Sunday Distance Run – 9/21

Let’s get the important part out of the way first.  The official start time for the WRC Sunday Distance Run is back to the “regular” time of 0800.  We will have a smaller group starting at 0700 for a lovely 20-mile loop (details below).

Okay, now for the (known) planned route options:

#1 – At 0800, Julia will be leading a crew on an 18-mile course that will include the 10-mile Custis / Military Rd / Chain Bridge loop with an additional 8-miles Hains Point Loop.  Many options for keeping this under 18 miles.

#2 – At 0800, depending on interest Sunday morning there may be a group running the Glover-Archbold Trail Loop.

#3 – At 0700, there will be a pack running the 20-mile Rock Creek – Capital Crescent Trail Loop.  Many will be running portions of the loop at marathon pace/effort.  Plenty of out-and-back options for running shorter (or perhaps longer) than 20.

All options start in Georgetown at 33rd & M (in front of CB2).