in a time of 15:15. WRC’s Kurt Kroemer took 7th place in a time of 16:05 winning his age division as did Jay Wind who finished up in 18:16. For the women, it was WRC’s Donna Moore who out-kicked Cathy Stanmeyer for the win in 17:53. Stanmeyer crossed the line in 18:17.



October 11, 1998


by George Banker

When this race started in 1985 only 1,300 runners registered to run the race. This year over 14,000 runners laced-up their shoes to run through some of WDC’s most scenic routes.

At the start of the race, all the attention was on returning champion, Lt. Dan Browne who set an event record at 47:44, the fastest time by any American in 1997. The prime source of competition for Browne was the Reebok Enclave, Arlington residents Chris Katon, Chris Graff, Ray Pugsley, Bryan Spoonire, and Andre Williams. In the female race, the runner to watch was local road racer Alisa Harvey.

The wall of runners lead an assault on Route 27, going into the first mile with Keith Matiskella (Manhattan, KS) leading them across Memorial Bridge. By the time they reached the Kennedy Center (around mile 3) Sammy Ngatia (Fort Carson, CO) had taken the lead with a larger pack twenty-five yards back. By mile 4, the pack had caught Ngatia. At mile eight, the race took a twist as Browne moved from the rear to the front of the pack. Browne tossed in a powerful surge, which no one responded to and opened a twenty-five yard lead.

Browne went on to his second consecutive win in a time of 48:52. Ray Pugsley was second with 49:12; Chris Graff was third with 49:15; Chris Caton took fourth and Andre Williams took fifth in 49:20 and 49:29, respectively. WRC’s Dan Wallace covered the course in 53:58 (49th overall); Henry Grossmann crossed the finish line in 55:37 (80th); and Kurt Kroemer finished in 56:58 (117th).

Meanwhile, Harvey was being chased by a pack of five females. At mile seven, Harvey pulled away from the pack and maintained the lead to the end, finishing in 58:56. Second place went to Susan McGhie (Barboursville, WV) with 59:56; third place (and first masters) went to Patti Shull with 1:00:10. Fourth place went to WRC’s Donna Moore who finished in 1:00:32, and fifth to WRC’s Patty Turney with her time of 1:01:23. WRC’s Jackie McDonald captured 13th place in 1:04:12. The second place masters went to former WRCer Cathy Ventura-Merkel who finished in 1:06:59.



  • And the news from Buffalo was that John O’Donnell claimed victory over Janet Murray. However, O’Donnell could be in trouble as the on-going investigators are studying leads that O’Donnell may have slipped a little something in to Murray’s pre-turkey meal causing violent stomach cramps. Medical tests have not revealed anything, but the case is still open. Could it be the first ever running related X-file?
  • Rain, shine or snow, every SUNDAY MORNING someone will show-up for a long run at 8:00 a.m. in front of the Staples on M street in Georgetown for a long run.While the conversations are at times a bit like locker room talk, the pace is generally quick and the routes diverse. Rumor is that with the cross-country season wrapping up & indoor right around the corner for the more serious, talented runners, the group may be graced with the presence of a special guest now and then.
  • We welcome new member Barb Fallon who won her last two races – the Harvest Moon Classic 10K and the NASDAQ 10K— Congratulations!
  • Word from the West Coast is that WRC’s Mike Regan ran an impressive 26.2 miles at the Cal International Marathon…rumor is that he finished up in 37th place with a time of 2:36:18. Unconfirmed reports are that he negative split the second-half. (Way to go Mike!) No shame in that given that he also ran the San Francisco Marathon over the summer.
  • Former WRCer Senoria Clarke ran her qualifier for the Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials with her win at the Greater Richmond Marathon on November 7, in a time of 2:48.
  • Other road notes are that Henry Grossman PR’d at the Richmond 5 Miler. Grossman opened at a very quick pace – and held on to finish in 26:15……and Alisa Harvey and Sharon Servidio traveled to the Avon Running 10K National Championship in Chicago on November 8. Harvey placed 5th with a time of 35:12 and Servidio finished in 37:33 good for 19th place (4th in the 25-29 age group).
  • Between trips to CA in search of better weather (and employment), Sergio O’Cadiz was able to squeeze in a race…the Race for Kids Sake 5K where he finished in 17:53, good for 9th place.

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