September/October 1998

The Washington Running Club October 1998 Newsletter

October Club Meeting

The OCTOBER MEETING of WRC will be held at Armand’s Pizzeria (Tenleytown) on Wisconsin Avenue in Washington, DC on October 22, 1998 at 7:30 p.m. Topics to be discussed include: new logo & jerseys, fall racing schedules and trail gossip. For more information or directions, call El Presidente, Dave Keating at (301) 587-4406.


by Secretary O’Donnell

The August meeting was held at the Kruger pool in conjunction with the annual picnic. El Presidente Keating opened the meeting and acknowledged the presence of members old and new, including James Scarborough, Jon O’Donnell, Tris Kruger, Robert Rordiquez, Bob Trost, John Thoren, Fairley Spillman, Janet Janet Murray, Jackie McDonald with her children Jonathan and Elliott, and fellow travelers Ed Doheny and the Merkels. The Alfred tom Felde Award was presented to Jodie Buenning for her great running and for taking over the newsletter. The award is named for some guy who was in the club many years ago and has something to do with performance and service to the club. Each year the awardee is presented an enormous trophy which they are stuck with it for a year. Secretary Scarborough presented his usual outstanding treasurers report. El Presidente Keating announced the Club would field teams for the Army Ten Miler, the Vietnam Veterans Run and the Phildepphia marathon. O’Donnell announced he would be seeking volunteers for the upcoming Georgetown 10K the first weekend of October. The meeting adjourned quickly so all could eat and swim.


Dave Keating

Fall in Washington once again. There is a bracing coolness in the air.
A mist in the morning , sun and blue skies in the afternoon , baseball in the evenings, and Congress in emergency budget session all night long.

WRC would like to thank all 29 club members who volunteered for the
Georgetown 10K. This is truly a remarkable turnout. Combined efforts
helped raise $580. Thanks much to one and all.

There has been some discussion whether volunteering for two races a year is onerous to the members. This will be addressed at the next meeting.

Three points should be made. First, absolutely no one should feel obliged
to volunteer for two races. For those of you who do, many thanks – may your supply
of electrolytes always be constant. Secondly, aside from annual dues, St. Patrick’s
and G’Town are the only two fund raising measures for the club. Finally, the club
will make a concerted effort to sponsor more teams for local races as a benefit to

Now onto some drug talk. I can add little to the conversation about Flo Jo,
however, as Jim Hage points out in his monthly rag Running, Ranting
and Racing
(If you want to subscribe, call him!) Flo Jo (who was suspected
of using steroids) has died and Arnold Schwarzenegger (who has admitted using them)
is experiencing heart problems. In an ironic twist, both are former members
of the President’s council on fitness. This is a dark irony.

Now Uta Pippig three time Boston Marathon winner has been suspended
by the German Track and Field Federation for testing positive to
artificial testosterone. If true (and Pippig denies it, pointing out
that this is the same charge that Mary Slaney was falsely accused of) this
would give evidence that things are amiss in the upper reaches of our sport.
While some say that the drug criteria are too stringent, disqualifying the
unwary (i.e. one can be disqualified for caffeine consumption; thus this
column is invalid), this is no excuse for testosterone consumption. Let us be
honest – very few of have artificial testosterone at breakfast, much less
lunch or dinner. This is clearly an egregious violation of the rules.
At the risk of seeming a righteous scold (Bill Bennett is more than enough
for one town) let me just say that doping is wrong because it is cheating. Further,
drugs will retard the growth of a sport that is already
marginal. If the best runners acquire the reputation of being drug users,
we really don’t have much of anything to distinguish us from body
building or wrestling (other than our physiques). Zero tolerance
should be enforced.



October 4, 1998

On an unusually warm October day, nearly 3,500 runners gathered on M Street to take on the hills of Georgetown and a select few came for the prizes (which are excellent, especially if you like to shop!). Chris Fox dipped down from the hills of West Virginia to let the Washington running community know that he can still run with the best of them. Fox won the race in 31:37 with Rob Lotwis not too far behind in 31:52. WRC member Roberto Rodriquez not only took 4th in the Master’s but he also won his age division with his 35:34; and Jay Wind completed the race in 37:38, good for 4th in his age division and 29th overall.

For the women, Caryn Landau handily won the race with a time of 37:11. WRC members Anita Freres and Martha Merz were second (37:57) and third (38:24), respectively. Backing up the Club was Janet Murray who completed the race in 41:29, good for 12th overall and 2nd in her age division, and Bernadette Flynn who won the Women’s Master’s division when she crossed the line in 42:36, approximately 30 seconds ahead of Pauline Knapp (2nd place Masters), 42:57.


September 27, 1998

After taking some time off from the roads, Anita Freres has been catching up this year and has been doing double time between triathlons and road racing. Only one week after winning a triathalon in Maryland, she came back out to win this race in 31:11. Her closest competitor was Elizabeth Figlar who took second in a time of 32:42.


September 27, 1998

Trying to escape the heat, a number WRC members traveled north to Philly
Steak land this exciting race. And, when the dust settled, some did excellent and
other not as well as they had hoped. The overall winner was Peter Githuka from Royersford, PA in a time of 1:01:58. The Women’s race was won by Catherine Ndereba in 1:09:03. And winning the Men’s Master’s division was WRC’s finest, Jim Hage in a time of 1:10:00 (also good for 14th overall). Great Job Jim!! Other fine performances were seen by Dan Wallace with his 40th place finish in 1:14:21, Henry Grossmann who ran his first half-marathon ever and finished in 1:17:13, good for 60th place; and, Jack Pozo-Olano who got a little tied up at the start finished in 1:28:16.



September 27, 1998

by George Banker

The lingering summer heat was making a last standoff to challenge the world be marathon runners. Four-hundred marathon hopefuls braved the heat and humidity to make the trek from Jones Point along the scenic bike path to Mount Vernon and back.

Two returning winners were on the start line when the gun went off this year – Michael Harrison, the 1997 winner, and Bea Marie Altieri, 1996’s Female winner.

The race began with Roberto Martinez setting the pace at 5:30. Harrison was not able to hold close allowing Martinez to start to pull away, however, Harrison kept him within eyesight. For the women, Altieri wasted no time in taking control from the start and shut out all other females.

As in the marathon, things happen in these long races and Harrison found the gap between Martinez growing smaller as the pace eased a bit. At mile 18, Harrison gained control of the lead and held on for the finish with a time of 1:59:29. Martinez was close behind for second in 2:01:37.

For the women, Altieri remained strong to capture the win in 2:14:01. Moving from fourth place was WRC’s Patty Turney with her time of 2:20:33, followed closely by Lisa Bandiera-Steward (winner of the Annapolis 10 Miler) in 2:21:55.

Meanwhile in the shorter race that day – the 5 miler – the Merkels were going for the sweep. Winning the race was Jerry Merkel in a time of 30:43. His wife, Cathy Ventura-Merkel took the women’s field in 33:04. WRC’s Nancy Horan also toughed out the heat that day completing the race in 38:00.


September 26, 1998

WRC’s Donna Moore easily out paced Monica Grillo for the win with her time of 30:27. Grillo took second in a time of 31:58.


September 20, 1998

With some additional help from the Reebok Enclave, this year’s MS Half Marathon came….and went. And while there were few WRC members present, they did a fine job at representing the Club.

Antonio DeBarros won the race in 1:12:57 with Russell Crandall close behind with a time of 1:13:00. WRC’s Jay Wind took home the Master’s title in 1:20:09. In the women’s race, Patti Shull celebrated her birthday with a win of 1:22:49. WRC’s Patty Turney took fourth in 1:23:45. In the Master’s division, WRC’s Bernadette Flynn took second in 1:36:41, Betty Blank won the Womens Master’s division in 1:34:18.

September 19, 1998

In the world of running, some things never change….but then again, they do. Let me explain. WRC’s Kurt Kroemer who handily won with his time of 16:48, remains on record as still a couple(or more) of steps faster than WRC’s Jon Gardner. However, at this race, Gardner, who has been concentrating on his biker talents for more than a year now, did fall for the first time to Dante Ciolfi (18:18). With no disrespect to any of the talented runners involved, just a little observation from the editor’s pen. Oh…Gardner finished in a very respectible time of 18:31. (Jon – You look good in those running shoes. How did they feel?)

For the women, Martha Merz won the race with her 19:12, over 2 minutes in front of second place finisher Christy Muldoon (21:23).


September 13, 1998

by George Banker

A record crowd, nearly 2,000 runners and walkers registered for this year’s race in West Potomac part, sponsored by the Freddie Mac Foundation. Since 1990 the Freddie Mac Foundation began the race it has raced nearly $4 million for foster care-related non-profits for children living in the Washington, D.C. area.

Local key races can hold many surprises. The event started on Ohio Drive near the Roosevelt Memorial. A half mile into the event, the front runner leading the pack was Jackie Concaugh, last year’s female winner, and WRC’s Jack Pozo-Olano. Going into the first mile Denise Knickman found the lead spot with a mile time of 5 minutes,15 seconds with Concaugh and Pozo-Olano in close pursuit doing 5:20. Knickman was challenged just before the second mile marker by William Moore, a senior at Chantilly High School.

Moore continued on to take first with 16:22 making him the youngest winner in the history of the race. Second Place went to Todd Carpenter in 17:10 and third was Neil Payne in 17:36. Pozo-Olano managed to hold on to fourth with 17:40. Knickman won the women’s race with an event record time of 17:00, followed closely by WRC’s Jackie Concaugh in 17:38. Cathy Ventura-Merkel captured her fourth consecutive win with 19:37. The second master was Valerie Campbell in 22:46 and Debbie Wiemecke was third in 23:05.


September 13, 1998

On this hilly course, Peter Sherry outkicked Rob Lotwis for the win in 25:10. (Lotwis took second with a time of 25:45.) WRC’s Henry Grossmann took 9th in 27:45 and WRC’s Jay Wind covered the course in 29:15, good for 18th place overall.

In the women’s race, Aliyson Allenback came back for her second win at this race wth a time of 31:25, and Susan Bartholomew finished in 32:40 for 2nd place.



September 6, 1998

Each year this race is run in honor of Larry Noel, but this year some local politicians turned out — not to run the race, but to add to the festivities. The Mayor of Greenbelt presented Larry with a proclaimation for the citiy and Freddi Carlip, VP of the RRCA, gave Larry a framed poem. Prince Georges County’s state delegate, Wayne Curry proclaimed Sept. 6th to be "Larry Noel Day." Beyond all these festivities, a race was also run and winning it this year was Larry Matthews, from London England, in a time of 54:33. WRC’s Jay Wind took 11th in 1:02:44, and WRC’s John Haubert finished in 1:;09:49. For the women, Patti Shull took first in 1:03:06, with WRC’s Patty Turney close behind for second in 1:04:48. WRC’s Bernadette Flynn won the women’s master’s division in 1:13:28.


August 29, 1998

On the dirt roads of Maryland, WRC’s James Scarborough toughed the hills, heat and humidy to get away from city life for a day. He covered this scenic course in under 50 minutes, good for third place in his age division (and for a pair of socks!). Bob Briggs won the race and the women’s title was won in about 44 minutes. (in keeping with the solitude of the country side, they did not allow those noisy watches, so all times are approximated!!).


August 22, 1998

In a close race that ended in a sprint on the track, Christopher Banks outkicked Rob Lotwis for the win in a time of 14:22. Lotwis crossed the line in 14:29. Other fine performances were seen by Dante Ciolfi who took 9th in 16:38 and Jack Pozo-Olano who ran 16:58, good for 11th place. For the women, Patti Shull set a course record with her win in 17:12.


The Team Coordinators are having some difficulty getting organized lately, so they are openly welcoming suggestions on races for the fall. Please call either Jodie or Jack Pozo-Olano at (703) 516-4517 for suggestions on upcoming races that have teams. Specific emphasis is being place on organizing some women’s teams for the fall. Please let either of them know if you know of a race that is accepting teams and that you plan on running.


  • Congratulations to Jon Thoren and Fairley Spillman who added Margaret and Elizabeth to their family on October 6. All went well. We look forward to seeing the proud papa with the baby jogger on Beach Drive on Saturday mornings.

  • Group runs continue, even though the temperature is rising. All members are encouraged to join the group every SUNDAY MORNING for a long run followed by mindless bantor over coffee. The group meets every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. in front of the Staples on M street in Georgetown. Typically, this run attracts only men – which is a huge disappointment given all the talented women in the Club. Perhaps the talented women of the Club should join in on a couple of these Sunday morning runs and take the conversation to an unknown level?

  • Since the last newsletter, Jackie McDonald, Patty Turney, Elizabeth Ottaway, and Janet Murray have joined the club. Welcome aboard. We hope these women opt to join our women’s racing team. With Donna Moore-Elilot, Jodie Pozo-Olano, Monica Robbers, Anita Freres and Patty Scott , WRC women have the firepower to be a potent force in local races.

  • John Rusinko (Elizabeth Ottaway’s husband) and Murphy (Elizabeth Ottaway’s dog) have also joined. Murphy came in second in the Alexandria doggie dash last November, damn near killing John. WRC officers welcomes both and rejects all suggestions that the club is going to the dogs.

  • On to some Births…. and deaths — We would like to congratulate club members Jon Thoren and Fairly Spillman on the birth of their twin girls Margaret and Elizabeth on October 6th. Both came in weighing over over five pounds. As Jon has already opted for the family membership, Elizabeth and Margaret are now entered in the roster as club members. We look forward to the twins volunteering at the next year’s packet pickup. And for deaths this month we have a one David Keating at Mile 9, Army 10 miler (Thank god he’s recovered and running well again!!)

  • And, on the wires, we have some reports that our international representative has not lost anytime in making her name known among area runners in Brazil. WRC’s Teren Block ran the Brazil marathon in under 3 hours (unofficial time still forthcoming, but rumors report that it was somewhere around 2:58). Congrats Teren. When are you coming home?

  • Trail News — the Capital Crescent Trail/Beach Drive loop is now complete. Marathoners seeking for a fun 22 mile training run (classic oxymoron) should consider running this option. The loop begins in Georgetown at K Street (under the Key Bridge), taking the Capital Crescent North thru Bethesda (where it becomes the Georgetown Branch Trail), across Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenues to Beach Drive. From there, one heads south on Beach Drive 11 miles to Georgetown, finishing at Dean and Deluca. Please note: The section between Georgetown and Bethesda is quite crowded on weekend with rollerbladers, bicyclists and Ed Doheny. Club members should take evasive action when necessary.

  • The Georgetown 10 K help out the first weekend of October was a huge success and a shot in the arm to the Club treasury. It was good to see everyone, particularly long lost faces like Jack Coffey and Anita Freres, who finished second in the race, thus earning the coveted distinction of being first place volunteer. Others making appearances were John O’Donnell, Gerry Ives, Dave Keating, Liz Hosford, Jon Gardner, Sergio O’Cadiz, Monica Robbers, father to be Jon Thoren, Bob Trost, Robert Rodriguez, Janet Murray, Judy Scarbello, Jodie Buenning, John Dix, Ted Baca, Nancy Horan, Kurt Kroemer, Elizabether Ottoway, Dan Wallace, John Roscinko, Henry Grossman, the lovely Tris Kruger, voted Most Attractive in a Georgetown 10 Km T-Shirt, and Kevin Burke, who won the Miss (not Mr.) Congeniality competition. Thanks to all. those who were unable to attend missed a lot of good fun and we hope you can join us next year.


Please feel free to submit any written materials for publication in the newsletter to: WRC Editor, 1023 15th Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C., 20005, or call the Editor at (703) 516-4517, or e-mail the editor at: