Sunday Run: Marine Corps Marathon Edition

We won’t be having an official Sunday Social Run this weekend due to the closure of M Street at our normal meeting spot.

However, if you would like to join us to cheer the marathoners, we’ll be meeting in front of the CB2 on M Street (which is about mile 4.7 of the race). The race starts at 7:55 am in Arlington, so I plan to be there at around 8:15 or 8:30 am, which would catch all of the runners slower than a 3:00 pace. (Because I have an out-of-town friend running the race, I plan to jog over to a few more spots along the course to cheer – probably miles 10 and 16).

Sunday Run

Please join us for our weekly Sunday Social run on Sunday morning, 8 am, in front of the CB2 in Georgetown. Note our later start time for the fall.

If you are interested in helping WRC’s financial health and you have some free time to volunteer on Saturday, October 6, please contact me or James Scarborough . The Safety and Health Foundation is hosting its Georgetown Half 2018 along the C&O Canal on Saturday, October 6, and has offered a donation to WRC if we can supply a certain number of volunteers to assist with water stops at Locks 5, 7, and 10.

Sunday Run

OK folks, we are back to 8am this week. Time’s different, but the place is still the same. So if there’s no one in front of CB2 in Georgetown when you show up, you have an hour to figure out an excuse that doesn’t make you sound lame. Coffee and yogurt to die for will follow at Dean & Deluca.

Sunday Run

And we’re back at 7am tomorrow morning, the 15th, in front of CB2 in Georgetown for our Sunday Social Run. Come join us for the run and afterwards for the coffee.