Club News, December 3, 2000

Club News

Kirk Baird Goes from Broke in Memphis, Takes 6th; Mike McGrath and John Ward Qualify for Boston; Wadsworth and Fallon Rock at Turkey Trot; WRC Treasurer Demonstrates in Front of Supreme Court

Kate Hudson, 22 of Fairfax, A recent graduate of the University of Virginia Kate posted a 3:19 at her first marathon in Richmond last month. Kate grew up in Maryland, and is now working at Arthur Andersen’s marketing department in Tysons Corner. We welcome Kate to our club!

Race Results
A busy last two weeks for the fellows running marathons in our club. Three of our boys pulled down quality performances in performances coast-to-coast.

North Central Marathon, November 25th, Sparks, MD
New Hire John Ward of Owings, MD took 32nd in the North Central Marathon, in a time of 3:05:44. Reports John

“I popped my third gel at 17 and started my death march and the start of losing about 5 seconds per mile. Kept telling myself, just don’t walk, keep moving. At 19 miles popped my last gel. Normally would have held it til mile 21 but figured no sense spraying water on a fire that was already out. Was comforted that my pace was still respectable, around 7:05. The last 4-5 miles were pretty bad but only lost about 5-10 seconds per mile. Only one guy passed me but I think he was like 92 years old. I actually passed about three people so there was still a net gain. Last mile was a 7:44.

Our top olympic women’s triathelte, Joanne Ziegler, was there and finished 3rd in 2:49. Talked to her afterward – real nice lady. It is a cliché, but what other sport can you line right next to an Olympian, and then have them talk to you like an equal..”

Way to go John!

California International Marathon, December 3rd
Mike McGrath qualified for Boston at CIT in a time of 3:08. Mike lives in Ardmore PA, but is originally from Silver Spring (Mike went to UMD for one year with Jim Hage in the late seventies). Mike tells us

“It was some race-started at 7:05 a.m., and the whole race was in the fog Obviously very humid, but cool-probably high 40’s to low 50’s. I wore a painters cap the whole race which probably saved me from any hypothermia-I felt better than I usually do immediately after the race. To be candid and fair, this was by far the fastest course I have ever run. It was a net downhill, flat at the end, and the hills on the course were not difficult-I would say that it probably meant as much as 5:00 of difference in my time. Believe it or not, I was the only finisher of 3800+ from Pennsylvania-I think my overall place was 244.”

Mike hopes to run the Boston Marathon in April on the WRC masters team, now that he has qualified. Way to go Mike!

Memphis Marathon, December 3rd, Memphis, Tennessee
And last, but not least, we have a race report from Kirk Baird. The same day that Mike McGrath ran California, Kirk went for broke in Tennessee. More from the man himself

“The guy who won the Army 10 Miler made an appearance, so I knew I was in trouble. The lead pack of five runners, including Sammy and another master, went out at a 5:30 pace. That was slightly faster than the lower limit( 5:35 pace) I wanted to run, so I became the second pack.

I hit the half at 1:12:52 about a minute behind the lead pack. The course turned back towards Memphis after passing Graceland resulting in a slight head wind that reminded me that it was cold. About 16 miles one runner from the lead pack dropped back, giving me hope that I could reel someone in, but I think he must of stopped to tie his shoes because he soon rejoined the pack. I continued my solo journey into the wind on Third Street, still confident that at least I would finish in a respectable time.

Just before 19 miles cracks in my armor appeared. Although I went through 20 miles at 1:53, I knew I needed to slow down. I figured I could drop my pace to 6:00 and still finish under 2:30. That plan lasted one mile(6:20), so borrowing a football analogy I shifted into a “prevent defense.” The turn around at 14 1/2 gave me a peek at the runners behind me. At that time, I had at least six minutes on the next runner, who was also a master. So I walked several times over the next five miles, keeping a watchful eye behind me, hoping I could hold on to my position. Fortunately, the finish line finally appeared after a blazing the final 10K in 47 minutes, but I somehow managed to hold onto sixth overall(third master). The overall time, just over 2:40, is a disappointment, but life goes on.”

Kudos to Kirk – running the first twenty miles at a 5:39 pace is just stunning. The year 2000 marks Kirk’s fourth decade as a competitive distance runner. He is still doing it with remarkable resilience. And 2:40 (by any measurement) is a terrific time.

Belle Haven Half Marathon, December 2nd, Alexandria
The Belle Haven Half Marathon took place in cold and windy conditions on Saturday. Asked about the race, David Keating said “It took place cold and windy conditions”


Becky Orfinger 1:46:30
Vicky Cosgrove 1:46:30


Jon Thoren 1:28:30
David Keating 1:37:37
James Scarborough 1:42:12

DCRRC Alexandria Turkey Trot 5M, November 23rd, Alexandria

At the Alexandra Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, Barb Fallon was fourth woman in a time of 29:36. This is terrific, as Barb is finally overcoming the injury and illness she has been battling all year. Among our men, Jim Wadsworth took 9th, in a time of 27:29. Way to go Prez Elect!

News of the Club

Russ Crandall published in the WSJ
Russ Crandall was recently published in the Wall Street Journal with an article ‘Colombia’s Military Prospects Are Not Getting Any Brighter’. Ocotober 29th. Kudos to Professor Crandall.

For those of you wondering, this article refers to the Country of Colombia, not the District of Columbia. To the best of our knowledge, Mayor Williams is not planning a military Anschluss of Arlington and Alexandria. No imminent need for you Virginia boys to construct ani-tank barricades on the Key Bridge.

Scarborough Demonstrates in Front of Supreme Court
WRC Treasurer and Republican activist James Scarborough was sighted December 1, demonstrating outside the Supreme Court vis a vis the recent electoral dispute. James is an accountant by trade, which naturally raises a very interesting question. How do accountants engage in civil disobedience anyway?

By refusing to turn on their HP-12c calculator? Smashing their green eye shades in protest? Charging police lines with slides rules in one hand, pocket protectors in the other? Fascinating questions that demand answers.

Our good friend Jim Wadsworth recently returned from the Baltics, after a few weeks sojurn, helping Latvian Farmers upgrade their agricultural techniques. Welcome back Jimbo! And many thanks to Jim for his manifold efforts on behalf of Latvian farmers and their belowed cows.

Jim Wadsworth & friend, helping a Baltic bovine overcome a severe case of social anxiety

Word from Dave DeSchryver. Devoted readers of this column will remember that Dave took tenth at Marathon in the Parks in 2:53. Dave has been rather elusive the past few months, working feverishly as a law student a GW (okay, he has probably been in close contact with his family, but WE haven’t seen him much). Dave has reemerged, ran with us on Sunday for ten miles and tells us.

“I am still training for Boston, and am continuing to train for my 2nd Ironman next year in Lake Placid. This year’s went well – despite injury I managed an 11 hour finish. So if anyone trains early morning in NW DC or looking to train for triathlons (or cares to chat about property law or web based K-12 accountability applications), let me know.”

Holiday Party & The Return of Herr Neimeyer
We remind folks that we will be having a holiday party on December 16th in Georgetown (let David Keating know if you did not get an invite). This is an opportunity for members of whatever religious faith to gather in fellowship – Christians, Jews, Muslims, and tri-athletes who worship Mark Allen. Word is the Herr Neimeyer is returning from Philadelphia exile to grace us with his presence. See you all there!