LHH 10k Team Sign-Up

WRC’s John Hallett, aka “John the Younger” sez:

I just signed up for this race and created a team for WRC, just in case anyone wants to get a team together. It sounded like a few other people, including John the Elder, plan to run LHH. If we can put a team together, we should be able to dominate the “community/open” team competition if it looks anything like last year.

The team registration for this Grand Prix race closes on Wednesday, June 4.

Joining a team is pretty easy. When you register, the site clearly gives you the option to join an existing team. Then you select the team from a drop-down menu or search for it by name (team name: Washington Running Club).

So be like the Johns: wear you club singlet, have a heart, and race with your club!

Sat Jun 14, 2014 Lawyers Have Heart 10k—Washington, DC