Sunday Run

It looks like we might get our Sunday Social Run in just under the wire, before rain and cooler weather return. Please join us tomorrow at 8 am in front of the CB2 for our weekly jaunt around the greater D.C. area. We’ll be back to Dean & Deluca after the run for coffee.

Congratulations to all of our Cherry Blossom 10 Milers. I saw Bruce Reynolds, Zach Byrum, Pete B.Runner, “Canadian Pete” Marshall, Adam Stolzberg, Michael Navarette, and Scott Kavoogian, and I know that a bunch more WRC folks were out there as well.

Good luck to our Boston Marathoners on Monday! Remember, rain is just pain leaving the body. (That makes no sense, right?)

WRC Annual Party

Please join us — even if you’re a first timer or haven’t dropped by in awhile — for our annual party on Saturday March 10 (one week from tomorrow night!). John Kendra has been hard at work foraging for free heavy appetizers, Carla is procuring lots of great swag, and the first 40 members who have paid their 2018 dues (or do so at the event) will get two drink tickets. First time members in 2018 also will receive a snazzy new WRC running hat.

Here, once again, are the details:

  • What: Washington Running Club Annual Party / Meeting
  • When: Saturday, March 10, 2018, 7 – 11 p.m.
  • Where: James Hoban’s, Dupont Circle
  • Agenda:
    • Have a great time seeing all your WRC running buds while enjoying drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres, all in a great historic pub in Dupont Circle
    • Return of the Alfred tomFelde Perpetual Trophy
    • Election of new and continuing officers
    • Ratification of amended WRC bylaws
    • Raffle of valuable running swag
  • Cost:
    • Free to WRC members who have paid their 2018-19 annual dues
    • $15 Non-members
    • *Special Deal, Party Night Only*: $20 gives admission + WRC Membership (renewal or first time membership)
  • Other Important Details:
    • 2018-19 Membership to WRC (paid prior to or at the party) entitles you to TWO (beer/wine) drink tickets
    • First time members for 2018 get a free running hat!
    • The drink tickets are available to only the first 40 WRC 2018-19 members in attendance
    • Pick up drink tickets by 9:30 the night of party or they are released to other guests!

Sunday Run

Please join WRC for our Sunday social run, tomorrow morning, 8 am, CB2 in Georgetown.

Our annual meeting will be Saturday night, March 10, at James Hoban’s in DuPont Circle. More details to follow soon, but plan on joining us for a night of revelry. There will be a raffle and free food and drinks for those who join or renew their annual WRC membership at the door or via

Also consider joining us for the Get Pumped for Pets 5K/10K/15K out in Chester, MD, on March 11. For more information, go to

Strictly Non-Partisan Super Bowl Sunday Run (Go Patriots!)

Join us at 8:00 am in front of the CB2 in Georgetown for a snazzy picture (unless Tris tries to take the picture again) and our Super Bowl Sunday Social Run.

This week will be the last Sunday Movie Club of the season, featuring “Phantom Thread.” We’ll be attending the 11:00 am viewing in a tiny theater at the Georgetown Loews. I’m in seat C7.