Alfred tomFelde Trophy

First things first. Why does it say WSC, you may ask? If you read the bit about our history, you learned that the WSC, Washington Sports Club, was the precedent club to the WRC. Runners belonging to the WSC (which also included athletes in other sports) split to form the WRC in 1974 to gain a more direct focus on distance running. The trophy had its origins with the WSC, and so, the inscription on the trophy shall stand for perpetuity, or until someone changes it.

The trophy is named in the honor of Alfred tomFelde, who was an accomplished olympic-caliber race walker in the 1930’s. He was also a dedicated member of the Washington Sports Club. The trophy was introduced in the early 1960’s. Thus, this baby is more than 50 years old and deserves our utmost respect.

The trophy continues to be considered perpetual by the WRC, but in recent years has not been awarded to the most active distance runners of the club, but rather, to those who have shown outstanding volunteerism, loyalty, and leadership in the WRC. Thus, the trophy’s modern day creed implies:

“Exceptional Service to the WRC”

The table below lists the recipients of the trophy, beginning in 1972.

Recipients of the Alfred tomFelde Trophy Since 1972

Year Award Recipient
1972 Edwin Jerome
1973 Ray Morrison
1974 Lester Page
1975 Mike Bradley
1976 Bruce Robinson
1977 Bruce Robinson
1978 Mark Baldino
1979 Dan Rincon
1980 Allen Naylor
1981 Robert Thurston
1982 Jay Jacob Wind
1984 Peter Nye
1985 Sargeant Family
1986 Ron Ponchak
1987 John Walsh
1988 Gerry Ives
1993 Tristram Kruger
1995 John O’Donnell
2001 David Keating
2002 Jim Wadsworth
2003 Barb Fallon Wallace
2004 Norman Brand
2005 James Scarborough
2006 Stephen Baker
2008 Adina Wadsworth
2010 Amanda Hamilton
2011 Christine Hackman
2012 Carla W Freyvogel
2013 Kit Wells
2017 Gerry Ives
2022 John Kendra

Note that some of the years and corresponding names are missing. In some years, the trophy was not awarded. In others, we are simply missing the information.