Club News, February 18, 2001

Club News

Results from GW Birthday 10K; Ms. Parker wins Rachels 5k; Todd Martin, Jay Wind and Jim Wadsworth pull down bucks from RacePacket Grand Prix 2000 Series; Club Works against “Patriarchial Bias”; Winter in the North Country

New Members

Carly Vynne, 25, of Northwest DC. A graduate of Middlebury (VT) College, Ms. Vynne posted a 3:23 this past October at Marine Corps Marathon. Carly will be running on our women’s Cherry Blossom 10 Miler team in April. We look forward to training and racing with Carly.

David Stoudt, 37 of Arlington VA. Dave, who has been training with us the past month, qualified for Boston this past October at Marine Corps in a time of 3:14. Dave tells us

” I have always been active in all types of sports including snow and water skiing and one of my favorites – hang gliding. A few years ago I did about three or four triathlons (short and Olympic distances), but had never done a 5K or 10K by itself until the end of ’99. At the very beginning of 2000, inspired by people who completed the Marine Corp Marathon, I decided to run my first, the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego in June. I did it, but, not as well as I would have liked. So, in October I did the Marine Corp. I qualified for Boston, which had secretly been my goal.”

Race Results

GW Birthday Classic 10k, Feb 17th, Alexandria
In the first real race of the new year, a number of our folks put in good performances. New Hire Chris Galaty ran his fastest 10K time ever, posting a 36:18. Grizzled veterans Robin Oswald and Todd Martin placed fifth and sixth among women/men. (Grizzled is a purely metaphorical term. Truth be told, both Robin and Todd are well scrubbed and buttoned down).

Said Robin about the race.

“A stiff wind made a supposedly “flat and fast” course seem to be anything but. Going out WAY too fast didn’t help matters either. For me, it was the kind of race that makes me say, “Well, I don’t like 10k races anyway.” “”

Adds Todd

“The race was windy as usual. I was not real excited with my time, but it’ll suffice considering I have not raced since last October. Ted Poulos had a good race (he finished about 4 seconds in front of me). Edmund Burke had a good race too considering that he ran over half the race by himself.”

Here is a listing of times

  • Todd Martin 33:33
  • Chris Galaty 36:18
  • Jascha Fields 38:54
  • Jay Wind 39:04
  • Robin Oswald 39:27
  • David Keating 39:51
  • Caitlin Adams 47:16

GW Birthday Marathon Relay Feb 18th, Greenbelt, MD

Two years ago, because of a SNAFU, WRC men fielded two men team for a three man GW Birthday Marathon relay. This year, proving that we have not learned anything in two years, we did the same thing, with the honors performed by James Scarborough and Jay Wind. Their elapsed time of 3:18 placed them 18th. Good job guys!

Valentine’s 5K, Feb 11th, Washington

And Rosalie Parker reports on the Valentine’s 5K for the Rachel’s Center. Say Rosalie about the race which finishes in Carter Barron:

“Bad news is that it wasn’t a PB 19:52 or 56 or 59 or something… Tough course, though, windy, with an ENORMOUS hill right at the end. Ouch. Good news is that I won for Women.”

Good job Rosalie

Las Vegas Half Marathon, February 4th

Jim Hage gives witty commentary about his 1:09 half marathon in Vegas Feb 4th.

“Las Vegas was a lot of fun. Course is slightly downhill. You start in the dark (6:30 a.m.) in the desert, 13 miles south of the bright lights on the Strip, which are clearly visible. Lots of folks off in the sagebrush before the start, risking Gila monster bites on their ass rather than waiting for the porta-potties.
Weather was great out there. Warm, sunny, mountains in the distance. The Strip is another world altogether. Somebody (Geo. Bernard Shaw?) said Las Vegas must be beautiful to a blind person.”

News of the Club

Wadsworth, Wind and Martin take Grand Prix Money

Congratulations are in order for President Jim Wadsworth, Captain Todd Martin and Jay Wind all of whom won money in last years’ Grand Prix, a series of 12 races sponsored by RacePacket. Reports RacePacket Founder Robert Platt :

“The WRC’s never-ending efforts to clean out Bob Platt’s deep pockets advanced at the RacePacket Grand Prix Series Awards Lunch held Saturday, February 10th. President Jim Wadsworth took home a check for $75 for being fifth overall and Todd Martin took home $60 for sixth place overall. Age group winners included Jay Wind who was 3rd in 50-59. Jason Alexander also attended.”

Kudos to three gentlemen

WRC Alum wins Masters 10K National X-C Championship

Jack Coffey sends word that one of out distinguished alums, Tim Minor (member of WRC over 15 years ago), now living in Nevada, won the National Masters Cross Country 10K Championship Saturday in Vancouver, Washington in a time of 32:18. We congratulate Mr. Minor for his major accomplishment

St. Patrick Volunteering

El Prez Wadsworth is looking for volunteers for the St. Patrick’s Day 10K. WRC will be working race day, stating at 7:00 a.m March 17th. All volunteers appreciated. Working races is how our modest socialist collective is able to support itself. (note to any of Irish Extraction – you may drink green beer only after volunteering and running the race).

WRC Forms Two Women’s Race Teams

For the past year, WRC has been working hard to develop women runners and field women’s race teams. In the recent past, the club was accused of “patriarchal bias”. Turns out we were fielding more men’s teams than women’s. This accusation mortified us, since we could not define, much less spell patriarchal.

Anyway towards addressing this issue, Nate has been working with women on Wednesday nights at Georgetown (Thanks Nate!). We also have assembled women’s teams for both Boston and Cherry Blossom:

The women’s Cherry Blossom team will consist of the following members

  • Rosalie Parker
  • Kelley Mclean
  • Katherine Turner
  • Becky Orfinger
  • Julila Jacoby
  • Vicky Cosgrove
  • Carly Vynne

While the women’s Boston Marathon team (the first such team we have assembled in 18 years) will have the following members:

  • Liz Parks, Captain
  • Robin Oswald
  • Kate Hudson
  • Marie Sandrock
  • Alison Lacika

Winter in the North Country
Recently came to our attention that four of our members are from the North Woods. Janet Murray, Frank Sprtel, Alison Lacita and Chris Galaty all grew up in Wisconsin/Minnesota. Indeed, Frank and Ali are of the same ethnic extraction – Slovakian!

Whenever we grouse about winters here, we should remember that the winters in Win/Minn are much harsher. Indeed, some natives totally lose their minds, when forced to deal with the extreme elements.

How the Extreme Cold of Minnesota/Wisconsin Affects Human Psychology

Minnesota Politicans insist on cross dressing before conducting media interviews Native sportsmen spend hours looking for fish dumb enough to try swiming