Club News, February 25, 2002

WRC Women Take Second at Marathon Relay; Runners Do Well in Half Marathons in Area; WRC Teams for Cherry Blossom in Place; Club Featured in Outside Magazine

New Members

Lisa Mueller of Adams Morgan. Lisa, a friend of Alexandra Todd is currently training for the DC marathon. Says Lisa“I ran cross country and track a million years ago in high school; but the pub in the basement of the college I went to freshman year broke me of those habits. “ Lisa works downtown at Path-DC.

Steven Baker of Arlington. Steve has been a regular at our Sunday run. Says Steven “My only running goal is that I would like to qualify for Boston. I also intend on running more 10k’s this year”

Sarah Buckheit, of Reston. Sarah is a good master’s runner having posted a 41 minute 10K PR. This past Saturday Sarah won the PVTC by George 8K in 34:18, and on Sunday showed up for the long run.

We welcome all these runners into our club

Race Results
GW Birthday 10K Classic, Saturday, February 16th Alexandria, VA

  • Todd Martin, 34:04
  • Doug McDonald, 38:45
  • Jay Wind, 39:58

Pomoco Half Marathon, Saturday, February 2nd Hampton, VA

We are happy to see that Steve Tappan and Marie Sandrock are racing again. Both finished a bit behind Ron McGraw is this half marathon.

  • Ron McGraw 1:26:39
  • Marie Sandrock 1:40:19
  • Steve Tappan 1:40:20

DCRRC 14th Annual Washington’s Birthday Marathon Relay, Sunday, February 17th Greenbelt, MD
WRC women placed second in the Open Women Team category at the Washington’s Birthday Marathon Relay. The team of Darcee O’Donnell, Carly Vynne and Lindsay Goulet ran 3:06:33, five minutes behind a very good Northern Virginia Running club team. Said Darcee about the race: “It was really fun….very, very windy though. I felt really good.”

Anheuser-Busch Colonial Half Marathon, Sunday, February 24th Williamsburg, VA
Our friend Kyle Yost posted a 1:24:41 at the Colonial Half Marathon.Reports Kyle

“It was a beautiful day and a beautiful course, although I would have preferred a few less hills. I’m pretty happy with the result, especially considering I have backed way off the miles since the aborted marathon attempt at Houston. I felt the lack of long runs particularly during the last 5K as I definitely started to fade coming back to town.

Maryland-PVA Invitational, Saturday, January 5th Landover, MD

And Kyle’s Friend & new hire John Dugan posted a 4:49 mile indoors last month. Quick time for so early in the year. John finished behind Howard County Strider Gerry Clapper, and a second ahead of Ted Poulus. As Todd Martin said apropos John after he attended our first track workout “this guy is pretty quick” News of the Club

Club Featured in Outside Magazine

WRC experienced fifteen minutes of fame, with the club being featured in the March issue of Outside Magazine. This article, by Baltimore Sun scribe Neal Thompson, detailed the virtues of training with a club versus training by your lonesome. The article was accompanied by a picture of Nate Reilly, Jim Wadsworth, Bill Dunn & Frank Sprtel’s right leg. Wadsworth & Keating were quoted as saying “blah blah, blah “ & “yack, yack, yack” (goodness, those two can blather on.)

This is quite an honor for us to be featured in such a publication (though we were disappointed that none of our women were included). Anyway, it begs the question why us?

As was observed about 15 years ago, our name has a certain “oomph”, an aura of authority. If you doubt this, say it aloud five times. (Even if you remain unconvinced, you will definitely irk your co-workers) While true that “a rose by any other name would be just as sweet”, it probably wouldn’t be in the pages of Outside

Club Spokesmen Keating & Wadsworth.

Cherry Blossom Teams in Place

Todd Martin has been kind enough to arrange the teams composition for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. We will be fielding two men’s open teams and one co-ed team. For a listing of team members, please see Proprietary Club Documents.

Please, if you have agreed to race, do your best to fulfill your commitment. If you can’t run, try to persuade someone to run in your place. As a socialist collective, we are dependent on everyone pulling her weight. If someone poofs, the entire system goes kaput.

Boston Marathon

If you are interested in doing the Boston Marathon for the WRC team (male or female) opening still exist. Please email Dave Keating at

St Patricks Day Volunteering

On March 16th and March 17th WRC will be volunteering at packet pickup for the St. Patrick’s Day 10K in downtown DC. Wadsworth will be soliciting volunteers, so don’t be shy. It takes a few hours (you can work either day) and is rather enjoyable. A chance to help the running community, schmooze & banter with your clubmates while uttering the words “Would you like small, medium or large?

Another Sign of the Impending Apocalypse

We are happy to note that Jim Hage had two music reviews published in the style section of the Washington Post this past Saturday. Jim wrote a reviews of the University of Maryland Symphony Orchestra, and Kronos Quartet. Seems like he branching beyond the sports pages into things of a more cultural nature

We pray the National Symphony Orchestra never sees fit to allow participation by charity tuba players*. Because if they do, Hage will make sure there is hell to pay. We can see his copy now

“Tuba playing on America has been in decline since the 1980s, and while charity tubas are not the sole cause, they have transformed a solemn cultural event into something approaching a joke.”


Return of Rosalie Parker

We are happy to welcome Rosalie Parker back into the fold. Rosalie had been traveling in Vietnam as late, but she is now back in DC. There is possibility that a future article about her might appear in Atlantic Magazine. Being a Harvard graduate, former investment banker & a prize fighter is a rather rare combination, and it has attracted media interest.

Speaking of famous prizefighters, we hope over the next few months, Rosalie sees fit to stay in DC and Mike Tyson sees fit to stay out.

Happy Hour This Friday

Friday, March 1st the club will host a happy hour at the Sine Irish Pub, 1301 S. Joyce St. Arlington, VA 22202 Phone: 703/415-4420. If you will be drinking, please arrange a designated driver. Like those whacko right wing gun nuts at the NRA say “you should never be fully loaded unless you have a safety mechanism in place”

Answer to a Pressing Question

Last week, we realied that we’ve been living in this decade for over a year; but still didn’t know its name. The question occured to us: Did they stop naming decades after the millenium celebration? Or were we out of the room when they did the naming?

Well, we have been checking around. In the UK this decade is being called the “noughties”. Since these are the people who created the language, they should know, right?

Now we can sleep peacefully at night.

*Jim Hage dates Western Civilization’s decline to Team in Training’s ascendence

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