Club News, September 10, 2000

Club News

WRC Takes 2nd at Fair Lakes 8K; Rockin’ Robin Oswald Hammers at Ironman Canada; Fulton and Moore Place Top Ten at Avon in Baltimore; Club Gets a Couple More Hoyas; Mike Regan Sighted in San Francisco

New Members

This past week, two Georgetown University seniors joined our socialist collective. Julia Jacoby, 21, from Long Island’s south shore, has started running with us. Julia looks to do a marathon this Spring. And Matthew Hochstetler, 21, an economics major from Lawrence Kansas, is aiming for the New York City Marathon on November 5th.

We welcome both Hoyas.

Incidentally, Georgetown University was recently ranked 23rd in the country by U.S. News and World Report. GU students like Julia and Matt are far more academically advanced than their Indiana University counterparts, as evidenced by this recent photo.

IU students, shown taking pride in their ability to both spell and finger count simultaneously

Race Results

Fair Lakes 8K, September 10
WRC took second on September 10that the Fair Lakes 8Kin Fairfax behind LG&E (a law firm?). The race was run in humid conditions – to quote our friend Jascha Fields “The sun was out, and nowhere to hide.”Below is a listing of times by club runners.

  • Kirk Baird 27:17
  • Jim Wadsworth 27:56
  • Kevin Ryan 28:46
  • Todd Martin 29:40
  • Jascha Fields 31:58
  • Adina Siegel 37:23

Kudos to Jim Wadsworth, who is coming back from injury in fine style! Todd is currently nursing his Achilles, and thus not quite as quick as usual.

Further notes. This was Jascha’s second race of the weekend (he did a 5K in Poolesville MD the day before). Kevin Ryan trained thru the race – our friend Kevin is presently doing monster speed and distances workouts in preparation for Marine Corps Marathon.

Avon Women’s 10K, September 10th
Patty Fulton took 6that Avon Women’s 10K in Baltimore on September 10thin a time of 37:21, while training partner Donna Moore took 9thin a time of 38:04. Says Patty“It went well considering that it was very humid. I felt strong the whole way.” Irina Suvorovaof Rockville, won the race in 35:07.

Ironman Canada, August 27th

Robin Oswaldposted a time of 11:38 at Ironman Canadaon August 27thin Penticton, BC. This placed Robin 542ndoverall, and 15thout of 63 in her age group. Perhaps most impressive about Robin’s performance was the 3:52 marathon she posted after the swim and the bike ride. Robin is already prepping for a fall racing season that will include the Georgetown 10K, the Army Ten Milerand the Richmond Marathon.Good going, Rockin’ Robin!

Spring Valley 5K, September 9th

Long time club member, Roberto Rodriqueze was 5th in a time of 18:22 at the Spring Valley 5K on September 9th. Jay Wind took 12th in a time of 18:57

Larry Noel Greenbelt 15K, September 3rd

Kirk Bairdplaced 3rdin a time of 52:27 at the 42nd Annual Larry Noel 15Kin Greenbelt September 3. Roberto Martinez of Manassas won in a time of 50:57.Kirk is getting into shape, and looking to do the Richmond Marathonlater this Fall.

Kentlands 5K, September 2nd

Finally, Anthony Belber ran 16:31 at the Kentlands 5kon September 2ndin Gaithersburg to place seventh. Troy Harryof Falls Church won the race in 16:13. Anthony put in a good summer of training, and did not miss a day in either July or August.

News of the Club

Mike Regan Update
Word about our friend Mike Regan. By way of introduction, Mike ran for us during most of the nineties, before departing for San Francisco with his wife Abbie in 1997. During his time here, Mike was a regular on the local racing circuit, even winning the first Race for the Curein 1990. This won him mention in “People Magazine” (which didn’t surprise us, cause we knew Mike was a person, even before the magazine made it official)

Gerry Ives saw Mike in SF earlier this month, and tells us that Mike is currently working at the New Balance store at 222 Sutter Street (2 blocks off Union Square), and doing well. If you are in the area, drop in and buy some goodies from Mike. Mike knows running shoes like it is nobody’s business. And don’t forget to ask for a WRC discount from Mike.

Mike Regan’s New Hangout

Katherine Turners Suggests New Female Recruiting Tact
Our friend Katherine Turner is currently nursing an injury, alas. Young Turner is suffering knee problems, and thus has not been able to train with us. When informed that her presence was expected her at the Sunday post-run coffee klatch regardless, Katherine replied:

“Either you guys enjoy my company or female presence is really lacking on Sunday runs- have you guys considered renting mannequins from macy’s or hiring women to pose as club members?”

Well Katherine, hiring a mannequin would pose one problem – Kruger would monopolize the mannequin’s attention entirely (buying it coffee, croissants, juice, etc). The rest of the guys would not even get a chance to say “good morning” to the mannequin. It would just cause bad feelings for all concerned.

Jeff Stratton Spends Quality Time in Lafeyette, LA
This story was initially filed under “Travel Stories from Hell”.Jeff Stratton had planned to run his first marathon in his hometown of Pocotello Idaho September 2nd – but never got to the starting line. Jeff relates the saga:

“My flight from DC to Newark September 1st was cancelled – replaced with a flight from to Houston and Salt Lake City. However, because of a thunderstorm, we were diverted to Lafeyette, Louisiana to refuel. We’d landed at Lafeyette and the pilot shut down to refuel – only to find that the airport didn’t have a power supply capable of restarting the airplane. We borrowed one the UPS plane in Lafeyette.Flew back to Houston.

Five hours behind schedule, and I’d missed the last flight to Salt Lake City. Flew to Minneapolis the next morning and then on to Salt Lake. Finally arrived in Pocatello 26 hours after I began my journey, having missed the marathon start.

It was a glorious trip.”

Sunday Run Update

Beaucoup number of runners at the Sunday run, the past two Sundays. Included in this number have been Valiere Briggs, Adina Siegel, Jim Wadsworth, Farrell Malone, Dan Wallace, Barb Fallon ,Terry Fry, Ron McGraw, Gary O’Donnell, Hannah Howe, Steve Ward, Meredith Peterson, Dean Burke, Becky Orfinger, and Nate Reilly. Folks have been running the Northwest Passage, in Marathon preparation.