May/June 1999

The Washington Running Club June 1999 Newsletter

June Club Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Friday, June 27th at 7:30 p.m. at Tris Krugers place in Potomac Maryland. (Tris’s house is also the staging grounds for our Sunday summer runs.) We think there is no better way to celebrate the Summer Solistice than staging a cookout at WRC’s Summer Palace. We will be doing a short run starting at 6:30 that evening followed by eating, of course. The address is: 9641 Accord Dr, Potomac, MD. (see directions below)

We will be discussing (as briefly as possible)

  • WRC Teams for Rockville Twilighter
  • Results from Lawyers Have Heart, and individual performances since May
  • Putting together marathon race teams for Fall
  • Club Finances
  • Hear updates from runners who are on the quest to qualify for Olympic Marathon trials




From the Beltway

1) Get on Beltway and Cross the Potomac at the American Legion Bridge

2) Take the MD-190/RIVER RD exit, exit number 39 and head north (away from DC)

3) Stay on River Road 3 miles.

4) Turn left on Accord Drive

5) 9641 is the first house on the left

6) If you reach Falls Road and a traffic right, you have overshot Accord Drive by .3 miles. Turn around

From DC

1) Follow River Road North, three miles beyond Beltway.

2) Turn left on Accord Drive

3) 9641 is the first house on the left

4) If you reach Falls Road and a traffic right, you have overshot Accord Drive by .3 miles. Turn around

From Maryland

1) Take the MD-190/RIVER RD exit, exit number 39 and head north (away from DC)

2) Stay on River Road 3 miles.

3) Turn left on Accord Drive

5) 9641 is the first house on the left

5) If you reach Falls Road and a traffic right, you have overshot Accord Drive by .3 miles. Turn around.



The Minutes from April


The business component to the meeting was short and to the point (as usual). The following decisions were made:

  • Agreed to join USATF;
  • Decided to offer $100 dollars in expense money to anyone qualifying for the Olympic trial marathon;
  • Agreed to contract with COMSO, Inc. to host the WRC Website to the tune of 300 dollars;

The group also decided that the summer runs from Kruger’s residence would being June 20th.

An update on team races was given with many congrats going to the women’s open team that took 2nd at the Nortel Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. Teams will be fielded at the following races: Lawyers have Heart 10K, Rockville Twilighter 8K, Army 10 miler, Chicago Marathon and Marine Corp Marathon.

Treasurer Scarborough

distributed a number of charts and graphs detailing the financial condition of the club. The President, being distinctly non-quantaitve asked CFO Scarborough if WRC was yet bankrupt. Scarborough assured him it was not.




Musing from El Presidente

Dave Keating


Greetings from El Prez!

This year, the WRC will celebrate its 25th birthday. Yahoo! Over the years, we have stayed the course and doing a great job at regularly racing. Our success is primarily because of selfless members who have given much without compensation. Special thanks to just a few of our leaders Jack Coffey, Gerry Ives, Jim Hage, Norm Brand, John O’Donnell, Tris Kruger, James Scarborough, Donna Moore and last but not least Jodie and Jack Pozo-Olano. Without them, we might have faded away, like hundreds of other running clubs throughout America in the past decade. However, we have not and in fact we are growing strong in 1999. Let me propose a celebratory holiday party in November.

I am pleased to report that our club is getting larger, younger and faster. Since the first of the year, over 20 new members have joined the club – most in their twenties and early thirties. We are glad to have you all aboard. WRC is small, but with this core of talent, we can hold our own against larger clubs.

Our new members are invariably modest, articulate and humorous. Which I think is a general trend. When speaking to my former Haverford College coach, he described runners today as more mature than 15 years ago. I believe his exact words were “you know, you guys were a complete mess”. Ah, to be young again.


Running and Gender…


One of the terrific things about the evolution of distance running is the degree to which it has become a co-ed sport. Indeed many WRC couples met thru distance running. When I first started running not only did many males have absurd chauvinistic attitudes – few could color coordinate race uniforms. Guys are far less macho today – though many are clueless when it comes to color.

Women’s ascendance is partially a consequence of Title IX, which mandated equal funding for women’s sports in colleges. I know federal laws cannot always correct social inequalities. However, in this instance, it was of great help.

Having said that, I reveal a puzzle. Some of you might recall an article published in the journal Nature by physiologists Susan Ward and Brian Whipp “Will Women Soon Outrun Men?” (1992). Ward and Whipp asserted that women enjoy a distinct physiological advantage in the marathon. Specifically, because of women’s higher fat content, they “bonk” less severely at miles 18-22 when the body begin to burn fat. Thus, Ward and Whipple asserted, women do comparatively better at longer distances than shorter ones.

However, when world records are compared between men and women from 400 meters (43.29 vs 47.60 ) to the marathon (2:06:50 vs 2:21:06), male times are a modest 9-12 percent faster. Ditto with American records (43.29 vs 48.83 for the 400, 2:09:35 vs 2:21:21 for the marathon) . Male advantage does not seem to lessen, as the distance grows longer. Were Ward and Whipp wrong? Experience tells me NO. More than a few times I have been marathon road kill, while female pixies bound past, cavorting , singing, smiling all the way. This indicates to me that femmes are better – or that I am incredibly bad. Anyway, I would like to hear your ideas.

Be Valiant and Speed Well




Race Results


Lawyers Have Heart 10K

June 13, 1999


On a hot and humid day a number of WRCer decided to challenge the hills of Georgetown. Very few were pleased with their performances…in fact, a couple of them started to joke about adopting a Club mascot – the monkey.

Anchoring the Club (and team) was Frank Sprtel who captured 3rd place in 33:18. (Philippe Rolly won the race in a 32:21.) WRCer Sergio O’Cadiz crossed the line in 37:33, good for 24th place, and teammates Jack Pozo-Olano, Nate Reilly and Dave Keating (after dumping that “monkey” off their back around mile 5) were next in 39:25, 41:10 and 43:04, respectively.

Winning the women’s races was WRC’s Donna Moore who clocked 37:20. Great job
Donna! She single handedly represented the women of WRC.


National Race for the Cure, 5K

June 5, 1999


In a event that is a cross between a boxing match and a road race, the strength and speed of WRC’s talented women really shined through. Patty Fulton clocked a 17:09, 5 seconds in front of her closest competitor for the win, and Donna Moore held-on for 5th place with a time of 17:29, just edging out Nancy Watkins (6th in 17:31). Kelly O’Cadiz finished in 21:24.

In the Men’s race, Philippe Rolly rolled in for the win in 14:38. WRC’s Sergio O’Cadiz (reported as Dergio O’Ladiz in the official results) captured 22nd place in 16:46. Sergio was the only man winning to enter the elbowfest this year.


Ferndale 5K

May 16, 1999


Well, on a course rumored to be fast, a number of WRCers toed the line, hoping for a fast time to end the spring racing season. Leading the charge was one of WRC’s elders, Jim Hage who captured 4th place in the Masters race with his time of 15:09. Next was Henry Grossman who crossed the finishline in 15:52 – A NEW PR FOR HENRY. Great job Henry! (Does this mean we’ll no longer have to endure the weekly flogging sessions about how slow you are? We all hope so.) After a tough winter, Kurt Kroemer is back in the mix and finished in 16:17.

In the women’s competition, Kate Fonshell came down from PA for the win in 15:54. WRC women were out in force. Karen Oudekerk captured 5th place with a 17:00, Patty Fulton was 6th in 17:10, Jackie Concaugh was 8th in 17:15, and Monica Robbers was 12th in 17:36.


Colt Defenders 10 Miler

May 23, 1999


Under very hot, humid conditions a couple of WRCers turned out to run 10 hard miles against a few Kenyans. In the men’s race, WRC’s Frank Sprtel captured 14th place with his 54:16 and Robert Ryan crossed the line in 56:37. Winning the race was Douglas Rono in 48:14. For the women, it was Margaret Kagiri who won in 56:46. WRC’s Patty Fulton held on for 5th place with a time of 60:14. Anita Freres, coming off a great marathon performance, clocked 64:27, good for 10th place.


Pennsylvania Avenue Mile

May 22, 1999


A one-mile race – an unusual race for many WRCers. Ironically, it is also a race where the WRC has won the team competition for 3-year straight. And, in 1999, the Club returned and left once again with the team trophy. Achoring the team was Gary O’Donnell in 4:30, followed by Henry Grossmann in 4:50; Sergio O’Cadiz in 4:52; Jack Pozo-Olano in 5:13 and Darcee O’Donnell in 5:34.


23rd Mother’s Day 5K Race

May 9, 1999


In yet another race sponsored by Avon,
WRC’s Anita Freres coasted in for the win in 18:15. In an interview with George Banker, Freres said that one of the nice things about this race is that “they give out flowers.” Well, it’s definitely a step up from another medal. Taya Viragh was the 2nd place finisher in 18:53.


DCRRC 15 K Championship

April 25, 1999


While most of the running crowd in WDC were at Pike’s Peak and Sallie Mae, a small number of middle aged runners came out for a good time. WRC’s Roberto Rodriquez covered the course in 58:46 for the win.


Sallie Mae 10K

April 25, 1999

By George Banker


The right mixture was provided, cool morning temperatures, a sunny sky and Washington’s best local runners to match speed and tactics with international runners on West Potomac Park. The course was flat and fast along Ohio Drive down to Hains Point and back. The only challenge was a slight wind on the return.

The start was like a hundred yard dash. Kenya’s Josuha Chelang made one decisive step which proved to set a blistering pasce by immediately opening a twenty-five yard lead. Lazarus Nyakeraka attempted to cover the move, but could not overtake Chelang who went on to win the race in 28:17. Nyakeraka took second in 28:22.

In the women’s race, Jane Ngotho (Kenya) began to open a lead going into the firnal mile to capture the $3,000 purse with 32:24. Alla Zhilyayeva (Russia) captured second with 32:28. Eunice Sagero (Kenya) was third with 32:37 and last year’s winner Breeda Dennehy-Willis (Ireland) took 6th in 33:05.

The WRC’s Men’s Open team won the Open Men’s Running Club competition thanks to some outstanding performances. Jim Hage anchored the team with 31:42 finished, followed Gary O’Donnell who held 5:13 pace for a 32:28. Anthony Belber was next in a time of 32:44 with Dan Wallace close behind in 32:58. Rounding out the team was Kurt Kromer in 34:42.

Team Sacuany (which was Kenyan desent only) edged out WRC’s Co-Ed Team. However, a good effort was given by all team members including, Henry Grossmann with a 33:54; Barb Fallon in 38:11; Jack Pozo-Olano in 28:48. Other WRCers who toed the line were: Monica Robbers who finished in 38:55, Janey Murray in 39:54, and Darcee O’Donnell in 40:49.






Returning from abroad…

Fellow WRCer Teren Block will be back from the beaches of Rio for a visit over the summer. She is hoping to be in the WDC area late in June or early in July. Should anyone hear a more definite schedule, please pass the word. We’d all love to have a chance to catch up with her to hear about her adventure and the stories about all the international men.


Calling all Marathoners….


The WRC is fielding a team for the Chicago Marathon on October 24th.It will be spearhead by co-captains Todd Martin and Gary O’Donnell, both of whom hail from West of the Appalachians. Fellow members Karen Oudekerk, David Keating, Greg Pece and Janet Murray will fly to the Windy City as well. There is a very real possibility that several of these runners could put themselves on the all-time best WRC marathoner list that day ( Or even qualify for the Olympic trials. Yah, if all goes well, this team could be the most lethal force to visit Chicago from DC since Eliot Ness and the Untouchables.

Marathoners – contact Dave at and let me know what fall marathon you are doing, so we can perhaps organize other teams. We hear rumors about other club members (Anita Freres, Sergio O’Cadiz, Kevin Burke, Kurt Kroemer, Patty Fulton, Donna Moore, Rob Ryan, Frank Sprtel , Dan Wallace, Him Hage, Henry Grossman, Teren Block, Monica Robbers and Jack Pozo-Olano) are upping their mileage in marathon preparation. As we have been doing since 1980, the club will give $100 in expense money to anyone qualifying for the Olympic trials. (It used to be $50, but we believe runners should be able to buy at least two cups of coffee at Starbucks.)

Website Update….


The WRC website continues to attract attention. Our most popular pages are “DC Running Links”, “DC Running Routes”, and “Recent Club News”. Our website average is six hits per site access – as opposed to an Internet average of two. This means that either the public finds our website useful – or that they are gazing aghast at the carnage for a long time “Oh no, here they are compare themselves to the Catholic Church. Now, they are quoting Shakespeare again – like any of those ectomorphs actually goes to the theatre. EGADS – and yet another disparaging reference to the tri-athletes! These people are mad Marge, I tell you – stark raving mad





The next races where we will be entering teams are:

    • Rockville Rotary Twilight 8K
    • Army 10 Miler
    • Philadelphia Distance Run
    • Chicago Marathon
    • Marine Corp Marathon

If you plan to run any of these races, please contact Jodie and Jack Pozo-Olano at (703) 516-4517 or e-mail at There may be other races, so stay in touch if you enjoy competing.


Letters to the Editor


Please feel free to submit any written materials for publication in the newsletter to: WRC Editor, 1423 North Nash St. #11, Arlington, VA 22209 or call the Editor at (703) 516-4517, or e-mail the editor at: Race results and comments for “Trail News” are also welcomed.




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