Sunday Run

OK folks, we are back to 8am this week. Time’s different, but the place is still the same. So if there’s no one in front of CB2 in Georgetown when you show up, you have an hour to figure out an excuse that doesn’t make you sound lame. Coffee and yogurt to die for will follow at Dean & Deluca.

Sunday Run

And we’re back at 7am tomorrow morning, the 15th, in front of CB2 in Georgetown for our Sunday Social Run. Come join us for the run and afterwards for the coffee.

Sunday Run

Come join us tomorrow, Sunday the 8th, at 7am in front of CB2 in Georgetown for our weekly social run as we celebrate the 309th anniversary of the Danish victory over Sweden in the Battle of Dynekilen. I have it on good account that the weather service has promised to cook up some decent running weather.

*The previous statement is not endorsed by the national weather service*

Sunday Run, Same Place But New Summer Time

Greetings, Earthlings! Please join us for a run this Sunday at *7AM* at the usual CB2 location (3307 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007) and then for post-run coffee at Dean & DeLuca.

7AM is the summer WRC start time and will remain in effect until sometime around Labor Day.

Hope you can make it!