Club News, June 25, 2000

Club News

Hage, Martin, Fulton win 5K races in Baltimore and Bethesda; Another Haverford Alum Joins Club; Good News for the Ward Family; Tappan with News of Neimeyer in Pittsburgh

Summer is finally here. As this is the week of the summer solstice, WRC recognizes anyone who is a Druid, a practitioner of Wicca, a Neopagan, or who might have dated dated Shirley MacLaine in a prior existence. We understand thousands of such folk gathered at Stongehenge this past week. We hope you enjoy your day in the sun

British Druids, engaging in a solemn blessing of the scones

New Members

Bryon Powell, 22, of Dupont Circle. Bryon, a recent graduate of Haverford College posted sixty seconds for the 400 meter intermediate hurdles last month. We welcome Bryon aboard, and looking forward to training and racing with him.

Like Nicholas Cage, Bryon is also Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Race Results

Orioles Advocates 5K

Last we heard from our friend Jim Hage … when exactly DID we last hear from Jim? It has been quite a while. No matter. Jim at the age of 42 (an awkward time, when you realize you are too old for Eminem, too young Perry Cumo) is back racing with abandon. On June 25th, Jim won the Orioles Advocates 5K in a time of 15:55, besting second place by 30 seconds. Comments Jim:

“First prize was getting a spot start sometime during the next home stand, so look for me. Second place was mopping up in relief. We sat in the dugout after the race, and took curtain calls. Good race, cheesy awards.”

Clean Air Challenge 5K

And not to be outdone in the winning circle, our friends Todd Martin and Patty Fulton took first place in the men’s and women’s division respectively at the Clean Air Challenge 5K in Bethesda the same day. Observed Todd:

“I needed a victory if only for mental preparation for the bigger races coming up. The time was still slower than what I would have liked though (16:13).”

Patty took first among women in a time of 18:17, while our friend Jascha Fields took 18th overall in a time of 18:54. Incidentally this was Patty’s second race in 2 days – she place second behind Hillary Cairns in a time of 18:38 at the MCRRC Avon Run For The Roses 5K in Wheaton Regional Park the day before. A very good double for young Fulton!

News of the Club

We are happy to report that Cecilia Lutz and Steve Ward have a new addition to their family. Kerry McKenna Ward weighed in at seven pounds on June 26th, at Women’s Hospital in Foggy Bottom. Cecilia is doing very well. We extend to both Cecilia and Steve our best wishes.

Lots of folks showed at the Sunday run in Georgetown. We understand that Gary O’Donnell, Robin Oswald, Bryon Powell , Steve Tappan and Ron McGraw took it out hard. Pretty impressive considering the conditions.

Our friend Robin Oswald has a new website at Rockin’ Robin’s Home Page. Lots of stuff about tri-athletes, and good photos. Definitely worth checking out. We understand that she will be doing the Tinman half-iron this weekend in Tupper Lake, NY. Best of luck to Robin.

Robin Oswald, at the Odyssey Half-Iron Triathlon

Todd Martin is interested in doing a few more club races this summer. Anyone wishing to contact Todd should use his email address, located in our proprietary club documents. If you do not have a password to access this part of the website, contact David Keating at

Paul Neimeyer – Word from Pennsylvania
And word from WRC President Steve Tappan.

“I received a note from Paul Neimeyer’s mom. Apparently young Paul returned home for a visit and got together with one of his childhood friends. I am enclosing a photo from this touching occasion”