Sunday Run

Our Sunday Social Run takes place tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. Meet in front of the CB2 in Georgetown, and reunite at the Dean & DeLuca for coffee after the run.

If you’re looking for an early start, or need a few extra miles, some WRC folks will meet at 7:00 am in front of the CB2.

Vice President Silver L. will preside while I get my elliptical on, and I’ll catch up with everyone at D&D at around 9:30.

Don’t forget about our community race calendar on the WRC website if you’re looking for a local race to run.

Because we certainly need our beauty sleep…

Now that the weather has cooled off and we have made it through Labor Day weekend, our Sunday run will return to the traditional 8:00 am start time. Please join us on Sunday September 10 in front of the CB2 in Georgetown for our weekly group run, followed by coffee at Dean & Deluca.

If you’re interested in starting earlier, a few of us will be there at 7:05 am for a six-mile warm up before meeting with the rest of the group.

Thanks to Carla Freyvogel for spearheading our wildly successful Labor Day Run of Shame for yet another year, and thanks to Robert Kirk, John Evans, Zach Byrum, and John Kendra for your fun and informative presentations along the way. This year marked our first Run of Shame celebrity sighting, as we encountered “Morning” Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski at our first

Sunday Run … and more

It’s obviously the best weekend of the year. College football, US Open Tennis, Yankees/Red Sox…. and lots of opportunities to run with WRC!

Sunday, we’ll be meeting in front of the CB2 on M Street for our 7:00 AM social run. A few die-hards will be there at 6:05 AM to fit in 6 miles before the rest of the group arrives. And wear your Sunday running finest for our first Sunday photo.

Labor Day Monday is our fourth annual RUN OF SHAME. If you’re new to the group, a regular, or haven’t been by recently, this is the event for you. Here are the details…