Just a quick note of recognition and thanks to Carla Freyvogel, Mahdere Paulos Hirigo, Kayla Nolan, and Edward Dudlik, for combining forces in order to present a wonderful “Town of Runners” evening, shared with so many new and old friends. Our WRC hearts are with Bekoji, our minds are filled with thoughtful dialogue prompted by the film, and our legs are ready to carry us over the hills and around the track, just like Alemi and Hawii.

For those who feel moved by the screening to enable athletic, educational and leadership opportunities for Ethiopian women runners, we unhesitatingly suggest supporting the Girls Gotta Run Foundation.

Special thanks go to WRCers Liz Lambert and Michaela Corr, who both helped the club to coordinate this event, despite being drawn away to their other (amazing) obligations.

And finally, many thanks to everyone who attended tonight.